Tyler Henry – Life After Death

I am pretty sure that it has been quite a while since I have written about an individual associated with the paranormal, but that is most likely that I have been focused elsewhere and not because there have been no real paranormal people that have caught my eye. However, Tyler Henry is an interesting one that is for sure. Probably better known as the Hollywood Medium (I think) this young man is apparently one of the most booked Mediums in the United States. I think he has something like a three hundred thousand long waiting list, according to the series ‘Life After Death’ currently running on Netflix.

Whilst I could now delve into the possibility of Henry being nothing more than a television fraud, I am not going to venture down that path with this one. There is of course, as with any psychic medium, the possibility that they are nothing more than a clever fraud. Using clever tactics to make people believe they know things they could not, and as such finding validation and belief. As far as Tyler Henry is concerned, for this post I am going to leave the decision regarding fraud up to the reader to pursue. So, for this article I am going to assume that what I witnessed on Netflix was the genuine article, and as such the readings presented were indeed real and not staged for the show itself.

As such the first point of discussion is Henry’s amazing ability to pull out information that is not only accurate, but specific to the individual. We know how easy it is for some Medium’s to provide a vague all encompassing piece of information that could be applied to any number of people. Henry does appear to deliver some very specific pieces of information that, according to how the show delivers them, could only be known by the person having the reading or at least by very few. So, does this provide us with evidence of survival, or something else?

I have to admit, the series on Netflix was partly about Henry performing readings for people, which is not really a show I would usually watch; but it was also about is own family heritage too. The family backstory, which by all accounts could not be more dramatic than it was. As viewers we kind of followed Henry as he travelled to provide people with readings, but also as his mother and he searched for some answers to their questions regarding family history. I will let you watch the series for more on that one, but as ever it highlights that we each have a story to tell somewhere along the lines.

Henry appeared to be remarkably accurate in his readings and I immediately wondered if that was those he was reading for being overly acceptant or him genuinely being that good. The first point to understand here is that he has been reading people since he was a child, picking up things and sharing that information with others. At one point in the series he returns to his old school I believe and we hear of a situation where he passed on a message to a teacher that took her by surprise. Showing that this is an ability that has been there from when he was young, at was accurate even then.

What I personally find extremely interesting about Henry, is his method when it comes to conducting a reading. He appears to utilise a sketch pad and a pen, on which he literally appears to scribble. What appears on the page itself, does resemble that of a small Childs scribbling, with little or no meaning to any of us trying to decipher what is on the page. However, it was this method that really caught me, as it reminded me a little of methods used within remote viewing. Granted that the images drawn on the page in remote viewing often have more meaning; the method I have seen where remote viewers use a few lines scribbled on the page to make a better connection is very similar.

So, whilst Henry’s scribbles on the page may appear like nothing more than random strokes of the pen, perhaps we are seeing a method here that helps to increase the psi connection. It is very difficult to study the method with accuracy on a television series, as the camera angle switches often and you miss the essential information to understand fully. However, it does seem that significant information is delivered at the same time to certain things occurring on the page. Also, at times Henry will even write things down; perhaps numbers representing the number of people or similar. Equally, each of these ‘scribbles’ holds deep meaning to Henry and some are kept in frames by him.

If what Henry does is a form of telepathy, as in he is managing to extract that information from the mind of the person he is reading or indeed by proxy from those close to that person; then even that is a remarkable ability. Granted it is believed to be communication with those that have passed away and may well be, but we lack concrete information here. However, from what the series presents, he provides much needed comfort to those that have lost friends and family members; so perhaps the actual source is best left a mystery. Sometimes we have to recognise the positive impact such things can have on people and realise that maybe that is okay, even if we believe something different.

Personally I am more inclined to believe that Tyler Henry’s approach to mediumship with the use of the pad and pen, is more aligned with remote viewing. As such he is likely picking up information through telepathy with the individual or by proxy from people close to them. It is a fascinating process, which I would like to see close up in order to gain more understanding of what he does. There may even be some kind of order hidden within those random scribbles. Something which could help us to unlock a similar ability in others. One thing is obvious with these abilities, the more you practice them, the better or more accurate you can become. This tells me that it is less likely to be an external spirit communicating and a capability we can evolve, but as ever with psi – I could be wrong.

Perhaps in some strange way Henry’s random scribbles help to provide cognitive feedback as he manages to connect with someone else and draw out information. The belief that this comes from spirit and one the individual has lost, provides us with a belief element to the process that allows access to the persons mind. Of course if all of our minds extend beyond our physical self into a sea of consciousness, then perhaps Henry is simply drawing us a map to the person he is connecting to within that sea.

Either way I find the approach that Tyler Henry utilises during readings fascinating. If it is indeed all true and not television drama; which I hope its not, then it could be something very interesting. Especially as Remote Viewing techniques are teachable, perhaps the abilities Henry has could one day be a talent many more pursue. Maybe in the distant future it will become a subject at school alongside the likes of Art.

This approach certainly warrants greater exploration in my personal opinion. If you have seen the series on Netflix, what are your thoughts ?

3 thoughts on “Tyler Henry – Life After Death

  1. As a medium myself, I know that accessing knowledge that I shouldn’t know is possible. I have also learned that these shows edit out the misses and edit in the ‘hits’. Hoping he doesn’t end up the same as Derek Acorah who was given false info to prove he researched ahead.

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