A Little Review of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close and 2018 is now a few hours away, I thought that perhaps it might be a good idea to have a brief little review of 2017 paranormally speaking. After all its been another interesting year, with many new friends made, old connections revived and so much more.

A Few 2017 Stats

2017 saw a massive increase in those reading my posts, with well over 10,000 reads throughout the year, which was fantastic to see. I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has read my posts, shared them and left the odd comment. With you all reading my posts it gives them all greater meaning.

What was equally amazing to me as the number of reads was where my posts are being read currently, with them appearing to be most popular here in the UK, then the US, Canada, Australia and Ireland. However they have made it so much farther than that, with readers in Hong Kong, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Malaysia and much more. In fact over 35 countries have logged in and checked out some of my paranormal posts this year, which is great news for the field. As many of you know much of those posts haven’t just been about what I have been up to either, many have included your stories too. Sharing the information about the paranormal that we gather and learn is extremely important to enabling us to make advancements in the field.

Here’s a few of my more popular posts –

Most Haunted Famous Ghost on the Stair’s

The Philip Experiment

Paranormal Evidence Review

The Psychic Projection Experiment

2017 saw the addition of the Metetherial Encyclopaedia to my website, which I am slowly building up with posts on various aspects of the Paranormal, from The Scole Experiment to Ghost Ships, check out the Metetherial Encyclopaedia Contents for more.

I also increased the posts to the Psi Theory section of my website too, which have been received relatively well by many of you throughout the year. Something which I am extremely happy about as sometimes my Psi Theory posts can be a little bit out there that’s for sure.

I also appeared on ParaSearch Radio roughly 8 times, some of which were very last minute, but still very enjoyable. Thank you Kerry Greenaway for all the opportunities, nothing like a good old paranormal chat once in a while. I was also fortunate to be a guest on Marc Richardson’s Paranormal Radio Show a few times too. As well as a few other radio shows too. I am of course very thankful for the interest in my work and chance to discuss them on those various radio shows.

Paranormal Conventions

I was extremely lucky to be a part of two of the main UK paranormal conventions during 2017, one of which was certainly by luck. Due to personal circumstances, lets say children are expensive bless them, I started 2017 knowing that I wouldn’t be able to attend the paranormal conventions during the year.

However this all changed when a kind friend thought of me when they were fortunate to win a couple of tickets to the Sage Investigation of Windsor Castle ahead of Sage Paracon. I owe Jo Woolley a great deal of thanks for inviting me along when she won a pair of tickets to the Windsor Castle Investigation, which was an amazing experience. I should probably also thank MJ for having me, but also Carl Hutchinson for allowing us to bunk in his Cabin in the woods too. It was very unfortunate that I couldn’t stay the whole weekend, I really missed seeing everyone. However my family was still represented as my cousin Clare Hinks spoke this year for the first time at a paranormal convention about her Mediumship.

Not long after Sage Paracon saw Paraforce UK take place in Essex and I was lucky enough to attend in order to blog about the convention. Also in attendance with me was Kerry Greenaway, as it was her first Paranormal convention type event. We both arrived and attend the various talks throughout the weekend, which were all good. Check out my write up of Day One and Day Two for a lot more details on this years convention.

The SPR Study Day

This year I also attended my first SPR Study Day, which I found massively fascinating and helped inspire me greatly in the work that I do in the Paranormal field, especially as I found a few of my own mini-books on display in the SPR library. That discovery was certainly unexpected, but a great reminder that I have still so much to do.

A Few Little Projects

My appearances on ParaSearch Radio with Kerry Greenaway lead to many a long discussion on the paranormal. This also sparked a few little projects which we are working on together, with the help of Graham Smith and Paul Rook. As usual though I am not content with one or two paranormal projects, so watch this space to hear more on those moving forward into 2018.

A Heck of a Lot of Thanks

For all those that I have been fortunate to work with in 2017 on various paranormal investigations, projects, radio shows, conventions and more; I would just like to say a massive thank you to you all. Also, to all those that have taken the time to buy my books and read my blog posts, a huge thank you to you all. You’re all fantastic people and I hope you return to read more of my blogs, books and more next year.

Have a very Happy New Year to you all

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One thought on “A Little Review of 2017

  1. Always good to read your blogs Ashley.. you always come up with great points, idea’s and experiments to try. Yes it was a shame you couldn’t stay for all of Sage Paracon, would have been nice to get the chance to talk to you. And you missed an Awesome party.. to which Karma got revenge for me calling you Grant Wilson.. because now everyone knows me as Crowley..lol


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