Sage Paracon UK – Demonologist & Violent Hauntings Expert Jason Love

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Sage Paracon UK 2016

On the 8th & 9th October 2016 Sage Paranormal will be hosting their very own Paranormal Convention at Wroxall Abbey Estate in Warwickshire. I know this because it’s well advertised, if you’ve missed it you’re social media blind and because I have the pleasure of being one of the guest speakers. Don’t miss out on what’s going to be a great weekend and pop over to their website later and purchase your tickets. There are some great deals available.

So, as we begin to run up to the event I thought I would make a few of my posts all about some of the things going on over the weekend at Sage Paracon UK 2016. Hopefully as you follow the posts, which I will try to make as frequent as possible, you can join me on a virtual journey into the paranormal world. Our final destination will be the Wroxall Abbey Estate on the 8th October and Sage Paracon UK 2016.

If you missed last weeks post on Sage Paranormal’s very own Carl Hutchinson, who will be speaking at Sage Paracon UK 2016, then check it out at Sage Paracon UK 2016 – Ghost Adventure Guest & Paranormal Tech Guy Carl Hutchinson.

Jason Love the Demonologist

This weeks post is all about Jason Love, Scotland’s Official Demonologist, Violent Haunting Expert, Invesitgator and Lecturer. I first met Jason at Paracon UK 2014 and I have to admit I was more than slightly interested in his area of expertise when it comes to the paranormal. Over the years I have always kept an open mind in regards to all areas of the paranormal and certainly never judged anyone on their beliefs or approach. At times I have been dubious regarding the Demonology side of the field, but this was due to a lack of understanding and never drew conclusions because of this. However on meeting Jason and hearing some of his own personal experiences it really began to make me think about the possibilities that this area had. You see regardless if you believe or not that these Hauntings could be related to various demons, they do seem to carry with them an abundance of energy. It’s this increased energy that is shown when they become very violent and it’s the violence that is believed to lead to death in some cases. As horrific and dark as this sounds it shouldn’t be discounted simply on the grounds that you don’t believe, after all there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence to support these cases through time.

Jason Love Demonologist

Of course Jason didn’t simply decide to take this path into Demonolgy, a sequence of events which changed his life almost seemed to place him on this route. Back in 1992 whilst living in Glasgow, as a 16 year and inexperienced paranormal investigator, he was asked to help a family with potential poltergeist activity. Three days into the investigation and Jason decided to attempt to provoke the entity, something which would gain him a reaction that he wasn’t prepared for. On this occasion the entity violently and brutally attacked him, leaving him in Hospital ICU for three months. However it would take a further three years of trauma counselling and psychiatric medication to help combat the nightmares, terror attacks and flashbacks of that night.

You would think that after an experience such as that Jason wouldn’t more to do with the paranormal field, but instead he decided to take up the fight against these entities and help people under attack from this unseen force.

Jason’s Parish Preist was an ordained exorcist and he helped him by enrolling Jason at a special seminary run by the Jusuit Order of Rome. During this Jason spent many days learning and training in modern and biblical demonology. He attended prayer and Mass with fellow priests too. He also attended six real exorcisms carried out by the Order. It was these teachings that gave Jason the basic groundings as a Demonologist, both in theory and in practice.

Following Paracon UK 2014 I remained in contact with Jason and from time to time we spoke over the Internet, I had numerous questions regarding demonology and Jason was happy to answer. In fact I believe at some point we are hoping to work together on some research cases.

Jason’s Collection of Haunted Objects

Probably one of the most striking and memorable things which I associate with Jason Love, is his collection of haunted objects. This was the things that drew me and many visitors to Paracon UK 2014 to Jason’s stall. In particular the spooky looking dolls, which looked liked they had recently been on the set of a horror film.

I will not even attempt to go into detail about any of Jason’s haunted objects here, there is simply too many in he’s collection and each with its own dark story. Suffice to say many of them seem to be at least partially to blame for some violent Hauntings and possibly in a few cases the demise of a few family members over the years.

In fact during he’s lecture at the Sage Minicon earlier this year Jason told us about a particular doll I believe that could be responsible for many family members over a few generations too. This particularly nasty doll, which looks perfectly innocent of course was present for many of these accidents, could an object really contain some kind of evil demon hell bent on causing pain. Jason Love certainly isn’t alone in this belief, in fact there have been many over the years that have associated dark and often violent haunts to simple objects. These days the most famous being Annabelle, which I believe the Warrens discovered causing grief. Annabelle was taken placed in glass cabinet amongst the Warrens collection, where it was prevented from causing further harm.

If you’re interested in learning more about haunted objects, then I am sure that Jason will be bringing a few of he’s favourite to Sage Paracon UK 2016 where he will tell us a few of their stories.

Jason Love Goes International

Over the years Jason’s experience and dedication to the subject has grown he’s reputation and with a vast knowledge on the field, he has taken on cases not just in Scotland and England, but further abroad too. He’s twenty plus years experience investigating the paranormal and violent Hauntings in particular have gained him recognition in the field.

This has also meant that Jason has attended conventions and lectures abroad too, sharing his cases and experiences with many across the world.

For more information on Jason Love Demonologist check out he’s website.

Demonology & Violent Hauntings

Jason has had an abundance of cases which he has worked on covering the demonic, poltergeist  and other violent Hauntings. This began with his very first at age sixteen which landed him in hospital.

However this hasn’t deterred him and as he lectures worldwide on the cases, he still finds time to help others. In fact as I write this he tells me that he is currently working on six cases right now, two potentially demonic and involving families.

Do not miss your opportunity to hear more about Jason’s cases and meet him personally at Sage Paracon UK 2016, the details of which are below.

Get On Line And Get Your Tickets Before Its Too Late!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this fantastic event, follow the link below to the Sage Paranormal website to purchase your tickets now.

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Alternatively if you already have tickets to Sage Paracon UK, then please comment below to let us all know and make those not going a little jealous ha ha!

I look forward to seeing you all there and possibly talking paranormal at some point over the weekend. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my future posts related to Sage Paracon UK 2016.


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