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Ghosts in the Machine – Technology and the Paranormal 

Haunted Object Scanning Caught My Attention

As I sat today, sipping coffee and thumbing through my Facebook feed I stumbled on a small post from the Society for Psychical Research. Actually it was more of a re-post in that it was referring to a post from Week in Weird where the Travelling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult were attempting what they claim to be the worlds first haunted object 3D scanning project. However their attempts began with some odd problems, in that the object in question ‘Billy’ didn’t appear to ‘want’ to be scanned. That was their response to the software having a little trouble to begin scanning and displaying a probable object (unseen by us) in front of the haunted object. This prevented the team from scanning the object in order to print a 3D copy. 

The Idol of Nightmares also known as ‘Billy’ was said to be against the scanning and 3D printing process, so the team conducted a little EVP with some dramatic responses before conducting negotiations to explain to the idol that all would be well.

‘Billy’ AKA The Idol of Nightmares

Of course following a long negotiation apartently they managed to successfully scan the idol and print off a smaller 3D version of the idol. 

This little story sparked a touch of interest for me, it didn’t just mention haunted objects, but also a probable issue that related to technology affected by the paranormal. Both of these elements of the paranormal always get me thinking, trying to really figure out if objects could become almost imprinted by spiritual energy or even consciousness; or if they had the ability to cause technology to malfunction. 

Object Storage or Object Trigger

The interesting thing about haunted objects is that they are supposedly objects that appear to contain some kind of spiritual energy from a previous encounter in their history. This concept is no doubt based on the Stone Tape Theory although most definitely pre-dates it as there are many stories of strange mystical objects related to spirits throughout time. 

However I think we need to at least contemplate other options on topics such as these, after all we often forget to factor in the weird and wonderful capabilities of our own minds. This is often forgotten as we prefer to side with classical sciences link to the physical, the measurable. So, we make the assumption that the ‘energy’ from a probable spiritual event or traumatic event some how becomes imprinted on the object holding information there forgotten ever. Information which is then released under the right circumstances. All of which is great until we realise the inconsistencies in this approach especially when the true energy required to imprint information on an object maybe much more than we realise, thus causing issue around this particular approach. 

However all that said and done, people still experience things and often those experiences can match others too. So, there must be some kind of information transfer occurring somehow in order for this all to take place. Question is how? 

One concept that I have always thought could make sense is that these objects are actually information triggers in that they enable our minds to locate information regarding the object including the probable spiritual activity related to it. This could occur in number of ways; we already knew the information, but didn’t remember it until seeing the object and it triggered it; or seeing the object allows us to connect to a collective unconscious where we can obtain the information from. A bit like googling a picture so to speak. Mind Googling if you will. 

Of course the concept of our unconscious minds searching the minds of others for information is a little radical, but there is quite a bit of data to support the possibility of telepathic interaction. Throw in a little of Einstein’s ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ or Quantum Entanglement and it all becomes a little more possible. It would certainly give us more explanation around this phenomena and how mediums can tap into that information too. 

Although it does then stabilise the most likely fact that we seem to be able to achieve much of our access to this information without the existence of spirits, but its mostly possible through the aspects of intention, belief and faith. Without which those that can would not believe in their own abilities to achieve access to the information. This for me is equally as exciting as proving the survival of consciousness as it begins to place our own abilities and the links between us all on a whole new level.

The Technology Bit

Let’s jump back to the original story that I read today, the team were trying to scan a haunted object, the Idol of Nightmares, in order to create a 3D print of it. I know they said it didn’t appear to want to be scanned, but that was them drawing conclusions from limited data. Let’s bear in mind that this was a home scanning kit with most likely reasonable costing hardware and software. These kind of technologies may do a good job, but just because it fails to scan or in this case locates an oddity directly in front of the camera, doesn’t mean its paranormal. Obviously I dont have all the data here regarding what occurred and what was attempted by the team and couldn’t make a possible assessment on that basis. However as the article states these objects threw up a number of issues with the technology they were using. I would be interested in how some of these issues were addressed initially in order to ascertain them as being paranormal in origin.

The 3D Print Out of ‘Billy’

Is it possible that given the objects they were trying to scan and by knowing their back stories they could have made associated assumptions to the source of the issues, linking them to something a little more spooky?

An obvious test would be to send a number of objects to a neutral person and ask them to scan them without an understanding of the objects back story. Would the same issues occur? If they did,  would they be able to come to the same conclusions indicating that the Idol didn’t want to be scanned due to the fact it didn’t understand the process? I think perhaps not, but then I’ve not met ‘Billy’ have I! 

This particular story has raised some very interesting points regarding the use of technology within the paranormal field for me. One particular comment made during the video related to this story was something along the lines of; ‘what have we let loose on the internet’. Although this appears particularly drama orientated, there is an interesting spin to it too. If this is all based on information then by scanning the Idol and placing the data on the internet, perhaps they have unleashed something onto the cloud we could all tap into! 

Of course in regards to ‘Billy’ the next step I’m guessing would be to see if the 3D printout of the Idol presents paranormal activity too. That at least would suggest that recreating the haunted object in this manner would also recreate the linked energy somehow wouldn’t it? In theory perhaps, but equally as the smaller recreation generates the same probable visual triggers as the original then it could be suggested that this could be the reason paranormal activity is found in the associated object. 

Oddly this little project by the team from the Travelling Museum reminds a little of the Philip Experiment, but perhaps a modern day approach using technology. The members of the Philip Experiment imagined a character to communicate with, whilst in this instance the group are creating a replica of a known haunted object. Perhaps the Travelling Museum were not seeking communication from the replica, but I like the idea that this could work in that way. 

Future Possibilities

These kind of ideas to utilise new technology in different ways presents some excellent possibilities for the future of paranormal investigation and understanding in my opinion. I am a huge fan of the old school approaches, but equally believe we need to try many new ways too. 

It was only this week that Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe was on Marc Richardson’s Paranormal Radio Show and we briefly discussed the use of some very expensive glasses that he can use to track the movement of the eyes to understand what they are doing during a paranormal investigation. These could help identify probable triggers for telepathic interaction moving forwards. There are also so many more options coming into play that can allow us to gather import detailed information on the elements present during an investigaiton. These even include some cheaper versions of devices that can monitor basic brain waves, heart monitors, temperature, light and so much more. As the prices of such devices continue to come down we should be investing and gathering the data for continued analysis. 

In my opinion we should continue to use the old methods, but begin to capture better data related to them and then incorporate more modern methods in too. 

The future is all about the data and drawing an understanding from it. With the abundance of teams out there and technology available to us all, which also keeps us all in contact through things such as social media, we have the ability to work towards our common goal. 

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Knowing Without Knowing! 



Psi Theory

What Do We Really Know?

Over the years during investigations and conversations with mediums one thing that has come up on a fairly regularly basis, is the common statements regarding an individuals knowledge on something. This oddly is on both sides of the fence, with mediums often stating ‘how could I have known that’ when referring to a piece of information they’ve communicated. Whilst the more skeptic often state that mediums must have had knowledge of the information previously.

Back in the early days I admit I was more sceptical and would have been one of those thoroughly questioning the information and its source, where mediums were involved. However over the years I’ve most certainly mellowed a touch, but not to the extent where I still don’t question everything.

You see I have now learnt a lot and have to various understandings around the communication of information through a spiritual means. I have my own belief and theory around this nowadays, but equally as its just a theory I dont discount other potential methods.

One thing that the concept of the informations source has raised for me, is quite simple how can we prove the source of the information in question. You see as we all know through our many years in the education system, what we know is measured by the use of assessment and exam. This then confirms what we know or should I say, it proves we can demonstrate we know what we know. It’s my opinion that we retain all we are subjected to in our lives, but when its committed to memory how we recall it is dependent on how we learnt it or the process or sequence of events that placed the information with us in the first place.

Confused yet? Well its about to get more confusing.

Often in paranormal scenarios when mediums present the information they receive it is openly accepted or scrutinised. There is also a mid point too, where the information is accepted, but then those accepting it will probe for more information to support it.

See memory is a big factor in all this really. We can’t 100% trust our memories to tell us the truth in a way. This is where quantification of the information comes into play. When information on a location or individual tied to the location is communicated, we can’t 100% say that the piece of information wasn’t read or saw somewhere previously and now as it is linked to the location something locally has triggered it to be recalled. Oddly we may not even realise we know that piece of information either.

However to attempt to ensure that these pieces of probable known information are avoided many groups or mediums will use certain methods to safe guard against it. A classic example is not telling the medium where they are going, which is never the easiest. The mediums may also subscribe to not conducting any research prior to their visit to a location. However it should always be considered that if the medium has an interest in the paranormal then they may have read something about the location previously and that memory may surface as the communicated information. Possibly!

So, often we know more than we can demonstrate or perhaps even know we know! Told you it was going to get more confusing. Never underestimate what you may know, but dont know you know, I think!

Just to clarify, I’m not trying to say that mediums aren’t getting the information from spirit, but simply presenting another possibility. Another would also be telepathic interaction possibly via a collective consciousness, which allows us to access information known by others. Probably without even knowing, an unconscious ‘google’ of information from the ether so to speak. Let’s look at more possibilities out side the box remember, after all this is psi Theory.

Proving What We Don’t Know!

One of the hardest thing to do, it may even be an impossibility, is to prove what we dont know. Basically if we claim we couldn’t or most certainly did not know something, that is actually a very bold statement. You see we may well have the information in our minds, but not able to recall it simply. However through the process of mediumship the information is presented to us. Which actually may be a subconscious thing.

No matter how you think about it you cant prove someone doesn’t know something. You may ask them, but they could lie about knowing and you really couldn’t prove if it was a memory thing or not.

It’s things like this that add to the problems in the field too. You see investigators will observe communication from a medium and then often assume that its information is already known by said medium. As the medium is unable to prove their information is previously known or unknown, it can be disputed.

This is a definitive paradox when it comes to spiritually based communication, which means without faith in the medium and/or various spiritual beliefs communication will always be scrutinised.

However there is an interesting way which has had me thinking recently about all this. Often called third party information, the concept is that a medium supplies information that the person they are communicating to doesn’t know, but can be quantified soon. A prime example of this was when a medium told me a little about a particular period of my grandfathers life when he worked on the buses. In this instance he wore a certain uniform and received medals for his work. At the time I said it was incorrect, but later I discovered that it was actually spot on. Personally I believe this to be an instance of telepathic interaction, where the medium gained the information telepathically from someone directly related to me. Perhaps my mother as she quantified everything

So, What Do We Really Know Then?

After this most confusing post, we are not really sure of much more than what we started with. We have a few theories on the table, but further research is needed to really clarify this.

We can’t quantify what we dont know, so just have to trust the mediums we are working on with regularly moving forward.

We know much much more than we realise, but accessing that information is very difficult. So, never discount information because you dont believe you’ve ever learnt it because you may have possibly submitted it to memory without realising. Alternatively we could be accessing the information using other means like the ether or consciousness.

Where do you stand on what we know or dont know?

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In Search of the Paranormal Holy Grail

Psi Theory

A Holy Grail or A Wooden Goblet

The holy grail was originally seen as the goblet that Christ drank from at the last supper, I think! Which in turn made it a highly desirable artefact, but was also considered to perhaps have what could only be described as magical powers. There’s a whole Indiana Jones film about the characters search for it, which was probably where I first heard about it.

The Holy Grail

However in this post I am not talking about the religious artefact, but the similar piece of evidence in the paranormal field that could literally change everything. The problem is that the paranormal holy grail is equally confusing as the actual holy grail. You see although many believe the holy grail to be, well a cup, there are others that believe it could even be the blood line of Christ. Well those theories are ridiculously different right? Its the same in the paranormal field, many seem to believe that capturing video or audio of a ghost or spirit is enough to prove they exist. A recent example being the Most Haunted ghost recently causing great debate in the community. 

As I previously stated though in the post on the Most Haunted Ghost footage if the footage is genuine then it actually doesn’t necessarily prove that there is an afterlife for example. If anything it opens up a whole abundance of questions we should seek answers to. Oddly the video footage or audio that is often presented as ‘evidence’ of the paranormal is in most cases seen as fake or incorrectly perceived. How could these two potential sources of paranormal holy grails be constantly rejected if they are considered pretty much perfect?

What Should We Be Looking For?

So, what exactly should we be looking for in order to locate our paranormal holy grail? Simply put we need more than video, audio or pictures, we need data and information that provides us with a much better understanding of the paranormal.  We need to understand its source, its mechanics and a heck of a lot more that’s for certain. 

Question is then, why do we place so much weight in video, audio and pictures as probable evidence of the paranormal? Personally, I don’t think I have the answer to that particular question, but I do have an idea. The interest in the paranormal has always been out there throughout time, but it would always be passed from one person to another through story telling. In fact that was where a lot of my research would begin the paranormal stories about a person or location, then from there I would dig up more. Hence why I would have my head in a book a lot. 

These days everything has changed, but the lines of communication between story and fact have become relatively blurred, they are a ‘grey area’ for sure. The problem is that many may have missed this transition from camp fire to book to our TV screens. Nowadays the media gives us access to an abundance of information and often its hard to differ between fact and fiction. Our TV’s now run many shows on the paranormal, most using a similar reality investigation approach. This also means that newspapers and magazines run articles on the subject, in fact there are whole publications on the subject now. The internet of course contains an absolute tonne of information on the subject and from that has developed such social media elements as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All of these provide so much information on the subject with varying opinion and approaches to the field. 

Our method of telling stories has evolved just like us and now access to those stories has become really easy, you can literally post a ghost story in the UK and in can be viewed a second later in Australia. That in itself is remarkable. Now when I say stories I equally mean accounts or reports, just in case it read as a disbelief in individuals experience of the paranormal. 

Why is all this important in identifying our paranormal holy grail? Simple I believe that perhaps rather than seeking evidence we may be just enhancing our method of story telling. Think about it, back in the day when ghost stories were told around the camp fire they would have been a rather dramatic affair. You wouldn’t just want to tell of your experience, you would want those listening to almost experience what you did. These days we are looking to do the same through our paranormal TV shows, Facebook pages and YouTube Channels. Sharing our experiences is important to our social development and a part of who we are in the world. We learn through sharing like this, so its actually really important. As far as the paranormal field is concerned the sharing of our experiences is too important and allows us to create a basis for our investigations. It might not yield the holy grail, but its certainly going to be important to the journey in finding it. 

Hard Research and Playing the Long Game

So, finding the paranormal holy grail is going to be a long old game, let’s be honest and in my opinion it won’t be found in a single video, piece of audio or a photograph. These often raise questions more than provide answers, within the answers to those questions we may find our holy grail. 

Often in order to find solid answers to questions we need to gather a great deal of data and then search for patterns within that. I believe that we also need to use various different approaches to gain a better understanding of the paranormal. We shouldn’t stop what we are doing now, just reach out a little beyond it to understand more. What works and what doesn’t? 

Unfortunately the paranormal holy grail like the actual one may not be a single simple item, but a complex crusade of science and spirituality that we need to go on. I guess the Jones boys didn’t have the last crusade after all!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Who’s with me? 

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Most Haunted’s Famous Ghost on the Stairs

Psi Theory

That Ghost on the Stairs

A recent episode of Most Haunted aired which included some footage where the Most Haunted team claim they’ve caught video evidence of a probable ghost walking up the stairs. The Most Haunted team seem to regard this footage as the most ground-breaking footage of a ghost that they have ever captured. The footage has certainly stirred a huge amount of interest and debate, but perhaps a little more than that. 

Even The Telegraph posted an online article on Most Haunted’s ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse, which can be seen here.

I was first made aware of the ghost when my sister told me that the episode has been highlighted as containing ‘a ghost caught on film’.  Given that ghosts caught on film are actually a more regular occurence these than you probably realise, Most Haunted will have to forgive me for not rushing home to tune in. Plus at the time I was spending time with the living, so figured a ghost could wait. Oddly I actually forgot about the ghost on the stairs. However good old Facebook brought it back to my attention soon enough. 

Whilst checking out Facebook the Most Haunted video popped up where Yvette Fielding introduced the footage and showed us how they had checked the raw footage proving that this video wasn’t a fake. Yvette also explained that the footage was an excellent example of the Stone Tape Theory, as it shows a possibility of where an event could have been receorded by the environment. 

Most Haunted Ghost is a Fake

Similar to Most Haunted’s own video and the actual episode it wasn’t long before the social media debates became a few videos explaining exactly how Most Haunted managed to fake this particular ghost. It would seem similarly to the incident at 30 East Drive, the Most Haunted reputation was still very tarnished or at least some out there would lead you to believe. 

Most of these videos explaining how Most Haunted faked the footage rested on the two things; 1) they must of used a technique called overlay, and 2) the raw footage date was wrong. 

To be fair some of the videos were excellent at explaining how Most Haunted would have achieved this and they made for insightful pieces. In fact taking both videos, Most Haunted’s and the various ones on YouTube were quite equal. 

The second wave, so to speak of social media reports on the ghost at Wentworth Woodhouse pretty much dominated the internet convincing the masses that ghost wasn’t just a fake, but probably a member of the team via the overlay technique. Which really explains Yvette’s stone tape theory away. 

Opinion and Evidence Evaluation

Interestingly enough though this whole situation had think about the ghost at Wentworth Woodhouse, perhaps a little differently. Those of you that often read my Psi Theory section on my website will know that this isn’t new. 

Over the years during paranormal investigations I have captured crystal clear EVP, objects moving and more. Fundamentally video and audio all over the place. I am happy to raise my hands stating much of this has been referred to as ‘evidence’ by myself in the past, but that term alone brings with it a whole different realm of understanding. 

A quick google shows us that evidence means; ‘the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid’. It’s the last bit for me which is really important here, ‘true or valid’ to me are absolute terms. However we often throw the term evidence around in relation to many things that are far from absolute. 

Most Haunted’s ghost on the stairs, if it is actually a ghost isn’t absolute at all, in fact if it’s a ghost that actually generates more questions. Which is actually a good thing. Understanding ghosts and spirits is essential to the field. True evidence of ghosts wont come from video footage it will come from measurement and understanding their mechanics, how they work and more. 

Social Media saw a lot of opinion on the subject, which in some places was very negative towards the Most Haunted footage, whilst in other places supported the footage and the team without question. The problem is that opinion negative of positive doesn’t actually prove anything either way, it just generates a lot if interest in the footage. Hence why I am writing this post. 

In science, peer review has been used for many years in order to understand a theory one scientist may have, but also to test it to ensure its water tight. Although this approach does have a few issues these days, its still a relatively sound approach. If you discover something during an investigation generate a report and submit it to an un-biased person for review. I personally would love to see more of this. That’s why my website houses most of my investigations and I am always happy to hear the opinions of others in the field. How else will we progress. 

Most Haunted’s Raw Footage

With all this in mind and as I cant base a conclusion on social media opinion or one set of footage, I can only have an idea of what I believe the Most Haunted ghost might be. 

So, here it is Most Haunted! I would be happy to review the actual raw footage as an un-biased investigator. I will look through the raw footage and write up a report on this very website on my findings. What do you say then Yvette and Karl, fancy giving me a look at the raw footage? Just in case Most Haunted aren’t reading this (why not) please share it where they might? 

Another option is to post the raw footage online for all to review, but this may not be possible as its part of a TV programme. 

Let’s start looking at ‘evidence’ like this correctly and make it available for peer review, then perhaps we can say it is absolute and begin to look at more questions beyond; is it a fake? Especially as the question of whether something in the paranormal field is a fake or not is a question that has been asked time and time again for well over a hundred years now! 

Years ago we also caught an oddity on the stairs which cane under scrutiny too, check it out here.

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The Consciousness – Are We Looking in the Right Place?

My Random Thought Processes on the Paranormal

Consciousness and the Paranormal

The concept of consciousness and its relation to the paranormal is far from a new one, in fact its a concept that one of the founding fathers of the Society for Psychical Research raised in his book ‘Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death’ back in the early 1900’s. Frederick Myers wrote a considerable amount on the subject, which wasn’t published until after he’s death. 

The question of whether consciousness survives death is actually one of the ‘hard questions’ out there. Although the question itself is slightly flawed by the fact that a definitive explanation of consciousness is still to be found. Thus without that how we will truly define it as surviving death will always be just beyond our reach. 

So, if you’re searching for spirits or ghosts, interested in the afterlife, then you are already looking at whether our consciousness may survive death. See, its a hard question isn’t it? 

There’s a little more on the survival of consciousness in a previous post of mine here – The Survival of Human Consciousness After Bodily Death Hypothesis

The Brain and the Mind

One of the things I often read about in relataion to the concepts of consciousness is whether the brain and the mind are one of the same thing or actually two separate things. This has been a point of debate for many years and troubled a lot of great minds too. 

Obviously the brain is the physical part that we all have, the part which logically makes sense as holding our memories, our thoughts, our feelings and where we make our decisions. If you look into a little neuroscience, as you do, then there does appear to be a direct relationship with changes to the physical brain and when we learn new things for example. In fact there is lots we now know about the physiological make up of the brain and where particular functions can be found, which in turn suggests that perhaps consciousness or at least its process may be found there. However there are certain concepts which could place it elsewhere, some of which reside in the realms of the paranormal. 

The concept of the mind residing beyond our physical body again isn’t new and actually does explain quite a bit. However this is often highlighted by more paranormal aspects such as out of body experiences, near death experiences, telepathy and many more. This has also been given many different examples over the years too, more recently it has been represented in relation to our brain being a kind of receiver, like a TV and the mind is the signal it receives. I’ve used the concept that many of us are becoming familiar with these days, which is that of the ‘cloud’, just like smartphones uploading their information to the cloud our brain uploads information to the collective unconscious where the mind possibly resides. 

These duel concepts often try to show that although the brain function exists and clearly changes according to what we may know, the information, the experiences we have, our memories are also shared with a part of a greater network ‘the collective unconscious’. All of which suggests a probable link between us all, at least on a telepathic level. That said links between us all exist in other theories too, the Gaia Theory for example suggests we are all working parts of a greater system. DNA shows connections between each of us and beyond that to animals and plants too. Jung’s synchronicity also shows probable links between us all too. There have also been more recent studies using Random Number Generators which may suggest that during significant events collective consciousness may be synchronised. Fundamentally there appears to be quite a bit out there suggesting a link. 

So Where Can It Be Found?

This is the ‘hard question’, remember it from earlier? The brain is physical and measurable, which is what we prefer to deal with really, but the mind is a little less easier to locate. Many used to place it in the ether, but what or where the ether is still escapes us. 

Frederick Myers suggested a place where the soul may exist that was beyond or even after the ether, he called it the Metetherial. This got me thinking a little, well a lot really. Perhaps we have been looking for consciousness in the wrong place! More recently as I have been reading Thomas Fuscos book ‘Beyond the Cosmic Veil’ this question has resurfaced as I try to get my head around he’s model that suggests an explanation for paranormal phenomena. 

Right, stay with me now! 

Fusco’s model suggests the concept of information or blueprints as he calls them actuating into physical reality. He obviously describes this in a book full of explanation, which does so in a way that is far better than I ever could. Fusco looks at the mechanism behind how this actuation occurs, which then attempts to help us understand why certain things occur during a paranormal experience. Like temperature changes, light anomalies, air flow, etc.  This all starts in place that is not our physical reality, which then becomes physical after it crosses the light barrier. Again I’m not doing the theory justice here. 

The important thing to take away from this is that, they come from a non-physical reality where clearly the access to the these ‘blueprints’ exists. Perhaps a place of information? Oddly to me, Fusco may disagree, this sounds very similar to the Akashic Records concept. 

Now what if this place was also similar to another dimension or even an additional dimension to our four dimensional existence that has been suggested by such theories as String Theory or M Theory? Perhaps Myers Metetherial is the same place that Fusco is suggesting? 

What Does This Mean For Consciousness?

Right, here’s my Psi Theory mind dump on the possible location of consciousness! Perhaps our consciousness exists in this realm suggested by Fusco and Myers, in which information is present rather than a physical aspect. This would also be where Jung’s Collective Unconscious would be located too. Which means if we take into consideration that we each have access to this place at a quantum level possibly due to how our brain in the physical world and our mind in the metetherial world are entangled with each other. This would perhaps explain how information is transferred instantaneously between the two, but also given the right circumstances perhaps even suggest how in some situations information in this realm could be actuated into our physical reality. A great example being apports.

I wonder if information is like energy, in that it transforms rather than ceasing to exist? Perhaps that’s the key? If this is equally true then perhaps paranormal events occur due to us triggering the actuation of the information from this realm into reality somehow? 

As Myers suggests with his Metetherial, then perhaps consciousness continues to exist beyond death by the possibility that it resides in this other realm entangled to the physical. When the physical ceases to exist then the non-physical information remains. On occasion this information may also become entangled with other physical parts too, then you have the concept of the Stone Tape perhaps. 

Oddly placing consciousness in a non-physical dimension made of information actually kind of works. I get the distinct feeling that I am not quite done with this idea just yet. 

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Prof. Brian Cox and that Statement About the Existence of Ghosts

Psi Theory

The internet and social media has been all fired up recently about a certain statement made by prominent physicist Professor Brian Cox, but more about that shortly. I think its important for me to tackle why I am actually enjoying the current debate that this has appeared to have sparked. The reason for this is relatively simple, it appears to have created some serious discussion around the very concept of ghosts. Now although some of those discussions have got a little heated, its been really good to see many get behind their beliefs and experiences too. Hopefully this post will also excite a little more discussion on the subject too and as someone who is a massive fan of science it would be slightly cool if Prof. Cox could chip in too.

Professor Brian Cox

Right, so the statement I believe according to a few internet and newspaper sources went something like this; 

“If there’s some kind of substance that’s driving our bodies, making my arms move and legs move, then it must interact with the particles out of which our bodies are made. And seeing as we’ve made high precision measurements of the ways that particles interact, then my assertion is there can be no such thing as an energy source that’s driving our bodies.”

I believe that Brian then continued with;

“Before we ask the first question, I want to make a statement: We are not here to debate the existence of ghosts because they dont exist.”

Which sounds like a pretty definitive statement in regards to the existence of ghosts. I believe that he followed this up with ;

“If we want some sort of pattern that carries information about our living cells to persist then we must specify precisely what medium carries that pattern and how it interacts with the matter particles out of which our bodies are made. 

That’s almost inconceivable at the energy scales typical of the particle interactions in our bodies.”

I have a feeling that most may have taken Cox’s statement simply as ‘Ghost dont exist’, which is what he said, but in direct relation to physics and our understanding of it. Adding into that evidence that has already been discovered by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. 

Here’s the shocker, in the context that the statement was made and given our current scientific understanding of ‘ghosts’, I would have to agree with Professor Brian Cox, as there is currently no sold scientific proof or water tight theory to support their existence. However, there is a large amount of anecdotal evidence derived from many personal experiences that could attribute to some kind of anomalous event occurring. I’ve personally had a few odd paranormal experiences myself, but to this day have no true answer for what they were. This is the case for many I have spoken to over the years, the things they’ve seen, they’ve felt, they’ve heard and on occasion the information that they’ve acquired. 

The reason I agree with Cox, is simply because in reality our belief of what a ghost is, is simply that a theory based on belief. That doesn’t mean its all over and its time to hang up the paranormal investigator coat just yet! Currently this means that we are missing a good theory of what a ghost is for the science bods. Wait what now! 

No seriously it’s true, think about it from a truly scientific approach none of the explanations we have are good enough to convince the physicists out there that there are ghosts out there. Don’t get me wrong I am in the same boat as many of you reading this, like you guys, I have had a personal experience or two during my years. The problem is that a personal experience is just that, they are also something that doesn’t fit the repeatable requirements of science and there is certainly no formula that fits to them. 

This whole discussion and Brian’s statement has highlighted a single question that needs answering if we are to present a probable theory to the likes of physicists. Which is simply, what is a ghost? 

I’ve recently been reading a book by Thomas Fusco called ‘Behind the Cosmic Veil’ and also had the pleasure of interviewing him for my new monthly radio segment called Ghost Frequency. Suffice to say the interview ended after an hour, but the discussion continued for another two. In his books Fusco presents some interesting ideas, of which I still have to read (I’m only a third in), but from what I have read he re-categorises ghosts or apparitions as the ‘translocation of available physical light waves’. So, its not as comforting as the ghost of great aunt Agnes, but it certainly begins to make sense in relation to physics. Question is, can it work?

This whole discussion has excited the paranormal community on the internet and certainly seen some page space taken up on the usual social media streams. I even kicked off a discussion myself on my Facebook to see what everyone thought and it was quite surprising to read in some places. 

What is difficult about the paranormal and more specifically ghosts as those that seek them know, they’re not always easy to find in physical terms. Which is kind of obvious considering that they’re not physical like you or I am. However beyond that let’s be honest, we are all friends after all, we don’t really know much do we? When I say we don’t know much I mean as in we don’t know much that we can prove in relation to physical science. Individual experiences are still important as they help us begin to theorise what may be going on or even keep us interested in trying to find out more. 

Alright, let’s be honest this subject could pretty much continue forever as its fundementally the hard question of the paranormal, which is does human consciousness survive bodily death? If it does then is it possible it may materialise in the form of ghosts or spirits? Many Mediums and sensitives out there across the world would certainly attribute some of the information they pick up to have the source of a spirit communicating with them. Many Ghost Hunters would certainly present their library of audio files, photographs and video footage as evidence to support the existence of ghosts. All of these to many would be proof enough that Professor Brian Cox and the LHC are completely wrong. However lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet! 

Before I finish let’s just recap in Cox’s defence too. The statement is made around what I feel is a common understanding in the paranormal field, which is that ghosts have a direct relation to energy in some way. Let’s be honest though this makes perfect sense right. It’s the reason why most ghost hunters measure the EMF at a location and associate a change in it with activity. Cox’s point being that the work with the LHC at CERN has not highlighted any such energy patterns containing information relating to us that may survive bodily death. Well at least I think that’s what he means, as I am no quantum physicist! 

So, currently under the standard model ghosts don’t exist as they couldn’t confirm to the laws and teachings of science as we understand it. This is nothing new, those that have been investigating and researching the paranormal have known this from day one. Otherwise the stuff we research wouldn’t be paranormal they would be normal. 

Question becomes relatively simple once again; what is a ghost ? However the answer needs to dance to the tune that material science plays, which means not what we believe ghosts to be, what they actually are, what are they made of, why do people experience them, how is it they exist at all?

Don’t be down on Cox for stating what science teaches, get up, get out there, start researching a way to counter his argument. That’s how science works, scientists come up with theory based on what they know and then other scientists prove said theory incorrect or build on it.  Just google the ‘scientific method’ or ‘scientific process’ in order to gain an understanding of this approach. 

I would love to hear your perspective on this so please comment below, like and share the post. 

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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover


Psi Theory

Over the years I’ve probably read quite a bit and not specifically on the paranormal either, which has helped me hopefully gain a greater understanding of the subject. Well as much as you can have for something that’s pretty unknown.

In order to keep my reading material varied over the years I’ve adopted two fundamental approaches;

1) Never ever judge a book by its cover, or its author for that matter.

2) Keep an open mind and see it through.

This has meant I’ve picked up and read books covering the standard ghost stories and experiences, things angled more to science, telepathy, ESP, Quantum Physics, Relativity, Synchronicity, Consciousness and so much more !

However this curiosity has also meant I’ve picked up a few books that have been off the normal track let’s say. Some have been relatively up to date, where others have most certainly been a little older and most certainly weirder! What I often find interesting isn’t just what can be found between the covers of a book, but also the sequence of events that have brought me to the book in question. My more spiritual friends would remind me that this would be the journey that brought the book to me. To be fair on occasion it has actually felt a little like that and I’ve been left contemplating exactly what it is specifically that I’m supposed to take away from reading the book!

Now by this point you’re probably wondering where exactly I’m going with this, so let me explain. I have one particular book that came into my possession through a series of strange events and research, but I was never prepared for the actual history of this book in question!

As with all great stories I’m going to try to kick things off from the beginning here, well where else could I start?

A good few years back now whilst I worked at an office in Hatfield a few people began to become aware of my paranormal interests, which in turn sparked a few very different conversations at the coffee machine. One particular guy who had a keen interest in UFOs became a regular in those ghostly coffee machine discussions. So much so that he began to draw my attention to a particular documentary he had watched about spiritual communication. The documentary in question was called ‘The Afterlife Investigations’ and focussed mainly around one particular case, the Scole Experiment. Watching this little known show actually gave me a research focus for a little while which was based around the séance room activity experienced at Scole. It also helped me dig deep into the SPR to gain a greater understanding of the subject. I also read two books on the Scole Experiment; one by the Scole Group themselves, and one by the investigators from the SPR that attended some of the experiment sessions.

However, neither of these books or any I read related to the concept of mediumship are the particular book that made its way into my possession.

The Scole Experiment saw some amazing probable evidence; such as trance communication, apports, audio, levitating objects and the very interesting photographic experiments.

It was those cryptic messages delivered onto blank film during the sessions that caught my eye. Especially as some of them appeared to suggest connections with the likes of FWH Myers and T Edison. As I researched this interesting subject I stumbled upon a particular film which still remained a mystery at most. This film was called ‘the dragon film’ and is believed to have links to Alchemy. This film and its probable message fascinated me and I soon learnt that it was suspected of being fraud. The reason for this assumption seemed to have arisen from the fact that the images on this one film could be linked to one singular book.

That book was the ‘A Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural’ by Maurice Bessy. As the images came from this one book I decided that perhaps it may be a good idea to obtain the book. Oddly this occurred shortly after when my ex-wife brought a used copy for me.

A Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural by Maurice Bess

Sure enough all the images from ‘the dragon film’ were present in the copy of the book I had and the rest of the book added more to the mix.

Oddly the second-hand book I received had certain pages noted down too. Not related to ‘the dragon film’ image, but still interesting.

However this book had one last piece of history to share with me. You see beneath its dust cover was a very unique and dominant image which immediately arouses links to some very dark routes indeed. In fact there was very good reason why this book created an element of fear. It’s believed that the image on the cover of the book was the inspiration for the symbol that the church of Satan adopted and later appeared above their alters. The connection to Satanism doesn’t end there though, as it’s believed this book was used by the members of the church of Satan prior to them creating their own bible. It could be suggested that this book was also part of the inspiration for Satanists. However there’s no solid fact to support this.

So, through the journey of research into an area of the paranormal which caught my interest, I have acquired several books on the subject and one older book with some very interesting history.

However, this book isn’t a book of magic and doesn’t appear to contain any supernatural curses, it simply contains some varied information on the field. Although I can’t help wonder if this all came about for a reason sometimes. It would be great to solve ‘the dragon film’ after all.

Oddly those I’ve shown the books cover to have immediately made the association to something dark without opening it. This was equally the case on social media too. This book was published before the Church of Satan was formed and used the symbol from the cover. Yet most believe the book to be dark and probably produced by the church of Satan. Perception, lack of understanding, misinformation, assumption and often jumping to conclusions can always lead us to come to a belief regarding some things that isn’t based on fact.

When this book came into my possession I saw it only as a research source for ‘the dragon film’. It had a slight familiarity about it, but I didn’t make the connection to Satanism until I looked into its history.

There’s actually some quite fascinating stuff in this book and I am still working on ‘the dragon film’; perhaps that will be another post at a later date.

Okay, so the cover of this book inspired the church of Satan symbol. Members may have used the book whilst they waited for their own Bible, but please don’t judge a book by its cover; especially out of fear because you don’t have all the facts. This is a lesson that many could apply to the world and life today. Often what we see externally is a small snapshot of someone’s entirety and we should take time to learn more about them. We certainly should never judge someone or anything straight away when the facts are absent.

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What The Heck is a Haunting Anyway?

Psi Theory – What the Heck is a Haunting?

That Conversation About Haunted Objects and Places!

A while ago I had a little online conversation with Jayne Harris regarding haunted objects and places. In which we discussed the concept of how haunted objects and places maybe the same or different. This was generally based on the fact that there appears to be a general understanding that some see the two as being different and others see them as the same.

Initially I believe my position was that both objects and places must be the same as they carried the same attributes in regards to being haunted. There were similarities between them that made me see the haunting of an object to be pretty much be the same in principle as the haunting of a building say.

However as I continued to think about it I looked deeper into the actual understanding of a haunting! Oddly this is where the concept began to break down. It’s probably important to mention that I have investigated many a supposed haunted location over the years and at some actually encountered phenomena which remains unexplained. The problem really begins to arise when you evaluate the phenomena in relation to a location or object.

Looking At Haunted Locations

Firstly, if you look at haunted locations then we can often list off many varying types of paranormal activity which may occur there. However it’s relationship is often based on two leading factors, time and space. The activity is said to occur in our present time, but either be a ‘recording’ of another time when it’s a ghost or an entity from another time when it’s a spirit. However the evidence to support this is circumstantial at best. Conclusions are perceived given what is seen or felt, sometimes even based on what is understoood of the communication. There’s nothing that relates 100% between the experience and historical fact.

The reason for this connection to the locations history is simple in my mind, it helps to support the theory of us surviving bodily death and thus giving hope that there is more beyond our own death.

In all fairness it’s an approach and understanding that I have made in the past and won’t rule out either. After all it still could be a possible conclusion and I for one would quite welcome the possibility of life after death.

What About Objects?

Objects are slightly different, these seem to follow a pattern being related to a spirit and often that spirit maybe seen as a little darker in its intentions.

So why are objects like this, that’s actually not too hard either. An object is more personal, generally has a sentimental value to someone. So, rather than containing lots of varying possibilities of ghosts or spirits, they often are associated to one entity or at least multiple related entities.

When A Haunting Isn’t Quite What We Think

What if neither locations/buildings or objects  were actually haunted? It sounds mad I know, but hear me out.

So, let’s assume that ghosts, spirits and general paranormal activity doesn’t reside at a location or within an object of some description. Then how do we explain the reports of these very things? If we take into consideration Jungs theory of the collective unconscious and see it as the concept of all minds being connected. This connection under the right circumstances allows transference of information. This has been seen time and time again with Mediums, but also research into telepathy. The work of Targ and co in regards to remote viewing has shown this too. The Ganzfield Experiment has been utilised considerably to document and record data to back this up. Telepathic interaction occurs, but is still not accepted by mainstream science. Information can move from one mind to another, which is important.

All About The Triggers

Now let’s think of our haunted locations, buildings and objects as triggers. These triggers cause the unconscious mind to ‘google’ in way the related relative information. This search for information is very important and mostly resides in the unconscious mind as it occurs as a part of each of our natural behaviour. As each of us enters a location our senses are working overtime to gather information, a function which has evolved with us to protect us through time. Now some of this information makes it through to the coscious mind on occasion and its my assumption that is where reality begins to blur a little. Some of this information relates directly to the physical environment and like a kind of live risk assessment our minds evaluate the potential dangers we may encounter. This is nothing new and recognised by psychologists I’m sure the World over. However I believe that we also manage a more telepathic connection wth others that have information related to the very environment we have entered. When that information reaches our conscious mind, be it regarding the location or individuals which resided there, it breaks our formulation of relatity! In order to normalise this we cross-reference according to our personal experiences, knowledge and belief system, the result is the conclusion of paranormal activity attributed to ghosts and spirits.

Obviously this is quite a large statement for a Paranormal Researcher and Investigator to make, but sometimes when you evaluate all the information you’re presented with the results may be a little unexpected!

Looking At The Bigger Picture

There’s obviously a lot more to this that the information contained within this post, but that will come soon enough. In fairness some of it is already out there for you all to discover. Take the Ganzfield Experiment for example, that has been done to death, pardon the pun! The point being though that there is a lot of successful accounts of the Experiment which present the possibility of telepathic interaction to exist beyond chance. The work of Russel Targ on the subject of ESP equally presents strong cases for the possibility of information transference between individuals. Targ’s work and that of those who worked on the CIA Black Budget Project Star Gate have seen for themselves the potential of the human mind and its ability to stretch beyond the confines or our understanding. One of the results was something called Remote Viewing and it is this approach which actually begins to support the understanding I have of haunted objects and locations. You see during Remote Viewing the subject attempts to communicate information of a target location based on a code that only those running the experiment know relates to a certain location. Over the years the process for this has been refined and there are now many out there treading the same path as Ingo Swann. Now obviously Remote Viewing is  a process and the scenario where individuals pick up on information or witness information based on what they pick up is more random, but the very fact that we can train our minds to do such a thing suggests to me the possibilities our minds have naturally.

Looking At Physical Activity and Poltergeist

Of course all this talk of Remote Viewing may cover the transference of information, but hasn’t touched on the element of physical activity during a haunting or at a haunted location. In order to answer this we must bear in mind another type of haunting which has hit the press and cinemas again recently, a poltergeist type of haunting. These kind of cases were the ones that first questioned the ‘source’ of the paranormal activity, rather than simply attributing it to a spirit they became associated with young girls generally entering puberty. The theory being that this time of their life was associated to increased emotional and hormonal change, which in turn generated increased levels of psychical energy too. I’m not inclined to disagree with that just yet, but on reading Playfairs ‘This House is Haunted’, which is he’s account of the Enfield Poltergeist case, I realised there was a lot more to such a case and indeed the Enfield story.

What’s interesting is that Playfair equally questions the concept of the poltergeist and also brought up the source of the ‘haunting’ too. However in relation to he’s experience at Enfield he also likened some (not all) of the activity that was directly related to Janet to Tourette’s Syndrome. This was based around the beginnings of the ‘voice’ which started as barks and swearing. Now I dont know a lot about Tourette’s Syndrome, but what little I do know makes sense to me. Tourette’s is a neurological condition (affecting the brain and nervous system), which is characterised by a combination of involuntary noises and movements called tics. Now if some has higher psychical abilities and energy perhaps when they develop something similar to Tourette’s it could be possible that unconsciously they could be responsible for the physical activity too.

How It Works

So, how does that all work when you’re investigating a haunted location. Well in that scenario we are already searching for activity even if we are there to debunk it, the element of belief exists. Add into the mix that there may be multiple people at a location looking for the same thing, then the focus is increased. The collective unconscious has a localised focal point. Expand that more or work with the same people and often this can develop in to physical activity.

If a group of ten people sit around a circular table and each focus on asking the same spirit to move an object at the centre of that table, then if the object moves is that power of spirit or power of the collective minds?

Focus is an important part of this too. Like an internet search algorithm, its my opinion that the more people focus on one thing the more the consciousness of it is increased and its potential to reach reality is increased. However dont take my word for it, take a look at the Philip Experiment which took place in the 70’s in Canada (if memory serves me well). During this experiment the group worked in a seance type fashion in order to communicate with a spirit. The oddity of this experiment wasn’t paranormal, but that the group created the entity themselves with such a back story that appeared to actuate into reality. This particular experiment is similar to the Scole Experiment where the spirits weren’t created by the group. However the Scole Experiment occurred at the Foy’s home and between entities with no relation to the location. So, good focus and process can present some interesting results regardless of the location being haunted.

So, you see the concept of somewhere or something actually being haunted could more so be a product of our minds ability to gather information from the collective unconscious, but also its ability to actuate that information into our physical reality. Ghosts for example could be that information being visually represented as an overlay to the information our own eyes see or indeed presented in an audible fashion. If we can physically affect our environment that could equally extend to our devices too.

Now whether this weird and wonderful idea, which isn’t necessarily just my own is provable is another matter. However if we are willing to attribute strange goings on to the spirits of those that have passed, then perhaps this idea isn’t so far fetched!

Let’s Discuss It?

I will add a little more to this moving forward, but in the mean time please feel free to like and comment below. I would love to know your opinions on this?

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