Is Time Real? One Physicists Opinion May Convince You Otherwise

Is Time Real? One Physicists Opinion May Convince You Otherwise

Look what I found on Facebook…

I was happily minding my own business scrolling through my Facebook news feed, when I stumbled upon a little article from Quartz. The basis for the article was that, although time feels real to us all, it may not even exist! This is of course according our good old friend quantum physics. For the record, I am still trying to decide if quantum physics is helping me out with working out aspects of the paranormal or just gradually breaking down the reality we have already accepted. Is quantum physics our friend? Perhaps a future blog post.

The article goes onto discuss various aspects of what theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli understands about time, our world and the universe. It was some the quotes from Rovelli that caught my eye, especially as he connects time to our very emotions, our lives, our memories and our existence.

Carlo Rovelli’s book on time…

Rovelli released a book back in April called The Order of Time, which discusses our experience of times passage as humans and that its absent at minuscule and vast scales. In this book he makes a good argument in regards to chronology and continuity may just be a story that we tell ourselves so we can make sense of our existence.

You’re probably wondering where I am going with this, but please stick with me on this.

So what’s time all about then???

The article of course continues to go into further detail around the theories of Rovelli and explain how time may not be quite what we think it is. In fact, there’s all kinds of cool examples thrown into this little article, which really do get you thinking about the reality of time.

An obvious one being that time clearly passes at different rates from one location to another. For example, on a mountain top time passes faster than at sea level for example. Then there’s the feeling of how time passes dependant on what you may be doing, it can either appear to move quickly and ‘fly by’ or be so slow that you could remark that it feels its moving backwards.

Of course we are all aware of the different time zones around the world, most are aware that when look at distant planets what we see is old information because the light takes time to travel. However what some may not know is that uniformity of times is actually a fairly modern thing. Prior to this more modern consideration of time, different places would consider specifics like ‘noon’ to occur at different points in the day. Not dramatically different mind you, but different. ‘Noon’ was considered to be when the sun was highest in the sky, villages in Europe would mark this with the ringing of church bells. Which would occur at different times. Hence it was what could be considered a ‘business decision’ as the article puts it, not a fact. Time is brought into alignment by us not the universe.

This all got me thinking!

If we take time, as we understand it in its linear fashion out of the equation so to speak, then what we have left is a sequence of events related to locations that occurred during our existence. Stuff that happened to us and others around us at some place. Oddly when you start to think of things like this it begins to draw some interesting similes with the paranormal. In order to visualise this I thought of it as each of our life events being written on a post-it and stuck on a wall. The wall represents our life as one whole experience broken down into the many that make it up. The order of the post-its on the wall depends on their relationship to the other post-its on the wall. Thus if one post-it describes a birthday party and another describes a bike ride on a bike that was received for the birthday that relates to the birthday party, then those would be in close proximity.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good linear time line with everything in order, but sometimes you need to look at things with a different perspective. This new way of looking at things may seem a little chaotic at first, but when we look closer we begin to see the relationships between the events on the individual post-its. There becomes a correlation between what on one scale appears chaotic and on another has distinctive order.

Paranormal time…

However in order to really bring this into the paranormal we need to change something about our wall of post-its! Let’s get rid of the wall and allow the post-its to freely float in the space in front of us. Now rather than being flat they become more three-dimensional, like a cloud of post-it notes of events. This allows us to see multiple relationships between the events on the post-its, in different directions. Looking from this perspective presents us with events that appear to cross the linear boundaries we usually have in place.

Have you figured out where this is going?

Rather than the collection of post-its being related to yours or even my life experience events, lets relate them to a specific location. Let’s call it Location X, for dramatic effect obviously. Location X has existed for 400 years, so there are now many post-it notes detailing various events that have occurred at Location X floating in front of us. However its important to realise that the post-its don’t just document historically documented events, they document every event no matter how big or small it was. If actual events exist in reality as I am describing, where they are not restricted by a linear fashion, then it may be possible for those events to become connected to new events as they occur.

Lost? Confused? That’s because we deleted linear time, ooops!

Think about it though. When it comes to investigating a particular location, if all those events existed and occurred without time, then they happen now! As in they didn’t happen then or are going to happen, then all occur at once, so to speak. That might mean that nothing gets recorded at a location, no residual energy resides there, no ghosts and no spirits. Which means the activity we experience could be a cross-over of those events or perhaps when there is a particularly close relationship. Question then becomes why are some of the events overlapping? Why are some closer that others or more related?

The only thing that comes to mind at this point, is that perhaps as more of the events are related they overlap. Although as ever this is just another theory, but perhaps this might spark ideas that lead us to the answers.

Don’t forget to check out theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli’s book The Order of Time on amazon, by clicking the link or image below.

What are your thoughts on time and this concept of it?

Please comment below and join the discussion..

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Is This A Ghost I See Before Me?

Is This A Ghost I See Before Me?

Answers provide more questions…

There’s an awful lot of what we do during an investigation or ghost hunts that we accept as being, let’s say reality local to us. In fact a lot of what we often seek, is based on what we believe. Further more, its equally based on what we believe we see, hear or experience.

Confused? Bear with me on this.

Over the years I have attended quite a few paranormal investigations, ghost hunts and related events. These have all been interesting in their own ways and each have provided different understandings of the paranormal as a whole. It’s the age old scenario, each time you manage to answer a few questions, ten more questions arise from those answers. I’m sure that is something that each person that’s taken it upon themselves to take a line of enquiry regarding the unknown has concluded at some point.

However over the years there have been some interesting moments when certain things have come to light, which have made me question things on a completely different level. Oddly for me these have all highlighted the simple fact that more of what we experience could be related to our own abilities internally, in a psychical manner. Now I that may sound a little radical or out there, but as a matter of fact there has been a lot of research to back this up in regards to telepathy for example.

Is it power of spirit, or power of mind???

This concept for me has actually popped up on numerous occasions over the years during my own investigations, research and explorations of the paranormal field. There was even one particular point where a medium asked me directly on behalf of spirit; ‘is it power of the mind or power of spirit?’

This to me was fascinating given that we were sat around a table in a group discussing the possibility of asking spirit to move an object for us. Indeed the question was extremely on point and resonated with me straight away. If we sat around this table and all focused on asking a spirit to move an object on the table. Then if the object moved would that be due to the spirit moving the object following our request or would it be more likely to be a form of psychokinesis generated from the groups thought activity? These kind of questions have developed over the years for me within the paranormal field and in a way formed the basis for the Psi Theory blogs.


Another great one that I received whilst conducting an investigation at the Royal Oak, was the phrase ‘communication is perception, perception is communication.’ This was uttered by a Medium whilst in trance allowing a spirit to communicate through him. This is a phrase that has remained with me for a number of years now and in my opinion has such philosophical meaning. You see we often quickly conclude minimal information from random sources within an investigation as having a direct relation to a probable spirit as a source. We make the connection between the smallest piece of information and the consciousness of an individual that has passed away, without really assessing truly the relative value of that information.

This is often seen with EVP work and mediumship. EVP work is probably the best example as I am sure we have all had that single piece of audio, which could be a single noise or even just one word, but we immediately jump to the conclusion that we are dealing with an intelligence. This generally occurs because we spend so much time looking for something that when we get it we elevate its status, probably unknowingly too. I remember doing something similar once when we had an object move by itself right in front of us at Peterborough Museum. As I recounted the details moments later, the distance the object had moved had increased dramatically, in reality it was only a few centimetres. Our own excitement (me included) of a situation can often lead us to elaborate its reality a little. Something that shows our own memories on occasions can not be trusted.

Psychic projection rocks the boat…

However it was one of my most favourite experiments, that Brian J Cano introduced me to that throws the concept of an EVP being related to an intelligent spirit completely out there. I am of course talking of the Psychic Projection Experiment. In this the group focus their thoughts on the digital recording device with the hope that they will be psychically projected onto the device. My own experience of this at Fort Horsted with Brian J Cano and Sage Paranormal, was actually relatively successful. This little experiment that only took a few minutes to complete, changed a perception. If our thoughts could be projected onto a digital device, then our psychical abilities are likely to outweigh the possibility of spiritual communication!


Now don’t panic, I haven’t given up on or suddenly decided to completely discount the possibility of spiritual communication here. I have just come to the conclusion that perhaps we need a little more to confirm survival of human consciousness.

Let’s just think about that little experiment for a moment though! If we can actually record our thoughts on a digital device designed for capturing audio, then there could be real potential there. It was little experiments like these and becoming a member of the SPR that open my eyes to a whole new possibility of paranormal research related not to ghosts, but to our own abilities. This for me meant that a field that was already huge, just grew to about ten times the size!

However it soon became apparent that telepathy played a huge part in all this. Now its probably important to explain that when I discuss telepathy, I am not talking about mind reading. That is considered completely different from the concepts I am discussing, but often I know that many perceive telepathy to be quite simply mind reading. See perception again!

“Telepathy – The communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, independently of recognised channels of sense.” – FWH Myers

What is very important to recognise here is that Myers defines telepathy as ‘one mind to another’; this doesn’t in my opinion mean one human mind to another though, it perhaps just defines the possibility of transference of information independently of normal senses. That in itself is very important, the possibility of information having the capability to be transferred or indeed ‘picked up’ in places is where we begin to see this possibly generate new explanations for paranormal activity.

Thinking about information transfer…

The transference of information or indeed thought is often something that is not taken into consideration whilst we investigate possibly haunted locations. There are often some variables we just don’t take into consideration, like ourselves! This was something that I began to think about quite a bit when I realised a few mediums that I have worked would provide some very interesting pieces of information, but quickly follow it up by stating; ‘how could I have known that?’ It was always a valid question of course. How could they have known it? There were two obvious answers; 1) fraud – they had done a little research (not likely for the Mediums I worked with); 2) they were conversing with spirits – could this be true? However there was another possibility now, the information could have been received from someone else alive either local or non-local to the investigation, or even obtained at a different time too! This is where my own Theory of Telepathic Interaction (recently published in the ASSAP Journal Vol. 49, P.83) came into play. The ideograms within that theory  helped me to reach a logical possible source for the information. Often this would be defined as being from a local source too. This made perfect sense to me. Especially as many investigations that I have been on have involved a group of people, some with knowledge of the locations history and activity and indeed some without knowledge. Thus it would be logical to assume that the information could be obtained from those with knowledge locally.

There is so much more to this and something I believe needs further exploration in order to allow us to fully understand what is really going on here. Source of information and how its received is becoming the key questions within the paranormal. Understanding this will allow us to better comprehend the source of information and then if there could be survival beyond death.

Is this a ghost I see before me???

This all leads me back to the title of this blog. Is this a ghost I see before me! Our senses and indeed our memories can not be trusted, this is something we know now. Yet the concept of seeing a ghost is still reported, I have said many times in the past that I have seen an apparition and explained the experiences of others that have also seen apparitions too. However the question now arises, are we actually seeing these apparitions? Especially when I have read accounts from some that explain how they saw an apparition, but someone in the same space didn’t see what they did. This in my opinion presents the possibility that we can individually receive information which in turn can be comprehended as something we see, when in reality its likely to be comprehended in our mind, but overlaid into the environment we are physically looking at. Strange as it may seem, I am suggesting that the apparitions we see may not be seen, but interpreted information within our minds. There is a lot more to learn about this area and comprehend before we truly understand how it all works. As long as we look into other possibilities I am sure we will eventually discover other explanations.

So, you see or perhaps we don’t, but the ghosts we experience could be our interpretation of localised or indeed non-localised information, rather than something that has materialised right in front of us.

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Social Media’s Immersive Memories and the Paranormal

Social Media’s Immersive Memories and the Paranormal

Facebooks virtual memory environments…

I caught a little of Facebooks F8 live yesterday and something in particular caught my eye. They spoke of how in the very near future Facebook would be able to create 3D immersive environments from out flat videos. Within these 3D environments we will be able to look back at those memories that we have uploaded to Facebook right where they happened.

So, you could walk around a 3D model of your living room and view photos, videos and other memories that occurred right in that room. No longer will it just be a case of looking through an album, you will be able to virtually walk around viewing memories.

We are approaching exciting new times in social media that’s for sure, but what the heck does all of this have to do with the paranormal I hear you cry. It’s simple really, data collection and experience documentation on a whole new level. I guess I’m just getting ahead of the curve here though, but I’m actually a little excited about this. We could finally find a good use of social media rather than the negativity it has been used for in recent times.

Another approach coming soon…

I think it’s important to mention here that for me this actually isn’t a new concept, a similar idea was presented to me over a year ago, although not with this relationship to social media. I’m not going to mention who brought that idea to me as it’s not exactly the same as this concept, but still something that at the time I thought to be a fantastic idea. It’s also not my place to mention it right now, however the person I’m talking about will know who they are and can certainly comment below if they would like to do so. Perhaps I will mention it in a future post once the idea has been developed a little closer to production. Without saying too much about the idea, as that’s something for them to do, it would be a platform that would allow access to information on activity at many locations.

Getting back to the whole 3D immersive environment on Facebook.

As I mentioned previously, I’m a little excited about this idea, but right now I’m probably appearing a little like a nerd in an Apple store. Let me explain in a bit more detail.

Currently many paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, teams and events groups; regularly post information on their experiences and time at probable Haunted locations possibly ever week. Not only is the frequency of these posts pretty much daily, it is almost global too. These posts are already in many forms; status text, photos, videos, audio and live broadcasts. That right there is an astronomical amount of data linking the paranormal community together world wide. Its also a tonne of information on each location related to locations and investigators.

Those of you that have been here before will have already recognised one my favourite ingredients making itself known here, data!

How this could work…

Right, now lets look at one particular location in the UK as an example for this interesting development. I’m going to use Peterborough Museum in this example.

Basically, whilst investigating Peterborough Museum you record video of the location. This would allow Facebook to create the 3D environment I believe for you to virtually navigate. Then you can add in various elements of information like photos or video into the 3D environment to observe as you navigate it. If Facebook manage to create this immersive virtual 3D environment then fundamentally you would have a kind of album you could virtually navigate. An album full of all kinds of information related to your investigations of the location.

This would of course be something connected to your Facebook page or group I’m guessing. However it could go further, that 3D immersive environment for Peterborough Museum could be made public or perhaps shared amongst friends. Then it could really become a fantastic tool for the paranormal and this is why I’m so excited about this in regards to the paranormal field too!

Basically, many investigators, ghost hunters and teams could theoretically post their experiences using photos, videos and more to those 3D immersive environments for all to see and review. Going back to our example, you could visit the immersive 3D environment for Peterborough Museum and take a look around at what others had posted there in relation to their own experiences. Then from there draw some comparisons to understand the activity better.

Check out the big data…

It could quite literally be access to big data within the paranormal field on a platform that everybody already uses. We could make some great leaps forwards with this and the possibility doesn’t end there.

The concept of machine learning could be entered into the equation and that could help us do some much needed content analysis here to fully understand what might be going on. Think about it you could catch a Facebook live from an investigation whilst reviewing the other experiences there too.

There’s so very much more to Paranormal tech than a few flashy lights and trigger objects. With more data in the mix than ever before we could achieve amazing things. It also seems that as our main technology these days is based around mobile devices and social media, it just makes sense to find new ways to incorporate it into what we do somehow.

Yes, I know that social media and especially Facebook are often spoken about in a negative way due to the abuse that often comes from them, but perhaps this is a chance to turn that around.

Technologies like this could help us look for patterns and understand more about the paranormal moving forward, should we utilise them the best we can.

I would be very interested to hear what you all think of this 3D immersive experience we could see very soon and its possible use within the paranormal field?

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We Need You!!!

We Need You!!!

The Data Age…

We live in a time where data has never been so important to us, it’s literally a time where everything in our lives has link to some kind of data or algorithms to comprehend what we want.

Think about that for second. I am sure there are examples you could provide that seem like they have no influence from some form of data, but do they?

Its certainly a strange concept to get your head around that a lot of what we do is likely to be because the choices we are most likely to engage with have been presented to us. Conspiracy theorist have a field day with this kind of area and the concept of being constantly watched isn’t a new. The book 1984 suggested a world monitored by CCTV for example many decades ago now. Oddly the UK is dubbed one of the most monitored countries in the world when it comes to CCTV. The recent TV series Hunted shows how hard it is to avoid the CCTV once dropped in the centre of a city. Head out into the country and even though camera coverage is more sparse, ‘big brother’ will still find you!

This disturbing fact is one aspect of information and data that is captured in huge quantities on a daily basis, where you are and what you’re doing. Now if you think it would take thousands of hours for a person to sift through any footage to track your movements individually, then you would be right. However this isn’t the case and also where the data aspect falls into this. There is now excellent software that runs facial recognition and number plate recognition, the authorities can track you through a number of systems using this. In fact the systems do all the work and simply alert when you pop up so to speak.

Wait, what, now…

Lost? Wondering why I am rambling on about CCTV instead of the paranormal? Well it’s simple really, many of us utilise audio and video as a primary tool for attempting to capture probable ‘evidence’ of the paranormal. However these are equally tools which can help us document our environments of investigation more fully. At some point, I couldn’t tell you when I stopped reviewing every piece of footage on my CCTV system post investigation. This wasn’t because I got a tag lazy, but because I soon realised whatever I found would have no meaning without additional sources to support it. So, I allowed those other source to present themselves and to utilise the CCTV to a) back those sources up and b) identify the locations of the team. The latter wasn’t because I didn’t trust my team, but actually because our memories are not quite the best at actually recalling information about an event.We needed to back our own timeline up if we were to become able to present to the academics. More information and data.

The other thing I discovered was that in order to prove what we thought we were experiencing we needed a lot of data to support that. A couple of our favourite cases with a vague comprehension of what happened with no hard evidence would never be enough. This lead me to come to the conclusion that we would need at least a couple of hundred main cases to study and they would need to be geographically and chronologically spread, but what I really wanted to include was an abundance of up to date recent cases too. Especially as these recent cases from investigators out there today doing the work may constitute current activity we could investigate further.

Which is how I came to want to seek so much data or information within the paranormal field.

Hello ‘Big Data’…

The easiest way to comprehend this and to explain how these day in our everyday life we encounter this ‘big data’ and the collection and use of it, is to bring in one thing that often seems to cause issue within the ghost hunter community. I am of course referring to the internet based social media platforms we now use day in day out. These particular system constantly gather information on what we search for, like and become interested in. Then that information is fed through algorithms that likes of Facebook and Google use in order to determine which advertisement would be best suited for us.

I have spoken about this previously, when I mentioned AI and machine learning, but now I am saying let’s take that approach of gather information and using it together to understand more about the field we all love. I totally understand that gather numbers and pieces of information isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and will never be more exciting than navigating a haunted location in the quiet of night, but whilst we do that on occasion we could grab a little information to get us going.

ParaSearch Radio interview on research…

Around this time last night (as I’m writing this post) I was talking to Kerry Greenaway on The Spirit Dimension radio show, one of Paraseach Radio’s many interesting shows about this very subject. In fact we put a call out to the Paranormal Investigators out there for assistance in gathering some of this data/information in order to add into our research and understand the Paranormal better perhaps. Links below:-

The Spirit Dimension – Research Project

ParaSearch Radio’s YouTube Channel – Subscribe for their latest

You can also gather the kind of information I am after using my Paranormal Investigators Journal. I have even created a simple form for capturing Paranormal Activity here too.

Please have a listen to my interview with Kerry as it explains what we are trying to achieve a little better, the link to YouTube is above.

If we are truly going to crack this field or at least made significant steps forward we need to start gathering huge amounts of data and information in one place so we can analyse its contents, search for significant patterns and cross match it for similarities. I hate to say it, but video, photographs and audio are always to a degree come under harsh evaluation. IT shouldn’t be a case of whether someone believes what they see in a picture or hear in an EVP, the evidence should speak for itself.

So, please join me in gathering all this data and information together from your investigations over the upcoming year to begin with and hopefully beyond. It doesn’t matter if you UK, US, German or Australian based, the more we can gather from all over the world the better. It equally doesn’t matter if it was the investigation you did last weekend, last year or a decade ago, if you have it documented I can use it.

The first sweep (as I call it) is simply to gather location details, when the event occurred, what happened and whom. I also need the source if possible, as that can help me return to that case for more details later. Any event passed onto will be logged in the sheet with that person beside it. It also doesn’t matter if four different teams send me the same piece of activity for the same location at different or even the same times. It’s all important data we can use.

So please get in contact, send me some information, use the form on my website, contact Kerry at ParaSearch; it really doesn’t matter how as long as we share this information.


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Information and the Akashic Records

Information and the Akashic Records

Thinking about the Akashic Records…

As I sit in the quiet of the SPR Library looking out at the blue skies over London this afternoon, I find myself recalling a conversation on the Akashic Records that I had earlier today. If you would like to know a little more about the Akashic Records, please check out my brief Metetherial Encyclopaedia post on them here.

Obviously from a scientific stand point the records themselves are not considered a fact as their existence is very much unproven, but they are something that does come up on a regular basis in relation to the spiritual journey of some individuals. I too have encountered them both in research and during a dream like state in the past.

Now as they often seem to be related to the spiritual side of the paranormal I wondered if I could perhaps throw them into the psi theory concept and reconstruct them so to speak within a post that may present them in a different light.

Documenting everything…

So, the Akashic Records are believed to house every deed, action, thought, decision, event and interaction that has ever occurred in the past, present or future. A record of everything of all time. Which is where we begin to meet our first psi theory cross-overs in my opinion. A record of everything would be huge, in physical terms within our reality it would be an impossibility, especially if we liken it to a library. For example, I am sat in a library right now. There must be hundreds of books here, if not well over a thousand. Add in the various magazines and other documents, then you must be looking at thousands of sources of information in one room at the SPR. All on roughly the same subject area, Psychical Research. If you were to document every thought, every action, every event no matter how small that has and will occur throughout time, then I know that wont fit on my computers hard drive!

However this is where the Akashic Records come into their own in my opinion and we begin to perhaps look at other possible explanations, such as Jung’s Collective Unconscious. Oddly this also presents alternative possibilities for some of those more paranormal experiences too.

Its all about information…

One thing we must agree on here is that if the Akashic Records do store everything from all time, then what they store is information. That information will and must interrelate, as in each piece of information will link to another piece or multiple pieces of information, a little like a web. See where this is going yet?

Let’s go back to the library idea. In a library the books are usually in some sort of order, generally speaking this is related to the authors surname and they are arranged alphabetically on the shelves. So, you’ve got Sheldrake’s ‘Sense of Being Stared At’ on the same shelf as Sidgwick’s ‘A Memoir’. Their locality dependant on their author. However, Sheldrake talks of ‘telepathy’ in his book, a term coined by FWH Myers, who’s books reside on a completely different shelf, but by this and no doubt other elements are interconnected. This would be similar for all information especially if it was related to everything throughout time.

What’s even more interesting (perhaps just to me) is that these information correlations also relate to our own memories and what we know too. Think about it for a second. No matter the memory you think of there will be another living thing in proximity that will have a version of those events.

Its all in the memory…

Let me explain with two very different examples. In the first one its your first day at school, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a particular age group as it would work for any. As the child you are likely to turn up with a vague idea of where it is you are supposed to go and what you are supposed to do. Usually guidance comes from the adults around you, teachers and perhaps parents. It also will come from observing others too and what they do. However the whole event is something you remember from your perspective and experience, but there are equally multiple other memories from other perspectives too. The other children will have their memories, the adults too, but there are also possible memories beyond that which we often disregard as present. These are the memories of the animals near by too. Sounds strange to suggest that a bird flying over head may have a memory of the moments you started school or even dog outside the school gate remembers you walking to school, but these should be possibilities we consider.

The second example in this is all about you being alone. For example, you are for reasons unimportant located in a room of building. There is no one else there, you’re completely alone. At least that’s the memory you would have of that situation and there would be no human memory elsewhere to back that up. However this is also something we miss in our interpretation of what we remember. You see there is likely to be someone that witnessed your movements at some point in relation to arriving there. They may not have seen you walk in the room or even the building, but we have a human memory timeline from that. Also, there are animals around constantly, so it is likely that there would be memory of you at the location possibly even within the room from an unseen animal. Thus even a memory of an event which appears on the surface to have no connection to another memory is more than likely to have somewhere.

Our desire to appear independent and individuals is something which is constantly driven into our very being. We are presented with the tools to make decisions and walk our own paths on every opportunity. We may even fiercely deny our similarities to our parents and siblings because of this, yet we are a connected species and beyond that we are connected to the other living things around us too.

These memories like the books on the SPR shelves and that which is contained possibly in the Akashic Records is all about information. Information which is around us all the time. In fact these days with social media and cloud technology, our very memories are recorded in word, audio, video and photographs, then shared amongst many that were not present. So, a perspective of the events is even remembered by those not even present.

Now we seem to have a local and even non-local link to memories that occur on a daily basis, it sounds strange just to write it, but in reality its happening. Think about it, when you shared that picture of your birthday drinks, those not present at the events saw it possibly liked it too. Perhaps they showed someone they were stood next to, perhaps someone walking past completely unrelated saw the social media post too. All of a sudden the reach of your memory has the potential to be in several places across the world.

Memories make up a considerable amount of the information here, as those memories will link to actual events that transpired, but we put more than that out there. We share ideas and decisions, we share specific events and even history. The internet is already a huge source of information about everything really, in all forms. Granted its not quite everything of all time past, present and future. However it certainly appears to be of a similar form to the Akashic Records with the resources available to us today.

Locating the Records…

If information that covers well everything ever to happen and that will ever happen is recorded in the Akashic Records then we must discuss where they may possibly exist. Just to clarify, this part is purely theoretical and meant as simply food for thought. We are presented with a few possible locations for the records; another plane of consciousness, another dimension, etc.

I want to begin by throwing out there a truly ‘Doctor Who’ theory for the Akashic Records. What if the huge library existed within a black hole, just past the event horizon of the singularity. A place where time wasn’t normal and matter could be easily manipulated perhaps. Also, to throw caution to the wind, I believe that Hawkins had a theory where he believed information could escape a black hole. Perhaps that information is our connection to the Records themselves.

The consciousness approach is quite interesting as it feeds directly into the shared memories concept we’ve already discussed. That way it links all of our minds together making the information accessible in that way. Of course its suggested that meditation and other relaxed stated can help in accessing this form of the records. This could also be related back to Jung’s Collective Unconscious. It actually makes a lot of sense too. As a physical organ the brain has a huge capacity to store lots of information, multiply that by the number of humans, then by the number of animals and that’s a heck of a lot of storage to access. If we are all connected in that fashion then potentially we have access to well everything, as there’s bound to be someone somewhere that knows something about the one thing you believe no one does! If that makes sense? Hang on connected minds sounds a lot like a network of computers too, funny that!

Combining theories like quantum mechanics, entanglement and neurological networks could possibly be hiding the reality of the Akashic Records.

Relating Paranormal Experiences…

So how does this explain possible paranormal experiences? Without going into too much detail, think of it this way. If we continuously have access to information and its likely presented in relation to what our senses are picking up, then its almost like out minds are continuously ‘googling’ for information based on the space we are in. Add into this mix the probability of telepathic interaction and then the source of the information will be local or even non-local to the individual present. It could even be based on a thought that pops in and out of minds in a split second. Thus you could walk into a room and be presented psychically with the imagine of a past occupant in your mind. However that may relay or overlay what youre senses are acquiring, which then could make it seem as if there is a ghost present.

What you have is comprehension of information rather than survival of consciousness. Well that’s the theory!

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Looking for Patterns – Anomalous Experience Form

Looking for Patterns – Anomalous Experience Form

Investigating in a different way…

Often when we discuss the paranormal and investigating ghosts, we think about wandering around dark old buildings with various gadgets and our trusty torches.

These are concepts and approaches that have now become common place understanding, which have been backed up by mainstream media and TV.

My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK - Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

Personally my beginnings in the field involved more of a research perspective with me reading many books and constantly seeking answers. The concept of investigating over night is actually relatively new to me, I have only really been out on over night investigations for the last twelve years really. Okay so twelve years may seem a while, but before that I spent over twenty years in libraries and looking stuff up online, once that became a thing.

However early on I knew that these opportunities to visit historic locations overnight should not be wasted and I took it as a chance to try and document as much as possible. In fact that was how my website originally began, as a place I could share the details of my investigations with other like minded individuals. So, please check out some of my investigations and cases over the years.

Documenting experiences and these investigations was something that seemed relatively common place to me at that point, especially as much of what I had read had come about in a similar fashion.

Strangely as I became more involved with over night investigations or ghost hunting, I began to realise that documenting those experiences or writing up investigations was not as popular as I had first thought. Don’t get me wrong there are many out there that do document their investigations and do share them too, but many don’t leaving a wealth of information lost.

Once I joined the Society for Psychical Research I was happy to once again discover a wealth of information related to the paranormal. Most of which has now been compiled over more than one hundred years of research since the SPR was founded back in 1882. However it also highlighted the need for good hard data to back up any research I may do moving forward.

It’s not quite as exciting as ghost hunting…

The first thing I want to make clear is that by asking to look more at the data available, I am by no means saying that people should give up ghost hunting or overnight investigations. Although there is a lot of data out there that I feel needs to be ‘crunched’ in order to find patterns that could provide answers to the many questions we regularly ask.

As a matter of fact the continuation of ghost hunting may actually be key to this in order to maintain the new experiences and add them to the ones we already have. The most important thing is that we should document these experiences in order to comprehend the possible bigger picture.

I know that keeping track of all of our paranormal experiences isn’t always practical in the moment they occur, but we should do our best to do so. Granted that focussing on tracking this is considerably less exciting than standard ghost hunting, but still its something you could do afterwards.

Gathering lots of this kind of data is actually a million miles away from exciting, unless like me you have a thing for stats! Yes, I am that guy that gets a little excited about data, as you’ve probably guessed by now.

However there is a real need nowadays to capture this data in vast quantities in order to see if there are patterns, which could help us understand more. The problem that I see more and more of is that many of us are guilty of going out ghost hunting, but fail to gather any data. The strange thing about this is that these days we have so many gadgets and access to media devices, but we fail to document simple information on the experience.

Now don’t get me wrong there are a lot of people taking photos, capturing video and audio during their investigations; but we need to think a little more outside the box. Unfortunately these on their own are not really enough and if we want to gather ‘evidence’ for science we need more than that.

You may recall a previous post that I made, asking Could Artificial Intelligence Help Understand Paranormal Experiences. The cold truth is that this is already beginning with AI and Machine Learning looking at vast quantities of data in order to look at problems and seek patterns. In fact I was only contacted today by a group that are already looking into this by analysing ‘Phantasms of the Living’ using machine learning. Please take a look at what Maryland Paranormal Research have already achieved here..


This highlighted a fantastic opportunity to start looking at some real data or information to find those all important patterns we all seek. So, hopefully I will be giving you a little more on this in the near future after a few more emails back and forth between Maryland Paranormal Research and I.

Here’s where I need your help…

In order to understand more about paranormal activity, something that I have been looking at is gathering data on experiences that many of you may have had at some point.  These experiences could be anything really in the realms of the paranormal, from simple feelings of temperature change to seeing a full blown apparition standing there waving at you. The experiences could be equally psychical too, that way even the interactions a medium has become relevant to this study. This is something that I know needs to be done in order to fully research some of my own ideas around psi and my theory of telepathic interaction too.

This approach of gathering data on the experiences of many people is certainly not new, in fact the SPR conducted a census back in the late 1800’s to first look into this. A census that has been repeated at least twice since. In fact there has been quite a few studies over the last hundred years of this manner.

As a little background on this, something else that I am doing is to gather data from other sources and reports to add into this piece of research to ensure I gather loads on this. Which means hitting the books and returning to the libraries too. So, that means the study will incorporate data from you guys using the link below, data that I have looked up in the SPR Journals and Proceedings, information from various books, information from various websites and of course my own investigations too.

However if you wish to help me out and tell me all about your experiences, please follow the link below and complete the form.

The Paranormal Activity Form

The form does ask for quite a bit of information, but don’t worry enter what you know for now, the more the better though. Also, if you’re not comfortable sharing your own home address and phone number then just enter NA in those fields. The location where the activity occurred is important though to enable me to tie it to other reports for the same location.


What is cool about this link is once you’ve been on an investigation, if you’ve experienced something then you can simply follow the link above and detail it. Then there will be a record that only took five minutes to log. You can even do it on your phone too! Just bookmark it for use.

The form does relate to one experience at one point in time too, so not for a sequence of experiences or events that took place over a longer time frame. However if there are several significant experiences that occurred over a length of time please feel free to add one for each.

The link does use a mail list subscriber, which I manage, but will not be sending you random stuff from, as that’s just not cool right! As the list is related to documenting paranormal experiences the only thing I may use it for is to gather more information on your experience from you by email if you’re happy to do so..

So, please click on the link and tell me about your paranormal experiences. In advance I would just like to thank you all for helping me with this, its greatly appreciated and please keep an eye on this website for more details as the research progresses.

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Do You Seek Evidence or Experience ?

Do You Seek Evidence or Experience ?

What are you looking for?

As many of us know that pass up on sleep in order to try and gain an understanding of those elusive haunted locations around the world, often we head home with more questions than we first arrived with. The paranormal field for me has always done this and each time I feel I find an answer, ten more questions come to mind off the back of the discovery of that one answer. However this may be the very thing that keeps us fuelled on energy drinks and giving up that all important nights sleep. The problem is though that there often becomes a point where you come to a conclusion that the approach may not be benefiting your progress after all. At least that’s something I came to realise over the years.

It’s at this point that generally we begin to question exactly what we may be looking for and why!

A particular term (and I’ve mentioned this before I know) that I am beginning to hear more and more recently is; that many ghost hunters out there just appear to be doing the same old that they’ve been doing for years and in fact; things in the field haven’t really moved forward since the Victorian era. As much as this may be correct it couldn’t be more from the truth and oddly is only based within the ghost hunter community itself. Perhaps within the spiritual field too.

This is really where as an individual and to an extent a team you must begin to ask what it is exactly you are looking for whilst you are giving up you hours of sleep?

Let me explain a little from my own perspective. When I first began to do overnight investigations I started from an understanding that I would aim to debunk in order to leave anything unknown as anomalous phenomena. What happened though was that whilst debunking I found more questions along the way. Part of this approach was to gather ‘evidence’ or at least what we called ‘evidence’ back then. I am of course referring to audio, video and photographic captures, which is something that has become common place representation of ‘evidence’ especially thanks to the boom in paranormal reality TV shows.

In fact it was these three types of ‘evidence’ that helped me to see that as a matter of fact they are far from categorical evidence of the paranormal at all. You see I managed to capture two things during some of my investigations; 1) crystal clear audio or EVP, and 2) video of a moving object. Both of these communicate as being fantastic proof of Paranormal activity by todays comprehension of the ghost hunting approach we have been made all so familiar of thanks to those reality TV shows. The problem was something I hadn’t been expecting at that time, but comprehend much better now. Both elements were rigorously questioned and alternatives were presented which placed the ‘evidence’ I had into question, in fact it highlighted them as being very weak evidence of the paranormal. Now I am sure there maybe individuals or teams out there reading this thinking that perhaps they may be able to provide better ‘evidence’ to support the paranormal in the form of audio, photographic or video. However let me just say, what you know about a piece of ‘evidence’ needs to be beyond doubt when it is comprehended by others that were not present when the said ‘evidence’ was captured. I guarantee that those not present will always have more questions and will be less likely to accept what you have captured, which in reality is how it should be.

This for me, this presented the question ‘what are you looking for exactly?’

A personal experience is okay too…

Over the years one thing I have realised is that although I enjoy the research and searching for solid answers, from time to time I do enjoy a good old fashioned ghost hunt. Now I often approach these in a couple of ways, which is often defined by whether its my investigation or an investigation ran by a friend where they wish to obtain good data; or its an event someone else is running.

I often like to just join a group or head out on a Paranormal event to visit a public location that has had reports of various paranormal activity over the years. It is actually these such events which may lead to me returning to a location to conduct my own more in depth investigation later on. These kind of events are excellent for allowing yourself to simply immerse yourself in the location and its potential haunting. This is usually the time where experience is the more likely result rather than something a little more solid. That said personally, and this is only a personal choice, I still like to jot down a few notes in my journal.

Anomalous experiences after all are where Paranormal research and investigation may begin, understanding what someone believes had occurred somewhere and then looking deeper into that occurrence to gain a better understanding is where my research once began.

The problem I find and this is perhaps a personal thing too being I do love a bit of data, is that often those personal experiences are not documented properly and remain events in memory alone. Alternatively only part of the experience is documented leaving out fundamental details, which when questioned often end up discounting the experience.

Remember its those experiences that if they are documented and analysed properly could help us understand a locations activity or even activity as a whole. Which is why it’s so important to gather some information, if you do experience something.

I know that if your aim is an experience and you’re not really concerned with an understanding or even documenting then that is absolutely fine. At the end of the day we spend our lives having experiences and learning new things, so if that is your approach then to be quite frank that life.

I guess for me I am always thinking about various elements of the paranormal, so even an experience is documented to help with that comprehension of how it all works. Which is why I tend to keep notes on my investigations and experiences on a regular basis.

Searching for evidence and meaning…

Of course if you’re looking for a little more than a random experience that if you’re like me leaves you with a tonne more questions than when you started out, then you are probably trying to find some evidence or meaning in the Paranormal.

Let’s return to that earlier statement about approaches not having moved on since the Victorian era. This is actually extremely far from the truth. Ghost Hunters utilise all kinds of tech these days in order to discover elements of the paranormal, where back in the day the approaches were relatively limited. However the approaches adopted by modern day ghost hunters are on the surface appearing a little stagnant these days.

One of the problems is something I am going to call; ‘the reality TV format mirror approach’! Basically this means that the team or organisation approach their ghost hunt from the perspective similar to that of a TV show. They walk the location discussing its history and activity, then they setup equipment, conduct vigils and then pack up and conclude. This isn’t a bad approach in reality, personally back in the day my investigations followed a very similar structure and it was one that many were happy with. However if change is to occur then perhaps these approaches need to be evaluated and new ones proposed.

Whilst looking for good data and understating within an investigation, one approach that I adopted at smaller locations (especially free ones) was to focus the investigation in one area/room for the night or even bring in approaches such as seances to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the science. These more focused approaches would make documenting the location and events more easier too. Especially as you can cover off the variables in a small area easier and keep an eye on one room much easier.

The problem is cost in regards to most of the locations many of us seek to investigate, you simply couldn’t justify paying for a location and only focussing on one room. Which is a shame, but we understand why the places charge as they do. Well in most cases we do as its to assist with the upkeep and maintenance of a historic location, which we are lucky enough to explore in quiet of night. Granted there may be some out there that the intentions for their high changes may fall into question, but the simple answer is if you don’t like or cant afford it, don’t pay it!

Sometimes the answers aren’t in the dark…

I would like to finish this particular post by highlighting a place that has provided me with more information on the subject of the paranormal than any overnight investigation ever. I am of course referring to the library and the extensive amount of resources that are out there available to those with an interest in the field of the Paranormal.

These days, a little like the odd tech a modern day ghost hunter may have, a library isn’t just a building in the centre of your town governed over by a stern librarian that peers over her glasses at you as you head towards the Paranormal section. Our local libraries are much more interactive and modernised, there is a tonne of online information if you search beyond Wikipedia and there are many academic resources that provide access to some very interesting information.

For example; back in the late 1800 the SPR conducted a census of hallucinations in order to gain a better understanding of anomalous phenomena. Bearing in mind that their use of the term ‘hallucinations’ didn’t mean that people were seeing things due to mental illness as we often associate it today, but more along gathering information on the things people had seen which were not physically present. ‘Phantasms of the Living’ was published around this time by the SPR and discussed more than 600 cases of apparitions probably linked to telepathy. Think about that for a second, 600 cases discussed in one place. That as a resource to build on nowadays is fantastic.

The point I am trying to make here is simple; if you wish to progress the field then you need to build on what has actually already been achieved. Those achievements are not by the popular TV shows, although they have brought more to the field which is great. The advancements were made by the giants of science, the fellows of the SPR and Ghost Club alike as they built the foundations of the field and research approaches. However that has now been picked up by more and more universities pushing the boundaries of research into the field of psi. I remember the day I read my first Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, I immediately thought I had to up my game and do so much more in order to become published in such a journal.

So, as you investigate in a darkened historic location, simply ask; what do you truly seek?

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