Poltergeist: Noisy Ghosts or Misbehaving Minds?

Over all the years that I have been researching and investigating the paranormal, I think one type of phenomenon still captures the attention of ghost hunters more so than others; and that is the strange activity that occurs as a part of a poltergeist infestation. As it is one that can bring with it a unique grouping of spontaneous activity that provides the investigator with the opportunity to experience and document various types of activity at one location across a short space of time.

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The Possibility of the Dunning-Kruger Effect within Ghost Hunting

slowly falling into a rabbit hole, discovering new tangents to follow at every turn. This can often be a blessing as you stumble upon new pieces of information you were previously unaware of, but equally can be a little of a hindrance too at times.

Could their be similar bias experienced within the Flat Earther’s community as there are in the Ghost Hunting community; and could the Dunning-Kruger Effect be that link?

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