Welcome to my Blog Site and definitive location to catch up on any of my latest paranormal exploration, investigation and research.

I aim to thoroughly investigate the paranormal, utilising all possible methods available. Covering the scientific, historical, spiritual and individual angles. With attention to detail and perspective I aim to prove or disprove paranormal claims where I can. I hope to investigate many known locations, some locations with local ghost stories attached and with any luck some currently active hauntings.

Hopefully I won’t be alone in my investigations and will have the support, advice and guidance  of many of my friends in the paranormal world. After all its good to have additional view points and insights when investigating.

Please feel free to take a look at some of my past Case Files, Investigations with other Teams and my Research. I welcome any comments or questions on all aspects of what I do, so don’t hesitate to contact me if something comes to mind.

Also, if you have a case you wish me to investigate, please feel free to drop me an email at info@ashleyknibb.com or simply leave a comment below.

Thank you for visiting my Website, I hope you find something of interest here …

Ashley Knibb - Paranormal Explorer, Investigator & Researcher
Ashley Knibb – Paranormal Explorer, Investigator & Researcher

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