The Box Thing !!

The paranormal field can often leave you with more questions than you first started with, an intent to understand or even debunk a claim sometimes leads to an abundance of questions you may not have been prepared for. I’ve often found this and in fact my overall personal quest to find out more has lead me down some pretty odd research avenues. As the X-Files tells us ‘the truth is out there’ and equally important ‘I want to believe’; the problem is it’s a continuous quest! The origin of the box came about in much a similar fashion and is one of those weird yet wonderful avenues of research which I don’t fully understand, yet intreagues continually. What it is, does and where it came from may never be answered or may be simply my imagination, who knows! Perhaps the concept of the box is a question within itself?

In The Beginning – Triangles and Circles

It all began as I hit the M27 on the Sunday morning of 9th June 2013, at the time I was driving home from Swanage where I had been investigating the Royal Oak pub. I would like to start off by stating that; yes what follows could be something which had been generated by my own imagination, but if it had then I wasn’t conscious of it. The question then remains, where did this come from?

It’s probably also worth pitching in here to state that in general I’m not one to ‘receive’ information like a medium might. In fact if this hadn’t been so impacting then I may have simply discounted it. Again we must understand that I was tired and there are possibilities that perhaps somewhere somehow there could have been some kind of influence, but to date I am yet to locate it and I have returned to the Royal Oak many times since.

Initially I received what I thought was a table top design of some kind and equally thought that certain individuals may be relevant to the design.

The Original Sketch from the M27 back in 2013

Taking the names out of the equation still left some strange anomalies though, first up was the compass directions, second three triangles which seemed to be related to the past, present and future. Third up was reference to elements in relation to the cardinal compass directions. Fourth up were references to the locations of three pocket watches and one compass. I also added in a Bell Jar into the centre of the table, but I’m really not sure if that is now correct or not.

One particular thing that was intriguing, especially now as I look back on my original notes; the comment ‘I see a machine not a table!’. My study of a few things occult over the years had originally made me think that this design was in fact some kind of table design to be used during possible séances. However later on that didn’t really sit well with me and when I continued to think about it more came to the surface.

Table to Box – With More Detail

From around the 22nd October 2013 through to 20th November 2013 I begun to understand more of the make up of this design and that it was a box not a table design. However there was more, much more specifics. The design was to be the top of a box, which would measure One Royal Cubic by One Royal Cubic by One Royal Cubic. A measurement which is related to ancient Egypt I believe. Around its sides would be markings used to represent the elements, but variations on the usually known ones. Contained within the box would be housed a pyramid, with its point in the centre of the design. Equally with a pyramid contained in the box, there would be a space below the pyramid. This would become the concept of the box.

However what happened next for me was even more odd. For some reason I decided to ask my Father if he could build the box for me, so I could see it in order to physically understand this thing which had been rattling around my head for so long. Oddly my Father agreed immediately and over the next few months he built the box as we know it. As an additional element my Father has added something into the box, an item placed inside the box. The idea being that hopefully one day someone will be able to identify the item psychically.

The Completed Box – In All Its Glory

The completed box is pictured below:-

The Top of the Box

The South – Fire Side

The East – Air Side

The North – Earth Side

The West – Water Side

What Are Your Thoughts On The Box?

Many have given their opinion of what this box is or can be used for, I’m completely at a loss to be honest. I like to think that it’s something to do with focussing energy, but have no conclusive evidence to support this.

There are of course similar symbols represented across the world and through time, but there doesn’t appear to be anything I can find which is the same as this. As an individual that often approaches the paranormal with an open mind, but still ensures that I keep a firm focus on logical scientific approaches, this whole experience has me at a complete loss.
So I’ve decided to add the story of this box to my website and see if anyone out there may have an idea to its origin or purpose. Of course I’m equally understanding and accepting if some believe this to be a complete augmentation of my imagination triggered by a certain set of circumstances on that faithful day.

More importantly, let’s come up with a better name for this thing, as I’m not sure ‘The Box Thing’ really does it any justice at all.

Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on this, as I am sure it can only possibly help?

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