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The Paranormal Investigators Journal…
The Paranormal Investigators Journal

The Paranormal Investigators Journal was originally an idea I had to help structure my own notes around documenting investigations. The concept of how to document our investigations over the years has been something, which has been very close to my heart. It began when I first started researching and investigating the paranormal. It’s also something that I have discovered is equally important to many others that I have met while attending investigations.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing investigators all with their own approaches and focus points, but one particular investigator has always shown the same focus on detail and documentation as I have. Graham Smith has tirelessly attempted to ensure that a standard paranormal case file be out there for all to use. The problem has been that the kind of detail Graham and I would include may not be everyone’s goal and can be quite time consuming to gather.

As I have spent many years with different types of notebooks now in my possession, I decided to combine some of the work I had done on a case file and the information we should be capturing into a structured journal, which could prompt investigators what to document.

It’s my absolute hope that this Paranormal Investigators Journal will give that ability to all investigators who use it, no matter their experience.

The Paranormal Investigators Journal allows you to document six cases and their details, including activity, historic information, plans and more. Then simple paranormal event logs can be documented and linked to the case details in order to create a timeline of paranormal events.

I have also added in six of my favourite simple experiments too, for you to try out whilst investigating. All of which have yielded some interesting results over the years.

All of this is simply housed in a compact A5 size notebook made up of roughly 220 pages. Which is a pretty good size for making notes on the run.

To find out a little more about The Paranormal Investigators Journal check out my blog post on it here..

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It doesn’t end there though, once you fill in your journal, if you’re willing to share I would like to gather information on various locations documented using this approach. If you wish to do this please email me at
My Latest Mini Books

My Latest Mini Book Additions…

It’s my great pleasure to introduce five mini books for you to purchase. These include my Theory of Telepathic Interaction and my first four ‘Journal of the Paranormal’ mini books.

The idea behind the mini books was to give those that are interested in my work some light reading material, but also access to a physical copy to read with their coffee, for a price that’s not far off the price of that coffee. Keeping true to my work these mini books are straight to the point and will include everything from investigation reports, experiment approaches, theories to general ideas. I really would like to mould these mini books around my readers, so if you want to see something specific in a future Journal of the Paranormal, please drop me a line.

I really hope you like them, I’m really pleased with them and quite humbled by the interest that I have received in them too.

I must also thank MJ for asking me for a little something for the VIP Bags at Sage Paracon UK 2016, as it was that which gave me the idea to go a little further and create the mini books.

Thanks to my Dad too for putting them together at Caxton Quills.

Journal of the Paranormal I
Ashley Knibb’s Journal of the Paranormal I

This Journal contains three of my very first over night investigations, back when I had my own team. Each investigation was as interestesting and challenging as the next, with some amazing experiences.

Although in these early days of investigations I was still learning the ropes in regards to overnights, but I was lucky enough to be surrounded by great team members that gave me fantastic advice.

The three locations were fantastic with so much history between them all that it was simply an honour to spend the night in them.

Check it out and see what you think?

Journal of the Paranormal II

Ashley Knibb’s Journal of the Paranormal II


This Journal contains three more of my investigations, which include a historic location, a fantastic museum and a mine in the Welsh hills.

Each of the locations helped me to gain more experience investigating in some very different locations. The challenge of investigating a Silver-Lead Mine was also a real eye opener especially as we managed to setup CCTV coverage down the actual mine itself.

All three investigations were very interesting and I believe my team and I covered them really well.

Get yourself a copy and let me know what you think?

Journal of the Paranormal III
Ashley Knibb’s Journal of the Paranormal III

This Journal contains one of the most influential locations I have been to, but not for the obvious reasons!

This is really where my understanding of perception came into its own and I began to look at the paranormal world a little differently.

The mini book describes my first investigation at the Royal Oak, which includes a few oddities and general approach too. The second part of the mini book details the Singapore Theory Victorian Séance Experiment that we done in the pub itself with some guests and locals. The entire experiment process is there for you to attempt your own should you so wish.

Have a read and let me know what you think?

However I should really mention that there’s still a lot more to this location and I continue to work with spiritualist mediums at the location, so there’s without doubt a lot more to come on this place!

Journal of the Paranormal IV
Ashley Knibb’s Journal of the Paranormal IV

This Journal contains three more of my investigations, which include a famous theatre, and old haunted hairdressers in Royston and one of my favourite locations too.

The locations have each presented some really interesting results including EVP, light anomalies and more.

All three investigations were very interesting and I believe my team and I covered them really well.

Get yourself a copy and let me know what you think?

The Theory of Telepathic Interaction
The Theory of Telepathic Interaction

This mini book outlines one of my first major paranormal theories and approaches. This is my theory of telepathic interaction and through the use of various ideograms I believe it may be possible to logically understand the source of the information transferred telepathically.

The question of course as its always been, is the source from the consciousness of someone who has passed away or can it be quantified to the mind of someone still alive.

Take a look at the theory, apply it to your own experiences and investigations and please share with me your results.

How to order…

If you’re interested in my mini books they’re actually really easy to get hold of. As I am a little old school and like to to connect a little with all those interested in my work, Caxton Quills produce them for me and I take care of the distribution myself.

However I have done my best to make the process nice and easy for you.

Each mini book costs £2.95 and postage is included.

I have limited stock, so order early to avoid delays.

Simply email me at with your details and the mini books you would like.

If you have any questions related to this or anything on my website, please email