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A little about the author…

One of the first things that struck me as interesting about Brandon Massullo was his career background. Often the subject of the Paranormal draws in many individuals from quite a few different walks of life that have an interest in the subject matter and often apply to it things they have learnt in their day-to-day careers.


Brandon is a clinical therapist from Northeast Ohio and has worked within the Neurological Institute for the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. Whilst he was there he conducted behavioural health consultations. He has since moved on to become the director of behavioural health at a local hospital.

With an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree in clinical counselling from the university of Toledo, Brandon has some good knowledge and experience that can be applied to the Paranormal field. This is also topped off with an MSc in psychological research methods, which he picked up from the university of Edinburgh. Whilst at the university of Edinburgh he studied under the supervision of Dr Caroline Watt within the Koestler Parapsychology Unit. His research centred on neurobiological correlates of ghostly encounters, which is something else I must ask him about I feel.

Brandon’s fascination for Paranormal phenomena has lead him to participate and speak at many a paranormal forum and event. This has included the Parapsychological Associations 60th Anniversary Celebration too. With his research also cited in many Parapsychological journals, news articles and books, Brandon Massullo is certainly adding to our understanding of how this phenomena may occur.

However if you’ve not heard of Brandon, don’t panic I hadn’t, its likely because the true research side of the paranormal doesn’t get quite the recognition it should in my opinion. Which is a massive shame as there is so much we could learn, understand and use to progress our understanding here and that is where ‘The Ghost Studies’ fits in too.

On to Ghost Studies…

I will be totally honest I don’t recall how Brandon and I began to chat, but I am glad we did. It certainly wasn’t long before ‘The Ghost Studies’ arrived at my home and I set about reading it. In fact its arrival was well-timed as I was just finishing another book at the time.

What’s good to know straight of the mark is that the book is not huge in length and not written in such a fashion that you would need to have attended university to read it. As a matter of fact I found it very easy to read and it flowed from one chapter to the next with ease.


Something else that really appealed to me about Brandon’s approach was the structure of the book. Not only did each chapter tackle a particular point in order to help build us towards the Massullo’s hypothesis, but each of those chapters were broken into smaller sections in order to look at smaller parts that make up the bigger picture. He also added a ‘summary’ at the end of each chapter to remind us what we had just read about, but also how it was beginning to tie in to the other points the book had raised in previous chapters too.

Throughout most of the chapters Brandon engaged our understanding of various points with a few anecdotal stories he had gathered from various sources. Each of which were ideal for the chapter they were placed in amongst valid points that continued to lead us towards the final understanding. In fact he even brought a couple of these stories back later on to reapply what had been learnt since and how his theories were beginning to tie into them.

All in all the book is well structured and like any good book, it builds the picture gradually before delivering in the conclusion.

What’s it all about then…

This is always the hardest part to write, as I want to tell you a great deal about the book, but equally I don’t wish to ruin it for you. Firstly, if you have an interest in the paranormal and theories surrounding what ghosts may be, then this is certainly a book you should read.

Massullo jumps straight in at the deep end and tackles some of the hard questions within the paranormal without even flinching. He looks at the cause of ghostly experiences, why some report encounters and others do not. He also takes a look at crisis apparitions and how they fit into the mix too. In fact we barely make it to the end of chapter one before he offers up his; ‘ingredients of a ghostly experience’ with an interesting little equation, so to speak.

Massullo writes; “By combining previous research in psychology, bioenergetics, and universal consciousness, this book identifies a simple equation that sheds light on ghostly experiences.”

As a matter of fact it’s a neat little equation that does make actual sense to me and is in my opinion certainly a large step in the right direction for the field. Rather than presenting a singular reason for ghosts and potentially spirits, such as that of a deceased person attempting to communicate. Massullo presents a combination of factors that are required to enable an experience. An approach I totally agree with, its not a simple singular answer that will explain these strange occurrences after all.

Throughout the book Massullo adds to his hypothesis by discussing many an interesting area of the paranormal. Looking at aspects which are favourites of the modern ghost hunter, such as energy or electricity. Which brings the latest favourite into view, EMF. He then moves onto looking for ghosts in and out of the laboratory, discussing Persinger, Koren, Braithwaite and more. Certainly a lot of detail in regards to EMF, MF and even GMF’s.

Massullo continued his journey by looking at the psychological elements of this equation and discussing Jung, Freud, Rhine, Jawer and Sidgwick, covering off a variety of considerations including repressed emotions and emotional crisis too. This lead to internal energy and bioenergetics, looking at Pert’s theory on the ‘molecules of emotion’ and beyond.

We move on from the bioenergetics to external information acquisition and once again return to the work of Jung (personal favourite), but this then took us onto the work of Sheldrake and his morphogenetic fields. Which for me was very interesting as I had too made this connection previously. It’s always good when someone else makes a similar connection as yourself in the paranormal.

Brandon even throws a little entanglement and interconnected minds in there too just at the right moment. Which is something that’s been received with a positive and negative response over the last few years. Personally I do think it plays a part and we are still a little way off figuring out exactly how.

Finally, Massullo presents his theory and its important processes to enable it to work before bringing back those all important stories to show how it fits and explains the scenarios at hand. I am not going to explain the theory here or even the hypothesis, as I feel its something you should read and gain an understanding from. Brandon applies it to haunted locations too and I have to admit the theory is quite compelling.

It is a well structured comprehension of hauntings and how they could occur, giving the reader a fascinating possible hypothesis to why they happen. One that doesn’t simple re-write old approaches, but builds on what we already know.

In my opinion…

‘The Ghost Studies’ is one of those books that if you’re into trying to understand the true questions of the paranormal like I am, you should really own. If you’re anything like me you will probably read it through in a short space of time, but then keep referring back to it, just because its full of information cover to cover.

Brandon has constructed the book really well and has been careful to make it very accessible to most in the field I would say. Its well written and engaging throughout, which keeps you turning the pages at a good pace. Although he covers a wide range of topics and disciplines within the covers, they never seem to be presented in too much of a heavy format that has you losing interest.

He sets out the plan for the readers journey right from the outset and from chapter one you know exactly where you are going, gradually building an excellent case to support his hypothesis.

If you’re interested in reading about paranormal theories and possible explanations for the cause of ghosts and hauntings, then this is the next book you should read. The hypothesis presented between the covers is well put together and to me at least made excellent sense. A quick flick through the notes section and you can easily see the work that has gone into this theory, not to mentioned the wealth of knowledge on the subject that Massullo obviously possesses.

In all honesty I am not sure if I 100% agree with the entirety of the hypothesis, but then given the subject at hand there are bound to be a few things we wouldn’t agree on. That’s half the fun of such a wide-ranging and complex subject. However please don’t misunderstand me, as I agree with a large majority of what Massullo has put forward in this excellent book. Hopefully the source for future discussions, I will certainly be applying some of what has been learnt from this book to my own research now.

Closing the cover…

This is one of those books that I was pleased to read and I am very glad that I have. The hypothesis presented in under two hundred pages is excellent and in my opinion highly probable given the extensive supporting work. It is certainly food for thought and gets the old grey matter going.

I would encourage you to grab a copy of ‘The Ghost Studies’ as its likely that it will spur additional reading and research, which is always a good thing. It may not answer the hard questions of consciousness and its survival just yet, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and cannot sing its praises enough. If you’ve enjoyed many of my psi theory posts then you will more than likely enjoy this too. Although I have now finished the book, I am more than certain that I will be referring to this one on a regular basis for a long while to date.

Finally, I would like to thank Brandon Massullo for giving me this opportunity to read his work, it was indeed an enjoyable journey.

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‘Detecting Paranormal’ By Detective Greg Lawson, M.Ed.

Guest Speakers at Sage Paracon 2016…

I first had the pleasure of meeting Greg Lawson back in 2016 at Sage Paracon where we were both guest speakers at the event, Greg clearly more experienced in this area, whilst I was still able to count the paranormal talks I have given on one hand. If you’ve not been to Sage Paracon or any paranormal convention then I highly recommend it, its an event in the Paranormal field like no other really. I especially like that you can meet others in the field and talk to them about their approaches to the Paranormal and in turn they want to understand your thoughts too.

If memory serves me I think Greg actually caught my talk and helped me at one point, like I said I am still new to standing up and talking about the Paranormal.

Unfortunately during the 2016 Sage Paracon I missed Greg’s talk as I was off helping with something or other, something I was a little gutted about to be honest. This was mainly because I wanted to know more about Detecting the Paranormal as my own approach to investigations has always been organised and methodical, I wanted to know how a professional in the field of investigation took on cases of the unknown.

However with most paranormal conventions they seem to be a flash in time that disappear almost as quickly as an apparition in a haunted house, they are an anomaly all by them selves really.

The return to Sage Paracon in 2017…

In 2017 I was lucky enough to be invited along to the official Sage Paracon Investigation of Warwick Castle by my good friend Jo Woolley (someone equally interested in investigation) as she managed to win a couple of tickets to the investigation. Once again Greg Lawson was a guest speaker and both Jo and I wanted to grab a few seconds of his time whilst on the investigation. Which we did and it was great to see old friends again.

However it was during the investigation when I spent a vigil lead by Greg that I realised something greatly important. Often we bundle into locations and straight away start looking for the presumed ghost without looking around us in order to comprehend our environment, something that could easily explain possible hauntings. On this occasion at Warwick Greg had us analyse the information provided to us and question it, which ended up with me staring down a grate into a bear pit on my hands and knees! Sometimes Paranormal investigation isn’t about chasing the unseen, its about defining what you do know.

On to Greg’s book…

So now you know how my path crossed Greg’s at Sage Paracon, its probably best I talk a little about his book ‘Detecting Paranormal’, which I also missed picking up at either Sage Paracon, but Greg was kind enough to send me a copy. Thank you Greg I really appreciate it and I will explain why in this very post!


Detecting Paranormal is one of those books that if you’re like me, you pick up in the book shop and look at for two important cover based reasons. The first is that its called ‘Detecting Paranormal’ not paranormal investigation or investigating the paranormal; ‘Detecting Paranormal. The second is that its author is Detective Greg Lawson, M.Ed. A book written by a detective about investigating the Paranormal, surely if anyone had a professional insight regarding techniques in the field then an actual Detective would be that person.

Thumb through to the books contents and I have to admit I smiled again, excited a little by the books structure. Those that know me understand what I am like, those that have investigated with me have seen exactly what I am like during an investigation too. Hence when I find a book all about the investigation of the Paranormal that right from the beginning lays out a definitive structure, then I already know I’m in for a treat.

What’s it all about then…

Well to be fair the clue is in the name and to be quite frank the contents of the book delivers exactly that, investigation process, how to interview, tips on research and how to manage the location of your investigation too. It has to be said, its one of those books that whilst reading it I thought how awesome it would have been to have this when I first started overnight investigations.

Detective Lawson, sorry just thought it would be cool to say that, walks us through each of these sections with precision and examples that provide for excellent understanding. However don’t be mistaken, this isn’t an academically focused book that many will find difficult to read. Often is the case, I may have even done it myself in the past, that when attempting to communicate best practices for a Paranormal investigation you can slip into a mono-tone approach that reads more like an appliance manual than a book on the exciting world of the unknown.

I am pleased to report that Greg manages to fully avoid this and delivers his invaluable information in a fully engaging fashion. He’s writing style captures you from the outset and his continuous use of examples and anecdotes from his fascinating life helps deliver the ‘how to’s’ in easily digestible chunks.

Speaking about anecdotes I think they at least deserve a little recognition in themselves. One of the great things about ‘Detecting Paranormal’ is how Greg ties in many examples through various experienced anecdotes from his own past. What makes these anecdotes slightly more fascinating is the clever use of both ghost stories and personal or professional experience. Whether its his visit as a young man to Cry Baby Bridge or some of the very real police cases he has worked, Greg manages to pin-point an excellent anecdote that helps you get his point. I have to tip my hat to the guy, I wish I had as many fascinating stories from my past as he does. I can imagine that I could spend hours talking through some of his experiences. What is equally amazing is when those ghost stories cross over into his police work to provide the reader with either a logical explanation or something unknown to question. I have to admit, I may have looked up from reading at a few points and uttered ‘no way’.

Greg Lawson has found the fundamental point of the Paranormal, which is that most of what we attempt to investigate begins with a story. A story which may outline someone’s experience at some time in some place. Establishing that and then digging deeper to discover the facts beyond the story is what true Paranormal investigation is all about. Don’t get me wrong it can be exciting to investigate overnight in the dark trying to make contact with probable spirits at a location, I’ve spent many an adrenaline fuelled night searching strange phenomena myself. However I am also one of those research junkies that gets just as excited when I find a factual link between two things or equally finds proof that goes against our understanding of a particular ghost. We must all strive in my mind to search out the primary case, the first report in order to understand fully the mystery we are investigating. Greg highlights this throughout his book, but also gives us the understanding and tools to properly detect Paranormal ourselves.

In my opinion…

Detecting Paranormal is one of those books that in all honesty when you pick it up in a book shop you probably question a little, after all there can’t be a specific way to investigate something that’s unknown, right? Probably true to be fair, but Greg doesn’t attempt to tell his readers that they should be doing it a specific way, he presents his advice from his own professional opinion. That’s professional as in law enforcement by the way not professional Paranormal investigator. It’s this view point that captures my attention, as we are shown how to adopt certain approaches that Greg has learnt over the years to the field of the Paranormal.

The fact that Greg covers off a great deal of important areas such as research, understanding your tech, planning your investigation, allocating roles to your team, people, interviewing witnesses, documenting the investigation and so much more makes for an excellent detailed understanding. This book gives you all the right tools to conduct a thorough investigation, document it and present your verdict too.

Now its usually at this point that I would be likely to try and identify something extra I would have liked to have seen in the book, more detail on a specified area, better description of a certain approach perhaps. However I have to admit ‘Detecting Paranormal’ is a well balanced book delivering the right hit of information to explain how best to detect Paranormal. Greg doesn’t drown us in information or ideas, but equally isn’t brief in some areas. If I would have to pick and this is me really looking hard for something, then the only thing I personally wanted to know more detail around was how he may structure a case file. I have a certain format I tend to follow, but was interested to read that Greg’s suggestion was to create a physical folder to add the collated documentation, details and even digital files to. Currently I work with mainly digital files on the cloud as they are really easy to share (Greg mentioned this too), but haven’t used a physical folder in years. The structure of a folder be it physical or digital can help organise a case in my experience, but that might only work for me. In fairness, Greg explained all the parts which should be included along the way, so you could easily construct your own file and then remain consistent as Greg advised.

Closing the cover…

‘Detecting Paranormal’ by Greg Lawson is a fantastic book which I would happily recommend to any budding paranormal investigator. If you’re new to the Paranormal field and you’re looking to investigate various paranormal cases from haunted locations to strange cryptids to UFO’s then this will be an awesome book to start you off. It’s explanations and details regarding approaches to investigation are clear and concise in their delivery. Equally if you’ve been in the field for many years dont let this book pass you by! I found myself feeling quite good about some of my own approaches because they matched that of a professional detective in law enforcement, but equally there were a few moments where I thought Greg’s approach made much more sense. We should always be open to learn new things, especially in a field of the unknown.

Something that also took me by surprise was how easily I managed to read this book. I’ve picked up a few in the past and read them, but found myself almost forcing myself to get through the pages. Greg’s book had his unique writing style that really resonated with me and helped it to be such an easy read. Easy reads are the best as you can consume loads of information quickly and often not even realise that you have just read two hundred plus pages. I think this was made so much easier by those quality anecdotes of Greg’s, some of which presented logical explanations with a little humour too..

If you want to become a Paranormal Detective, like me now, then this is most definitely the book for you. If you’re looking for fact and logical explanation then grab yourself a copy of Detecting Paranormal to help you find it. I know this book will be on my bookshelf now, but I guarantee it will be one of those books (I have a few) that I will pull out to reference from time to time.

Thank you Greg for sending me the book and giving me the opportunity to read it and review it, I’ve not been disappointed. It’s an essential for any investigator of the Paranormal in my opinion..

If you want to grab a copy of Detecting Paranormal by Greg Lawson or wish to know more about him, please visit his website here…


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‘The Influence’ by Barry Fitzgerald


Barry’s Lecture at Paraforce 2017

The first time I heard about Barry’s book ‘The Influence’ was actually quite a while prior to Paraforce UK 2017, when a friend of mine made me aware of it. Graham Smith had heard the lecture on the concept that the book is based. At that point the brief overview I received of the theory actually did intrigue me a little, but I never had the time to follow it up.

Luckily for me though I managed to attend Paraforce UK 2017 where Barry would be giving a few talks, turns out one would be on the influence.

I always like to look into and read up on different ideas around paranormal phenomena, especially as I have learnt that often as you learn more you can piece together an interesting picture based on different comprehensions that are out there.

So, I sat down in the little old barn room on Day 2 of Paraforce UK 2017 quite looking forward to Barry’s lecture on ‘The Influence’ and to be quite frank I wasn’t really disappointed. The lecture itself presented his book brilliantly and highlighted the research to a degree that made me want a little more. In fact both Kerry Greenaway and I decided to grab a copy of the book to find out a little more.

What’s it all about then?

As a bit of a writer myself I know the importance of allowing my readers to determine for themselves what they think of my work. So, with that in mind I’m not going to give you an extremely detailed account of the books contents here.

‘The Influence’ is a bit of interesting theory that has captured my imagination a little and made me pause for thought. Fundamentally the concept looks at how our thought processes lead to actions, some of which can not only seem out of character for the individual committing those acts, but equally evil in their delivery.

Barry takes this on a little further though; based on his own research and experiences adds a probable source to those actions, revealing the influence that hides beyond.

Utilising the skills he has grown over many years of paranormal investigation the world over and varying research from several sources; Barry walks us through his personal experience of the influence, a game changing experiment, some synchronicity, his manifestation scale, the effects of our modern sugar fuelled diet and his own warning about sharing this information.

The theory certainly does appear to tie in with a few I have touched on in my own research and it does raise an interesting question. If there is indeed an outside influence, especially in these unusual cases where an individuals actions are completely out of character; then are these individuals at fault here and how can we determine if there is an influence at play at all? Such questions are of course above my pay grade so to speak. They remain a complicated story of psychology and criminal investigation, which is more than likely not open to criminal fault being attributed to an entity they can’t capture and place in prison.

In my opinion…

I enjoyed Barry’s book as it was a fresh idea that he presented well in his lecture at Paraforce UK 2017, then delivered reasonably well chapter by chapter. I found that he explained his theory reasonably well and it left room for thought too. It looked at some interesting angles and presented some good research that may support the theory too.

I am not sure I’m 100% sold on the theory, sorry Barry. However this isn’t particularly completely nested on the book itself though. I’m one of those annoying people in the field that has a love of data and solid studies to support a theory. Something which knowing Barry, he probably has in a desk drawer at his home (I’m guessing of course). However as a writer I can totally understand that a massive abundance of pages listing data and resources that may support the theory may not be something that would be appealing to the wider audience of the book. His lecture and passion for the subject certainly suggests theres more to this tale than is communicated within the pages of the book itself. If so, I would love to take a look Barry?

The other reason that I am probably not completely sold on the theory is my own lack of experience with violent hauntings or demonic cases. As we all rely on our own experiences, knowledge and memories to comprehend things, this can hinder our own personal acceptance of those approaches beyond that understanding. In my case, without personal experience of a truly violent haunting case I guess that I often find myself concluding based on what I know, the data I have and the provable facts. As all of us in the paranormal field are well aware though, if we had an abundance of those last two, then the paranormal would simply be normal.

Closing the cover..

All in all ‘The Influence’ is a great little read that clearly outlines Barry’s theory based on his experiences, experimentation and research. It’s certainly worth a read in order to familiarise yourself with this idea. After all we should leave no stone unturned whilst venturing into the unknown and if Barry is right, I would rather the heads up now. It’s certainly made me think about what I eat and drink just before an investigation, amongst other things.

Personally the idea has intrigued me a bit and I for one would like to see a little more of the research behind this or if there has been more supporting evidence captured since the books release. If the aim was to leave me wanting more Barry, then that’s fully achieved.

If you’re someone who like to read about new ideas or theory’s within the paranormal field or perhaps about the cause of more violent hauntings then this is one for you. Barry doesn’t just outline his idea and support it, he provides some sound advice too. Perhaps even an important warning.


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