Do You Seek Evidence or Experience ?

Do You Seek Evidence or Experience ?

What are you looking for?

As many of us know that pass up on sleep in order to try and gain an understanding of those elusive haunted locations around the world, often we head home with more questions than we first arrived with. The paranormal field for me has always done this and each time I feel I find an answer, ten more questions come to mind off the back of the discovery of that one answer. However this may be the very thing that keeps us fuelled on energy drinks and giving up that all important nights sleep. The problem is though that there often becomes a point where you come to a conclusion that the approach may not be benefiting your progress after all. At least that’s something I came to realise over the years.

It’s at this point that generally we begin to question exactly what we may be looking for and why!

A particular term (and I’ve mentioned this before I know) that I am beginning to hear more and more recently is; that many ghost hunters out there just appear to be doing the same old that they’ve been doing for years and in fact; things in the field haven’t really moved forward since the Victorian era. As much as this may be correct it couldn’t be more from the truth and oddly is only based within the ghost hunter community itself. Perhaps within the spiritual field too.

This is really where as an individual and to an extent a team you must begin to ask what it is exactly you are looking for whilst you are giving up you hours of sleep?

Let me explain a little from my own perspective. When I first began to do overnight investigations I started from an understanding that I would aim to debunk in order to leave anything unknown as anomalous phenomena. What happened though was that whilst debunking I found more questions along the way. Part of this approach was to gather ‘evidence’ or at least what we called ‘evidence’ back then. I am of course referring to audio, video and photographic captures, which is something that has become common place representation of ‘evidence’ especially thanks to the boom in paranormal reality TV shows.

In fact it was these three types of ‘evidence’ that helped me to see that as a matter of fact they are far from categorical evidence of the paranormal at all. You see I managed to capture two things during some of my investigations; 1) crystal clear audio or EVP, and 2) video of a moving object. Both of these communicate as being fantastic proof of Paranormal activity by todays comprehension of the ghost hunting approach we have been made all so familiar of thanks to those reality TV shows. The problem was something I hadn’t been expecting at that time, but comprehend much better now. Both elements were rigorously questioned and alternatives were presented which placed the ‘evidence’ I had into question, in fact it highlighted them as being very weak evidence of the paranormal. Now I am sure there maybe individuals or teams out there reading this thinking that perhaps they may be able to provide better ‘evidence’ to support the paranormal in the form of audio, photographic or video. However let me just say, what you know about a piece of ‘evidence’ needs to be beyond doubt when it is comprehended by others that were not present when the said ‘evidence’ was captured. I guarantee that those not present will always have more questions and will be less likely to accept what you have captured, which in reality is how it should be.

This for me, this presented the question ‘what are you looking for exactly?’

A personal experience is okay too…

Over the years one thing I have realised is that although I enjoy the research and searching for solid answers, from time to time I do enjoy a good old fashioned ghost hunt. Now I often approach these in a couple of ways, which is often defined by whether its my investigation or an investigation ran by a friend where they wish to obtain good data; or its an event someone else is running.

I often like to just join a group or head out on a Paranormal event to visit a public location that has had reports of various paranormal activity over the years. It is actually these such events which may lead to me returning to a location to conduct my own more in depth investigation later on. These kind of events are excellent for allowing yourself to simply immerse yourself in the location and its potential haunting. This is usually the time where experience is the more likely result rather than something a little more solid. That said personally, and this is only a personal choice, I still like to jot down a few notes in my journal.

Anomalous experiences after all are where Paranormal research and investigation may begin, understanding what someone believes had occurred somewhere and then looking deeper into that occurrence to gain a better understanding is where my research once began.

The problem I find and this is perhaps a personal thing too being I do love a bit of data, is that often those personal experiences are not documented properly and remain events in memory alone. Alternatively only part of the experience is documented leaving out fundamental details, which when questioned often end up discounting the experience.

Remember its those experiences that if they are documented and analysed properly could help us understand a locations activity or even activity as a whole. Which is why it’s so important to gather some information, if you do experience something.

I know that if your aim is an experience and you’re not really concerned with an understanding or even documenting then that is absolutely fine. At the end of the day we spend our lives having experiences and learning new things, so if that is your approach then to be quite frank that life.

I guess for me I am always thinking about various elements of the paranormal, so even an experience is documented to help with that comprehension of how it all works. Which is why I tend to keep notes on my investigations and experiences on a regular basis.

Searching for evidence and meaning…

Of course if you’re looking for a little more than a random experience that if you’re like me leaves you with a tonne more questions than when you started out, then you are probably trying to find some evidence or meaning in the Paranormal.

Let’s return to that earlier statement about approaches not having moved on since the Victorian era. This is actually extremely far from the truth. Ghost Hunters utilise all kinds of tech these days in order to discover elements of the paranormal, where back in the day the approaches were relatively limited. However the approaches adopted by modern day ghost hunters are on the surface appearing a little stagnant these days.

One of the problems is something I am going to call; ‘the reality TV format mirror approach’! Basically this means that the team or organisation approach their ghost hunt from the perspective similar to that of a TV show. They walk the location discussing its history and activity, then they setup equipment, conduct vigils and then pack up and conclude. This isn’t a bad approach in reality, personally back in the day my investigations followed a very similar structure and it was one that many were happy with. However if change is to occur then perhaps these approaches need to be evaluated and new ones proposed.

Whilst looking for good data and understating within an investigation, one approach that I adopted at smaller locations (especially free ones) was to focus the investigation in one area/room for the night or even bring in approaches such as seances to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the science. These more focused approaches would make documenting the location and events more easier too. Especially as you can cover off the variables in a small area easier and keep an eye on one room much easier.

The problem is cost in regards to most of the locations many of us seek to investigate, you simply couldn’t justify paying for a location and only focussing on one room. Which is a shame, but we understand why the places charge as they do. Well in most cases we do as its to assist with the upkeep and maintenance of a historic location, which we are lucky enough to explore in quiet of night. Granted there may be some out there that the intentions for their high changes may fall into question, but the simple answer is if you don’t like or cant afford it, don’t pay it!

Sometimes the answers aren’t in the dark…

I would like to finish this particular post by highlighting a place that has provided me with more information on the subject of the paranormal than any overnight investigation ever. I am of course referring to the library and the extensive amount of resources that are out there available to those with an interest in the field of the Paranormal.

These days, a little like the odd tech a modern day ghost hunter may have, a library isn’t just a building in the centre of your town governed over by a stern librarian that peers over her glasses at you as you head towards the Paranormal section. Our local libraries are much more interactive and modernised, there is a tonne of online information if you search beyond Wikipedia and there are many academic resources that provide access to some very interesting information.

For example; back in the late 1800 the SPR conducted a census of hallucinations in order to gain a better understanding of anomalous phenomena. Bearing in mind that their use of the term ‘hallucinations’ didn’t mean that people were seeing things due to mental illness as we often associate it today, but more along gathering information on the things people had seen which were not physically present. ‘Phantasms of the Living’ was published around this time by the SPR and discussed more than 600 cases of apparitions probably linked to telepathy. Think about that for a second, 600 cases discussed in one place. That as a resource to build on nowadays is fantastic.

The point I am trying to make here is simple; if you wish to progress the field then you need to build on what has actually already been achieved. Those achievements are not by the popular TV shows, although they have brought more to the field which is great. The advancements were made by the giants of science, the fellows of the SPR and Ghost Club alike as they built the foundations of the field and research approaches. However that has now been picked up by more and more universities pushing the boundaries of research into the field of psi. I remember the day I read my first Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, I immediately thought I had to up my game and do so much more in order to become published in such a journal.

So, as you investigate in a darkened historic location, simply ask; what do you truly seek?

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Identifying Intelligent Communication

Identifying Intelligent Communication

The Classical Two…

Over my years of investigation I have read about and heard from others what I will now class as the classical two, when it comes to communication or indeed encounters during a haunting. There are other variations, but these are probably the two most utilised forms used when describing; a) communication with an entity; and b) a haunting of some kind.

The problem is the more I think about these pair the more I consider them not to be all that correct or perhaps not utilised in the correct manner.

I’m talking of course about Residual and Intelligent hauntings/communication.

Back in the day when I first started my journey into the paranormal, one thing that came up early on was the classification of hauntings or as it was explained to me, the types of hauntings. Now there are various versions out there defining the types, but the two that seem to remain a definitive constant throughout are the following:-

  • Residual Haunting – these are very much like a video recording that are triggered by some external stimulus unknown to the observer. Often related to the Stone Tape Theory.
  • Intelligent Haunting – these identify the entity as being aware of its surroundings and able to communicate with its observers.

However the problem is that although these particular terms have been around now for an extremely long time they are quite vague in how they should relate to that which someone may experience. Yet we all find ourselves utilising them to identify a paranormal experience or indeed define a haunting we may have investigated.

Of course that’s residual…

I have to admit and I am sure many of my fellow investigators out there will agree, there have been many an occasion whereas activity within an investigation has been quickly identified as being residual energy. Sometimes this claim would be swiftly followed by ‘that’s the Stone Tape Theory right there’.

Don’t get me wrong the Stone Tape Theory is great and does appear to help us to understand a lot of possible so called residual hauntings. However its only a theory, a very good one at that, but still unproven.

That said there has been scientific research into water which is pretty much in everything and everywhere; and that research has proven that water has memory in a way. I did read this research quite a while a go now, but its very interesting to say the least. Although it does seem to help the Stone Tape Theory, the research into water memory doesn’t look into the possibility of storing information to the level where you would witness a replay of an event.

There has also been research to counter the Stone Tape Theory suggesting that the energy required to imprint the information for a ‘video playback’ would need to be of ridiculously high amounts, from a physics point of view. However those of a more spiritual comprehension may suggest that emotional energy works differently from what we understand through materialistic science.

Years ago before I even ventured out to investigate overnight I read a book about one of the great UK paranormal investigators; although today many probably haven’t heard of him, Andrew Green. If memory serves me well (sometimes it doesn’t) I believe he once stumbled upon a case of a residual haunting, but what struck him as odd was the Haunting didn’t seem to be linked to a traumatic event as the research indicated. In fact the residual playback so to speak just appeared to be of normal activity in someone’s garden. In order to discover more about this he looked further into this and later discovered that the ‘ghosts’ on this occasion were the previous occupants of the house and the event was a normal day in the garden. However what made this particularly interesting was that the previous occupants were very much alive! Hence our comprehension of what a ghost maybe is thrown into question, especially if we are utilising the residual energy concept to identify it!

It has been conflicting research through the years, which has been compelling on both sides that has lead me to question the Stone Tape Theory or at least believe that we still have quite a bit of work to do on it. For example, most seem to comprehend the concept of residual energy being the answer as an actual thing repeating the same set of instructions over and over again there in front of their eyes, where they can see it. However these types of activity have been witnessed by one or more people at a time, but equally by one and not another in the same place. It’s been suggested that perhaps one person has the ability to see from their angle whilst another doesn’t or indeed has the ability to see a ghost whilst another doesn’t.

Confused? Well this is psi theory, so welcome to my head, lol!

For me, we have a few problems with seeing. Physical objects are seen by us all. So, I’m not sure that I am happy with seeing being selective. However, what if the manifestation isn’t in the physical environment, what if the manifestation occurs in our minds and overplayed the information we are receiving from the environment we are in. Then the possibilities of witnessing residual energy become more possible. However let’s drop the term residual energy and start calling it what it might be here, residual information.

Residual Information gives us a better explanation of why whilst you and I are stood in the same place, only one of us may see this recording. As individuals we consciously pick up on lots of things as we enter an environment from our standard senses, some of this information is discarded to our unconscious as not being required, whilst other parts are retained to be used for what we are currently doing. Perhaps we also obtain information beyond the standard senses, say telepathically too. Like a kind of telepathic google that obtains information from other sources like people or objects. Hence why one person may receive the information related to a past event and another may not. If we then experience that information in realtime as we observe what’s in front of us it may be overlaid the visual or audio information our senses are supplying, hence we see what is not there and hear what cannot be heard.

Like the Stone Tape Theory, its just a theory, an idea which needs further development and something I will work on in the background.

That’s intelligent for sure…

This brings me onto the intelligent hauntings or communications from spirit. Incidentally over the years these have also been utilised to define the difference between ghosts and spirits too. A ghost is residual whilst a spirit is intelligent.

Oddly I don’t necessarily disagree with this definition, but personally I think we need to see it better clarified and utilised correctly. All too often I see teams jump to an intelligent spirit with little or no real supporting evidence other than their own determination to contact a spirit. I will put my hand up too, I’ve probable done it over the years. You get caught up in that excitement of the ghost hunt and all of a sudden after hours of nothing you get a reaction on your EMF Meter. Has to be an intelligent spirit trying to chat, right?

The truth of the matter is that there’s a lot ‘Paranormal red tape’ with this one. If you spend some time trying to find a logical reason behind the fluctuations or taps, if it is a spirit they may actually get bored and give up trying to communicate. However if you fail to properly establish that there is good evidence to support your reasoning that the communication is intelligent, then you’re leaving yourself open to scrutiny. In actuality you could be having a conversation with a totally normal effect, which you’ve missed.

Over the years I have been investigating this has actually happened on a few occasions to me. On one occasion we were investigating Arundle Jail (I think) and at one particular point we received a response on a KII meter. I’m not a massive fan of the KII, but on this occasion I think the reaction was also noticed on another EMF device too. We asked questions and received answers, well we asked questions and the KII flashed. Here lies the problem, perception of communication.

The problem was that we started by asking the standard questions, waiting and then the device would flash. Hence there was a response, something to work with. We would ask another question, again a flash. So, we tried a couple of control questions to determine if this was intelligent. The results were inconclusive, as in we received a flash on the KII, but shouldn’t have. However this was discussed and determined that our communicator maybe confused by our attempt to change things. Then one of the team noticed something fundamental to this little communication piece. Our responses were actually occurring in a timed pattern. Although their occurrence wasn’t at exactly the same time intervals, they were so close that there was an obvious pattern. Initially we had missed this because we were asking a question, pausing and receiving a response. Now we looked at it more closely the pattern was obvious.

Although on this occasion our intelligent communicator had now seemed to have acquired a pattern, we still had to determine source in order to ensure that it was not spirit. During those days of investigation we would either turn mobile phones off or switch them to flight mode and leave them in our bags. This was the case at Arundle and in the end we tracked the source down to a BlackBerry (possibly mine) that was in flight mode. The phone should have been totally offline, but it seems that even in flight mode it would check cell connection every ninety odd seconds (I think). This cell check fluctuated the KII at just the right moment to coincide with our questions, creating the appearance of a response.

Effectively we had a conversation with a mobile phone and not an intelligent spirit.

The reason I use this example is because with the advent of various apps, I see individuals using their mobile phones during an investigation these days. To be fair, I even use mine now for various things. Hence we have to be knowledgeable of the effect this may have and not jump to conclusions.

Another common piece of ‘evidence’ utilised to support that an intelligent conversation is actively taking place or has taken place with an intelligent spirit is that of EVP. After all if you ask a specific question and then record an audible response that appears to fit the questioning then that has to be intelligent right? The unfortunate thing here is that this is likely to be less of the case than we realise.

I have a couple of issues with EVP’S; the first is that often they are pieces of information that can lead to determine their content. Which basically means we capture the EVP, get excited and then forget to allow others to evaluate what they believe it to be, instead we tell them what we think we hear and then in a form of audio pareidolia they hear exactly that. The second issue is that there is a possibility that we are manifesting the EVPs on the devices ourselves. If you check out The Psychic Projection Experiment, this explains how you can attempt this with a group, but like most things Paranormal its not 100% repeatable. However I have seen this in action at Fort Horsted with Sage Paranormal and Brian J Cano, and to be honest it really got me thinking into the validity of EVP’s as evidence of communication with spirits. An EVP could actually be our unconscious minds or even our conscious minds projecting information onto the device and not a spirit chatting with us. For example, when we ask a question out loud into the darkness during an investigation, we also unconsciously contemplate the probable responses. If the circumstances are right we may be simply projecting those responses in our unconscious onto the device we are recording the EVP on.

Zoom out, see a bigger picture…

Often as individuals and within social groups we can easily get caught up in the moment and this can lead us to make assumptions based on that involvement. If we are out searching for ghosts then we can often believe that a response in its form is that which we seek. However as investigators we must remain objective and gather the information at the time in order to draw conclusions later.

I am not saying we should never engage in what we believe to be spirit communication, as it could be exactly that for all I know. However if you’re investigating in a team, why not have a part of the team continue with the communication gathering information on that, whilst another part of the team look into other possible causes for this communication. Balance your approach and gather all the available data you can, this will allow you to make a better judgement later on.

It’s also imperative to include your own team and yourself in that assessment too, as your presence at the location has influenced change there in various forms, but equally the teams will feel different things because they are there too. If activity does occur, try taking statements individually from those present without others in ear shot, that way you can cross reference to determine what actually occurred. Often our memories don’t recall the exact events that occur and our perceptions can provide very different conclusions.

Over the years there have been very few examples of true intelligent communication within the paranormal field that could withstand the test of scrutiny. Examples such as the Cross Correspondence and The Scole Experiment are both fantastic, but still remain examples that are questioned. Regardless of the huge amount of supporting data for both. Which is why I am not a fan of the term ‘evidence’ being associated with many EVP’s, Photo’s and Video’s out there.

Remember above all we are all looking for that intelligent communication, the communication that will answer the hard question the Survival Hypothesis asks. In order to answer it we need more than belief, more than faith; we need lots and lots of data. Which is why I am interested in all of your investigations, your experiences and more. Which is why we need to document those investigations and experiences better and more so. We live in the Information Age, so lets put it to good use within the field and start to gather some fantastic data.

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Sporadic Eruption of Mental Images

Sporadic Eruption of Mental Images

Say what now…

Sometimes the inspiration for my blogs can come from the strangest of places, which could either be my own random thoughts on pretty much anything or simply something that someone says to me.

As much as I love the ideas I have myself, those sudden out of place nuggets of information that present themselves to me from others seem to evolve very differently. They seem to just appear in the middle of a conversation sometimes and often those conversations don’t even have to be remotely close to anything paranormal.

I have a friend that although we don’t speak or see each other often any more, when we do it’s like no time has past in between. Work, family and well life happens, which often means those friendships we make during our school years don’t stand the test of time. I’m lucky enough to have a few friends where that’s not the case. Regardless of what happens and how long the gap, our friendships continue as if they had been paused and nothing had changed.

The other night I received a random WhatsApp message from one such friend, which perhaps I should have reacted differently, but knowing him it didn’t really surprise me too much.

The message started like this…

And then continued with this…

I wasn’t expecting that…

I have to admit of all the messages I’ve received in the past from my friends, this might have been one of the oddest ones.

To begin with I had to rack my brains to remember who the annoyingly rude character was, but it didn’t take long. In fact the process picked up pace once my friend sent the second picture. Strange how that works.

As I’m always curious to where’s things like this come from and like to understand how these strange images came to be the first thing sent to me in a little while, I asked my friend.

His reply was one that triggered some inspirational thought processes of my own.

Sporadic eruption of mental images I thought I’d share !!

The very answer itself is something that weirdly just makes a lot of sense to me. Equally it’s something I could easily associate to the paranormal quite easily. You see not everything is spiritual communication or telepathic communication, it’s simply your own memories paying a little visit. The problem is it’s easy to forget what’s memory and what’s not. What’s truly relevant and that which actually has no relevance at all.

Sometimes it’s just a forgotten memory…

Memories are funny little things, well perhaps not so little, but certainly behaviour wise they appear to have a mind of their own. Yes, that was a pun and a particularly bad one at that.

I guess what I’m getting at is that we have so many memories that we don’t have a full understanding of each and everyone of those memories in any given moment. Oddly we often believe that given a certain scenario we would be able to recall all memories that could relate to that scenario in order to best deal with it, but even this appears to not to be the case on many occasions.

In fact our memories sometimes provide us with totally incorrect information or we simply recall them incorrectly. Helpful right?

Understanding our own memories and experiences in order to utilise them in any given situation is something that takes a little training or perhaps a little faith in what we believe.

There’s often a lot of confusion around memory; what’s a real memory and what’s information that’s come from somewhere beyond ourselves? When we are talking about the paranormal, especially when such information presents itself during an investigation, then it can be all to easy to constitute the source as being paranormal. However as we’ve discussed before fully understanding the true source is half the challenge in this. It’s equally a conclusion that is often made without complete thought on the manner by many in my opinion.

Perhaps some of the ‘spiritual communication’ that presents itself through mediums or that is interpreted through other means during an investigation is simply forgotten memories. Something worth exploring don’t you think?

So what’s sporadic eruption of mental images then?

That little phrase that my friend messaged me following some questionable images sparked and understanding, an explanation and a distinct possibility. I’m not saying in any shape or form that this is a sudden breakthrough in the field, but more of a food for thought scenario.

So here goes…

Sporadic eruption of mental images could be a probable explanation for anomalous interpretation of random information associated with spiritual communication.

I am not saying that this fully explains something like Mediumship, I’m simply presenting it as an additional possibility to explain the source of the information.

The question is; does memory randomly present itself into our consciousness or does it require a trigger to make its way there? Personally I would like to think there are probable triggers, at least there would be some causality then.

I’ve seen many investigation locations where there are many triggers within the environment that could spark an individual memory or at least be linked to something that most people would too. So, that possibility is certainly there I believe.

No matter what the cause may be, in order to continue to explore the paranormal to discover explanations for probable communication and activity, we should look to consider more possibilities just like this. It may even be a combination of elements, elements which could be equally spiritual and scientific.

Also, if you know the character in the photo that used to misbehave on a regular basis, please feel free to let me know?

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What If The Ghost Was Me!

What If The Ghost Was Me!

Something Sean said…

Recently I was chatting to Sean Cadman, one of the organisers of Paraforce UK regarding a recent investigation that he been on and he offered up an interesting point. Interesting enough to make it here to the Psi Theory Blog.

Basically Sean was taking part in John Blackburns Event at the Old Victorian School in Long Eaton and something rather strange occurred to him. He found himself in a corridor alone at one point and as he walked along it in the dim light, he felt as if he had bumped into someone. You know the kind of situation, the one where you accidentally catch their arm and/or shoulder as you pass them, so much so that it catches you and throws you off course a little. Like most of us in this situation Sean instinctively apologised, how very British of him right. The problem was that he didn’t receive an apology in return, in fact there was total silence and well no one there either. Sean checked the area and from where he was walking there wasn’t anything that could have had this effect on him. So he left the area slightly puzzled with an experience under his belt.

This seemingly paranormal encounter appeared to leave Sean thinking deeply though and rather than attributing this to a physical manifestation of a ghost from the location, he theorised quite a different idea.

Sean wondered about all this talk of multiverses and wondered if in some other reality he may have walked the opposite direction down the corridor, but because this reality was close to ours there was a cross over so to speak. Hence as he walked the corridor he may have bumped into himself from another reality. Now that’s thinking out of the box and my kind of thinking too.

Obviously playing on Sean’s mind a little, he decided to post this thought on social media and it sparked a little discussion on the topic. Something else I am a fan of too, friendly discussion on out of the box ideas around the Paranormal.

Not such a crazy idea…

The interesting thing here is that I don’t discount Sean’s thought process on this and as a matter of fact it is one possibility, if the multiverse Theory is correct, that could potentially explain ghosts in my opinion.

Now I am not going to claim to have a working knowledge of quantum mechanics or the multiverse theory here, so please feel free to comment if I get something wrong or miss something fundamental here. Small scientific disclaimer to say the least there.

Here’s where I like Sean’s thinking on this, the concept of multiverses is something that serious mainstream science is looking into, its a modern day version of the world being round argument. That being said we may be a long way off proving the existence of multiverses just yet, whereas the Earth being round was kind of obvious when you start to look. Yes, I know back in the day there was less tech so probably not that obvious or easy to prove. However the fact of the matter is that we managed to prove it in the end and that was built on a theory, an idea that someone had.

So, lets assume that multiverse theory is accepted to a degree and let’s equally assume that each new reality is created from a point of decision or change. A point whereas there was a possible number of outcomes and for each of those outcomes a new reality formed. As I write this blog I am listening to a track by the Cranberries from their recently released album, a decision made based on the loss of their lead singer not long ago. A talent that will be greatly missed. However in another reality I would be listening to a different track and in yet another reality I wouldn’t be listening to music at all. You get the idea right?

In Sean’s case he was walking one way down the corridor, but in a similar reality he was walking the opposite direction. This is what spiked my interest in this theory. You see in these two realities we can assume that Sean was pretty much doing exactly the same thing; he was at the Old Victorian School, he was there on the same relative date and time, he was investigating the paranormal, he was probably there with the same people too, he was even walking the same corridor for the same reason. There was only one difference, the direction of travel down that corridor. Now the reason for the difference in direction could be for a multitude of reasons. It could be the orientation of the other reality is the opposite to our own, hence what seemed like the opposite direction was kind of the same direction. Perhaps the decision that lead to the split between these realities was Seans choice to walk the corridor a certain way. Regardless it lead to there being more similarities between the two realities than differences, which could possibly bring the two closer together almost overlapping each other. Hence the reason Sean bumped into himself was that he was the only thing not behaving the same as the other reality. Now that’s some paranormal thinking right there, but something based on scientific theory! I’m not saying that this is indeed the case and Sean bumped in to himself from an alternate reality, there could be a logical explanation for this too, but I am glad there are more people thinking beyond that standard form. Let’s face it Sean could have said he bumped into a ghost in the corridor, but equally this would have not really told us much other than a common understanding of a ghost is a recording of someone that has passed away.

Touching on the logical…

Earlier I mentioned the possibility of a logical explanation and well I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t touch on it briefly here. There is also a distinct possibility that this entire experience could be a complete misconception of something rather simple. Its important to mention that I am not discounting Sean’s experience here, but simply offering up an alternative possibility and one that could often be overlooked.

This explanation could be one of a physiological involuntary response or as I like to call them, an oddly timed muscle spasm. So, basically as Sean walks down the corridor he is focused on investigating the Paranormal, which effectively means he is looking for ghosts already. This mindset already in play can influence his comprehension of his environment and the events which occur within it. As he makes his way along the corridor he has a muscle spasm, which feels very much like he bumped into someone. Given that he is seeking ghosts he concludes he bumped into one, probably not even giving a muscle spasm a second thought. This isn’t saying that Sean is discounting the logical though, remember he took the time to look for an explanation, but couldn’t find one. However not every explanation that’s logical is obvious either, often these are clouded by are own perception.

However what’s important to mention at this point is that although I offered up a muscle spasm as a logical explanation, its still only a theory of what may have occurred. At the end of the day we really only have the anecdotal experience of Sean on this one and he’s memories of the event that occurred. The human mind isn’t always the best for giving accurate reports of the events that have occurred and in situations like this we are often left with a theory of the events explanation.

What do you think?

Given this is an actual situation that occurred to Sean recently I thought it might be great to open this up to everyone else out there. If you were at the Old Victorian School with Sean and John Blackburn, what were your thoughts when you first heard about this experience? Have you experienced anything similar to this during any of the investigations you’ve attended? Do you have a theory of what you think ghosts are? Let’s start a discussion..

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Has The Black Monk Been Given The Boot!

Has The Black Monk Been Given The Boot!

30 East Drive gets cleared…

Social Media has been a buzz of activity recently with the news that Psychic Nick Sage has cleared 30 East Drive. A location I’ve written about previously before on my blog.


Initial responses to this across the social platforms seem to be screaming that this cleansing has been performed without the owners consent though. There are also claims that there are specific instructions not to attempt to cleanse the property inside it, which have clearly been disregarded here.

During my scan through the angry posts I even stumbled upon a photo of the fireplace with a little evidence of smudging, something else visitors are told not to do.

That’s not to mention the claims that this may indeed be ‘fake news’ put out into the vast internet for means of publicity only. Whether that’s publicity for 30 East Drive or indeed for Nick Sage, that remains to be clarified. I must admit at this point I’ve not researched into the article in the Sun on Sunday in enough detail to determine the articles authenticity.

From belief to manifestation…

What captured me about this particular story was the passionate response that some in the paranormal community have given. It’s these responses that also highlight a valid point regarding the 30 East Drive Case and cases of a similar nature, a point which actually brings the subject of a haunting into question. It could be possible that without the belief in the probable story behind most hauntings then activity wouldn’t manifest at the location for those that visit.

So, basically the activity isn’t the product of someone’s consciousness surviving death, but those that visit or focus on the supposed haunted history of the location. Thus they are all like variations of the Phillip Experiment, albeit the intent is unconscious.

When it comes to 30 East Drive this has been massively evident over the years. Could the events that terrified the Pritchard’s, investigations highlighted by TV companies and experiences of many visitors to the property, be manifestations of the minds of believers that are convinced the Black Monk lurks in the shadows?

Everyone’s heard of 30 East Drive…

Thanks to the movie on the case and a few TV series conducting investigations, the story of the black monk is well known in the paranormal community and little outside of it too. Throw in a couple of mentions in a few books too and we have a whole lot of information out there.


However could that knowledge of the story be equally something that enables the manifestations of paranormal activity to actually occur. Think of it like everyone’s memories and experiences are social media posts. One post per memory let’s say. The more visits people make to the location based on the previous individuals visits, the more posts appear on social media, but equally that presents more information that everyone can access. Let’s equally say that each thought of 30 East Drive automatically allows the thinker to access all that social media information.  A bit like scanning through your news feed and it being flooded with similar stories. Thus the information becomes ever present filling up your social feeds. Also the more information there is sitting up there in the cloud the more details are present in our story of 30 East Drive.

However if all this information was actually the product of the previous piece of information, then it means our location quickly becomes flooded with misinformation. Perhaps in these situations we should work back to understand what the original cause may have been. After all its always important to identify that original report, the ‘alpha case’ and its details. In this case that would likely be the Pritchard’s original 1966 report.

This kind of thinking often raises a lot of questions; is the location still haunted? Don’t poltergeists only hang around for a short period of time? It’s worth keeping an open mind and gathering more of that critical information.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to gather data…

Obviously as I have a bit of thing about data I feel this might be great opportunity to gain a better understanding of 30 East Drive and what happens when the lights go out!


So, here’s what I would like to do. I would like to gain an understanding of the who, when and where of the location. Pretty simple stuff really; who’s visited 30 East Drive, when they visited and how long for, plus each visit if they’ve been a few times, if any Paranormal activity was experienced then where in the building did it occur and what happened exactly. Might be good to throw in who was present too if you can.

Right, got all that ??

If you’ve visited 30 East Drive then I would like to know the following regarding your visit:-

  • Who visited on the occasion in question?
  • When you visited, dates and times?
  • How long you visited for, hours, days, etc?
  • What activity was experienced, audible, visual, psychical, etc?
  • Where said activity was experienced in the location, down stairs lounge, upstairs bedroom 1, etc. ? (Plan below)
  • Who was present / witnessed the activity, so we know if the team were split, etc?


You can simply email with those details above. Then I’ll collate the details so we can understand this unique location. If we continue this into the future too then we can equally understand if this recent cleansing has had an effect or not.

This could make for a really interesting study of a location moving forward.

If you visited 30 East Drive and experienced no activity I would equally like to hear about this too in order build a full picture of the timeline.

Please share this post with any you know have visited 30 East Drive so we can reach as many Investigators as possible that have been to the location.

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Visit Your Imagination

Visit Your Imagination

An Experiment in thought…

As odd as it sounds, we are often focused on finding evidence that supports the paranormal, but in doing so we may breeze passed the ideas that help comprehend the mechanics of the subject. Sometimes great advancements are born of imagination though and that is indeed evident throughout history.

Perhaps some of the most famous uses of pure imagination that have helped to solve problems are those of thought experiments. Some of which Einstein used to help explain his concepts of relativity if memory serves me.

These curiously strange minds of ours are capable of so much that it often feels they’re just not doing all they could. However we are equally quick to blame them for our misunderstanding or the world around us too.

The weird thing is that our minds could be as much a hindrance to our investigations as they could be an explanation. After all determining the reality of a situation, especially within a paranormal investigation may not be quite as simple as we would like it to be.

Could science have an explanation…

More recently the likes of quantum mechanics has given us some interesting explanations for the weirdness of our world. One such possible explanation suggests the possibility of multiple worlds or dimensions of existence. This states in some cases that with each decision made reality splits off into all possible outcomes and plays it out, thus creating multiple realities with the number continuing to grow. This means that if this is true then almost any possibility could present itself at any point.

The writers realities…

This understanding of there being other realities beyond our own isn’t something that only exists within the field of science. Over the years we have seen various pieces fiction from some brilliant writers that help us to see a world beyond our own. I remember as I was growing up I read quite a few different fiction books and of course was aware of many others. Two such authors that produced some classics in this very area were Lewis Carroll and C. S. Lewis; Carroll giving us Wonderland where Alice took a very interesting adventure, and Lewis gave us Narnia where a group of siblings discovered a land beyond belief of talking animals. In relation to our own reality both of these fantasy worlds seem beyond belief, but if there are multiple worlds where all possibilities could be true, then the worlds of Carroll and Lewis could equally be out there.

Often I feel that imagination can play a very important part in a paranormal investigation. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of facts and data, but sometimes in order to get beyond that and find the answers a little imagination can help us to make those all important links. Especially as that which we can prove, the facts are generally known and understood to be well normal rather than paranormal. These days this often formulates the part of your investigation defined as being debunked. It’s often debunked on the basis that we feel there to be a normal reasonable explanation rather than a spooky paranormal one.

Just because it’s logical doesn’t make it right…

However we must also ensure that we don’t sell ourselves short in jumping to that logical explanation. It can be very easy to attribute a logical explanation to something paranormal, even more so when you’re in the throws of an overnight investigation. Hence why I often ask those that investigate with me to prove their hypothesis, whether it’s paranormal or normal in nature. Either way it’s going to take a little imagination to put it all together.

When you research and investigate the paranormal I believe that critical thinking, theorising on your feet is imperative to moving your investigation and your overall understanding forwards. This is what a good friend of mine called para-theory, which in reality is what the whole field is, theory. At least until we score some solid facts to support our ideas. However once we prove something within the paranormal as fact, then doesn’t it just become normal?

Spend time with your imagination…

So, don’t be afraid to visit your imagination from time to time whilst you’re investigating the paranormal or at anytime to be fair. You may find that it might just have you questioning a little more than the normal, it may have you wondering a little more about the paranormal too.

Are We Too Quick To Follow Assumptions?

Are We Too Quick To Follow Assumptions?

Observation can often tell us a lot..

Over the years of investigating I have done you soon begin to observe more than you realise. In particularly I don’t simply keep my eyes peeled for odd paranormal activity, I spend time observing the environment and also the people within it. In a field where you’re dealing with the unknown, anything and everything could be a part of the equation.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not people watching in order to catch them out to accuse them of fraud, I am trying to determine if they react or respond to the phenomena in a certain fashion. This was something I first began to focus on when I witnessed what I call ‘psychological contagion’ during an investigation at Landguard Fort. Something which then made me ask, did they all experience something or did they just follow suite subconsciously.

People themselves can often be the most fascinating element of an investigation, especially as it may be possible that without them, activity may not exist at all. Granted that’s a tough one to prove either way, but fundamentally without someone to witness activity we wouldn’t know it occurred in the first place and without someone there it may not occur as they could be a piece of the equation that is required for it to occur! We are the common-denominator in pretty much every report of paranormal activity. Which is why I keep an eye on the people during an investigation too.

Doing this has actually highlighted some interesting observations around how people react to possible phenomena. This was particularly evident when investigators interact with various items of tech, such as a voice recorder for EVPs or perhaps a KII. This was often due to individuals accepting any kind of abnormality as potential paranormal activity.

Knock knock flashing lights…

This is often seen during an investigation when we try and communicate with probable spirits, the common misconception of events or indeed assumptions of their meaning. These days the advent of various tech has brought this out in a whole new way that is often fuelled by individuals believing the capabilities of a device are far beyond that of reality. However its not only modern times we see this in and certainly not only evident due to technology either, prior to the explosion of tech into the Paranormal field it is my assumption that some of the classical raps,taps and knocks communication probably fell into the same area.

Personally I think this is an excellent way to determine if you’re on a ghost hunt or a Paranormal investigation too. During a ghost hunt, when various knocks are heard or the lights on the KII begin to flash the go to understanding is that there is a spiritual presence trying to communicate. I’ve seen it many time and to be honest whilst in the excitement of a ghost hunt I too have thought the possibility to be there. However over the years you learn stuff and begin to question things a little deeper.

Let’s take the scenario of the KII with the flashy lights communication with probable intelligent spirits as an example for this. Usually a group will gather in a particular room within the haunted location, let’s say its got a little history and there is a belief that a spirit is present in that room. The group will then attempt to communicate with that spirit, in this case they decide to use a KII meter as means of communication. These little devices have become a modern day equivalent of raps and taps. They can be interesting to watch especially in the right context. So the group place the KII on one side of the room and begin to ask their questions; ‘is there anybody there’, ‘can you tell us your name please’, you know the drill right.

After the first question the KII lights up. After containing their excitement, the group ask a second question. Again the KII lights up. At this point they assume communication has been established and throw in the ‘one flash for yes and two flashes for no’ positive negative response system. After all the spirit answered two questions so this must be an intelligence they are dealing with, right?

Wrong! I’ve seen it time and time again, which is why this scenario defines a ghost hunt rather than an investigation. If this was an investigation the team should immediately jump to ascertain probable cause for that KII lighting up. They should first do something we may all find hard, don’t ask another question and wait. If the KII lights up again, then look to measure the time been each of these. Often if the time frame between each time the KII lights up is pretty similar then there’s likely to be an explanation other than a spirit trying to communicate.

During one of my investigations we had something very similar to this and one of the investigators on the team, Graham, managed to narrow this down to a security system wire that pulsed every eighty seconds. Which had been just enough time to ask a question and wait for a response. So, its worth checking out your environment first before assuming each glitch on you tech is a spirit trying to say ‘hello’.

I have also had this where we thought a presence had been sat in a particular chair in the room. As the KII was moved close to the chair it would light up giving the assumption that there was something there. What the group had forgotten was that they had previously sat in that chair and the individual in that particular was wearing a coat made of a material that when moved over this plastic chair created static. So, the spirit in this case was simply a static field much like the one you can create by rubbing a balloon on your jumper.

Tech is fantastic and interesting, but understating of our environment and what you did is paramount. Otherwise you could be sat in a dark room thinking you’re chatting away to a spirit, when its nothing more than a security system.

Say what you hear…

One thing that is often presented in TV shows and via social media as ‘evidence’ of the Paranormal or often the presence of a particular entity, is that of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). These little audio bad boys are quite possibly the most used element of assumption that I have seen. Don’t get me wrong now there is a fantastic amount of interesting research into these which is well worth looking into, but they are equally presented as evidence when in fact they prove nothing. I know that’s a rash statement, but let me explain first.

Firstly, don’t get me wrong I am not saying leave your digital voice recorders at home and stop capturing EVP’s, I have heard some really interesting ones in my time. I think we just need to take on board the realms of possibility here and look at what could be the source of the EVP.

All too often I have listened to someone’s EVP and heard lots of background noise and then the standard questions the group asks followed by that little gap for our spirit to answer. Often once I’ve heard it they say something like; ‘there did you hear it?’ All too often my answer is a ‘no, not really’; then they tell me. However once this has occurred our brain does a little clever messing about and there it is. However this is more like audio pareidolia than actually hearing the voice of a spirit. We are fitting the muffled audio to what we think should be heard. In these situations, I usually revert to the ‘if in doubt, throw it out’ approach. As it didn’t jump out at me the first sweep, doubt is there.

However that said, I have been on an investigation where a member of my team caught what can only be described as a crystal clear EVP on their camcorder. Everyone that has listened to my knowledge hears without cue what is said. However only those of us there at that time could categorically state that none of us said what was recorded, but many who have listened believe that we said it and perhaps don’t remember. Interestingly I didn’t discount this originally as a possibility, but given what is said, it doesn’t fit within the context of our conversation and there is no reaction or response to it. Making it unheard by the human ear in this case. So what does that mean? Well the immediate comprehension is that we captured the voice of a spirit, right? Well wrong again, it means something interesting happened to cause it, but what exactly.

Years after we captured that EVP I took part in a Psychic Projection experiment at the Sage Paranormal D-Day Tour with Brian J Cano, during which the group successfully projected in the space of sixty seconds a chosen word psychically onto a digital voice recorder. Actually two in the same area of the room. However all the other ones in different areas within the room didn’t record this chosen word. As I believe this to be genuine (I have seen the same experiment without success too) it opened the door to a whole new comprehension around EVP’s. It once again becomes a question of; is the most logical or simplest route provable, spirit or the mind? Would it be easier to base our explanation on psychic ability or spirit interaction? In my experiences, more often than not, the mind wins each time. Which isn’t a bad thing, as it means we have more ability than we realise.

Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know…

In my blogs, research and investigations I will often give my own theories on the Paranormal and sometimes watch as people glaze over wondering how we got from ghosts to quantum mechanics. However most of the time I don’t know have the categorical answers or at least ones that can be supported by amazing evidence. The fact of the matter is that weird odd stuff does happen, but we still dont understand it. It’s not understanding that pushes me and so many others forwards though looking for answers to explain the oddities we investigate.

I often see statements like ‘most haunted house’ or ‘this location is definitely haunted’, which are fine as an individual has assessed against their own criteria and made that judgement call. I often get a little ribbing for remaining on the fence on some occasions, but I do this for good reason. Often there just isn’t enough information to support a solid conclusion and I would rather leave the situation open for others to add to or for myself to come back to. One nights investigation, let alone ghost hunting is enough to prove categorically that some people that used to dwell at a particular location have had their consciousness survive death and remain there today to communicate with us.

We need a tonne of data to support such claims and a good solid case file.

Something which I often do, mostly in my head, is run through what it’s not. Basically as we are dealing with the unknown, we cant simply define it as a ghost or spirit especially as we lack supporting data. So, prove what you and show that you’re not jumping to an assumption. Break an EVP down to comprehend those background noises, come up with likely causes for the sound and try to recreate. In the paranormal field we are some of the harshest critics of each other’s work, we have a tough peer review system. So, bear that in mind when you present what you find.

Also, you dont necessarily need to suggest what it is either, say what its not and show why.

I presented our crystal clear EVP as exactly that when we discovered it. However I didn’t look into what it wasn’t until later, which in turn has presented a much more interesting concept. Our minds are complex and capable of some really interesting stuff, your proof of a ghost may actually be proof of one of your teams ability to manipulate audio records with their mind. That just sounds like some crazy Star Wars Jedi mind trick to me. More importantly if this is identified it could be repeated!

Never jump to assumptions…

So, whilst you’re out and about investigating try not to jump to the assumption that you EVP is a trapped spirit or your MEL Meter fluctuations are due to the old Lord of the Manor being angry because you’re there. Seek out other explanations and rule them out first, dont end up talking to the static field surrounding a chair.

Then when you do present what you’ve found, you will have the answers to the questions everyone asks you.

And remember, gather loads of data, because even if you dont use it someone might.

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