The Goat-Man

It seems strange to begin this brief account of an odd Bigfoot like cryptid from Texas, with the line ‘It was the summer of 1969,’ but that was when this story of the Goat-Man really begins. Six residents of Fort Worth in Texas reported a frightening story of an encounter with a supernatural creature that left them all suitably shaken, but also completely convinced of what they had seen.

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The Cornish Owlman

Whilst many stories of Supernatural Creatures may date back hundreds of years with their origins sat firmly in historical lore, the story of the Cornish Owlman is a little more modern.

In 1926 the Cornish Echo reported a story about two boys being chased by a large and scary bird. The boys escaped to tell their story and that may have been the end of it, but it was to be the first of many sightings.

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One area of the paranormal that I have always found interesting, is that of cryptozoology. The thought that some of the strange creatures that often seem to present themselves in fiction alone, could indeed exist is often something that plays with ones imagination. The possibility of a huge prehistoric animal still living in Loch Ness or hairy potential ape like animal roaming the forests of the americas; unseen by many, but witnessed by few is something that almost allows us to once again believe in the magical possibility that anything is possible.

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