The Theory of Telepathic Interaction by Ashley Knibb

Telepathic Interaction

“Telepathy – The communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, independently of recognised channels of sense”

– FWH Myers

Whilst researching, investigating and experimenting in the paranormal field, more specifically during communication between sensitive’s and possible spirits, I wanted to discover an easier way to document the communication. I wanted a method that could help me see what was going on during the communication simply, rather than referring to multiple sources in order to understand the short event.

Over the years I have tried many things, but whilst reading about Quantum Physics I discovered Feynman’s Diagrams and began to wonder if there could be a way of incorporating a similar approach. Oddly this also identified something else which I had felt was missing or perhaps not quite right, which was the vocabulary. I wanted to change some of the terms in order to move away from assumption and begin to create something more probable.

This paper outlines how telepathic interaction during ‘paranormal occurrences’ can now be documented using my ideograms quickly and simply. The diagrams can also in some cases be reduced to define the most probable source of the interaction, thus determining if it is a good example of survival or not.

Please feel free to read through the document attached via the link below and comment on your thoughts on my theory and methodolgy in documenting these telepathic interactions.

The Theory of Telepathic Interaction By Ashley Knibb


The Dark

From as far back as I can really remember along side my interest in the paranormal has been an obvious link to the dark. Having children myself now I am all too aware of the common fear which effects some of the next generation, the simple fear which creeps in as the lights dim low. However, this simple fear of what was hidden in the dark, in the unknown went beyond our children and if we are honest some of us worry a little about the shadows too.


I guess the idea for this post came about after I was re-introduced to what may lurk in the darker parts of my childrens room. Sometimes when you have kids, even a simple bedtime can spiral out of control when the room isn’t illuminated effectively.

After spending the past couple of years actively investigating haunted locations in the dark, I suppose the pitch black and shadowed filled rooms have become more than my friend. In fact walking through a darkened room has become second nature now. Perhaps that childhood programming which made me pause for a moment, theorise what maybe lurking in the shadows and then hunt for the light, has been phased out due to prolonged exposure. Still the very essence of both child like and adult fear of the dark still appears in every day life for me. Whether its my children practically begging sometimes for more light to help them sleep or some of my friends performing the ritual of pausing for a light switch. Either way, whatever age, all concerned must deep down fear the dark a little.

I believe that in a number of cases, probably more so with children the fear factor is fired by a belief that ghost generally come out to play at night. I know it was so as I grew up hearing ghost stories from friends and family members alike. Generally there was also a dusty old house involved too or darkened wood in the dead of night.


Of course this theory is totally unjustified as there are actually more reports of paranormal activity during the day than night! Possibly due to more of us being awake or simply because there are more background elements misunderstood as activity. So, why do we head out in the dead of night to seek our spirits? To be honest, no one has really managed a definitive answer on this, but I have a few ideas. First up, simply is the fact that its quiet at night and usually the only ones about at the locations we visit are us crazy ghost hunters. This does have its advantages for an investigator though, an ever so slightly controlled environment to investigate. I say slightly as an actual controlled environment is impossible to find, unless its a locked down labatory. Still doesn’t explain the walking around in the dark, surely the chances of mistaking those shadows for wandering spirits are greatly increased. Still investigating the paranormal isn’t always straight forward logically science and half the time our senses become the best tool available to us. Sometimes experience is the key.

Should we really be afraid of the dark? Who really knows! After all I have to admit, I’ve seen some pretty odd stuff when the lights are low and I’m pretty damn sure they are not just shadows! I guess that means that I will continue hunting around dark old buildings for the unexplained, which is fine by me as I enjoy it. The dark isn’t scary anyways, its what you find that throws you!

Are you afraid of the dark?

EVP – Fact or Fiction ?

    For as long as I have had an interest in the paranormal I can remember an association with Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Even years back when I remember some friends trying out some EVP work with a cassette recorder. They sat there in a circle, with some atmospheric candle light asking out into the semi-darkness. Then after a short while they would rewind the tape and listen, most of the time the result was pure static, but now and then a few oddities would pop up!

    Since those early days, things have moved along a little more and its had a bit more high tech spin applied to it. With investigators using handheld digital voice recorders during investigations and then analysing the recording on computers after the investigation to find anomalies. However, the human ear is still the tool of choice for finding voices or sounds amongst the static.

    With EVP featuring on many paranormal TV shows now and almost always popping up as evidence for an investigation team, I find myself constantly questioning the integrity of this source of evidence. Hands in the air, on many occasions I have jumped up with excitement because I thought I had something paranormal on a recording. You have to ask yourself though, how certain am I that there is no other source for this? I have also watched many paranormal investigation TV shows where they have pointed out a captured voice, but alas I was unable to hear the voice let alone what they thought it might say!

    So, my question is quite simple, as an investigation tool or piece of evidence, how reliable is EVP to our cause?


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