The Conewago Phantom

As I have now added a Cryptozoology section to my website, I thought I should revisit an earlier post and add it to this section. A while back I done my usual search of the internet for paranormal stories and stumbled across a report about the Conewago Phantom. It wasn’t long before I could see many similes between the phantom and various other supernatural incarnations.

Placing aside the more religious definitions for the moment, we will come to those later on, the creature that sprung immediately to mind, was that of the Mothman. Point Pleasant’s famous cryptid reportedly sighted between the 12th November 1966 to December 1967. These sightings have been hypothesised as being related to the collapse of the towns bridge on the 15th December 1967. It is believed that the Mothman appears prior to disasters and may warn some people about the event.

The Conewago Phantom?

The question is, could the Conewago Phantom, sighted since 1988 it would seem, also be the Mothman?

The Conewago Phantom websites do seem to repeat descriptions similar to those of the Mothman. The only difference which was commented on during the Point Pleasant sightings of the Mothman, is that lack it would seem of those piercing red eyes! This doesn’t necessarily mean they were not there, just not seen by the Conewago witnesses. After all it can’t be easy to pick up all the details of a flying humanoid! The Phantom however has been described as a seven foot tall human with wings, which is reasonably similar to the Mothman. It was also described as a dragon like creature with fur for feathers and a tail, not so Mothman like perhaps.

The Mothman

I have to admit, although I spend most of my time in purported haunted locations searching for ghosts, spirits and perhaps a little proof of an afterlife, I still find other aspects of the paranormal interesting. The Mothman stories have caught my eye ever since I saw the Mothman Prophecies film years back. It was one of those films that made me look a few things up. Other things, like the Lock Ness Monster have also drawn me in a little and who can forget Bigfoot! More recently I have watched Destination Truth and Monster Hunter regularly and become reasonably amazed how many different reports of strange or weird creatures there are out there.

Getting back to our Phantom, which maybe the Mothman or a similar creature, we have to look into its possibility. If the Mothman was an actual creature and not something that appeared to warn Point Pleasant of its pending bridge collapse, then it would have to fit into the local eco-system somehow. It would need to feed and live somewhere near by, but is this possible? Perhaps a more logical question would be, is it possible for a seven foot tall humanoid creature with wings to fly? The answer of course would be yes, but then how big would those wings have to be to support the body and indeed the strength required to create the thrust to fly would be immense. Which may actually sway the answer back towards a no!

Which returns us to the same process that my team use whilst investigating a haunting, first you look for logical explanations, then if you can find nothing to explain it then it may just be paranormal. Basically its a new approach on the Sherlock Holmes way.

Obviously, I haven’t managed a full investigation into the Mothman or Conewago’s Phantom, but my guess is that we would need to look for evidence such as disappearing cattle or similar size animals. A creature the size of the Mothman would require regular food which would be quickly burnt off during flight. Surely such a feeding pattern would be noticed in the surrounding areas. I’ve not looked into it, if I ever get the chance to investigate either case I will do I promise. If you’re reading this and know more about these cases, please feel free to let me know more.

So, if the Mothman and the Phantom are not creatures, but some kind of supernatural creature, with the ability to appear and disappear at will, not really living. Then perhaps its existence can be explained, if indeed you can explain simply the existence of supernatural beings, good luck with that.

However, this is where we could easily slip into the more religious possibilities, from the dark side it could be some kind of daemon or from the light side it could be seen as an angel perhaps. Although, as an angel it lacks much of the usual good looks and light of god support. The daemon side does seem more likely though with the dark shadowy outlook and in the case of the Mothman, its red piercing eyes. Not to mention the simple fact it appears when death and misery are the cards. Of course it could be both, a kind of angel of death perhaps?

Whatever either of these creatures are they remain elusive and sightings far and few between. Perhaps a future investigation for my team is in order, but as they currently seem to reside state side we may have a bit of a wait for that one. For me, like most in the paranormal world I am interested in learning more and will reserve my judgement until I do so.

As with any of my posts, please feel more than free to comment, after all these are hopefully discussion points. I look forwards to hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on “The Conewago Phantom

  1. There was a local tragedy that happened near here in Dec. 2011. Look up the New Oxford 5. That happened just up the road from the creek where the original sighting happened.


  2. A police officer friend of mine heard a show focussing the “Conewago Phantom ” last night on coast to coast radio. He contacted me and asked me if I ever heard of it since I am a paranormal researcher I have not. Funny thing it’s only about 15 miles away from me. I have already started planning an investigation.


    1. That’s great news, investigating phenomena such as this may help us understand so much more and a few other related cryptids too. I would love to hear how you get on with your investigation.

      Thank you for the comment .

      Ashley Knibb


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