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The Metetherial Encyclopaedia – Intuitions

What is it?

It’s been called ‘the private voice’, ‘the inner voice’, a gut feeling, a hunch, it has even been related to our potential spiritual guides or protectors, but these days it’s often recognised as our intuition and it could be a fundamental building block in our paranormal experiences.

Oddly this is one thing that we have probably all experienced at some point in our lives, its just often overlooked as being a part of everyday life. However there are the odd occasions we experience something a little bit more than normality and then raises our interest slightly. These have been the kind of things like the inner voice telling you not to get on a plane or into a car, then after making that decision something happening that quantifies your fear makes the intuition all that more real.

So, basically its realising that feeling and allowing it to influence your current decision. I’m not an expert, but from what I do understand intuitions do appear to be there constantly as a part of our daily life decisions. Sometimes we take notice of them and other times, if not most of the time we dont and carry on with our normal day to day.

A Little History

This is a particular part of the Paranormal that is a little like Swiss cheese as it is often something which utilised for life changing decisions or completely passed over as irrelevant.

Sir Lauren’s van der Post (1907) recorded an anecdote about the death of his admired friend, the psychologist C.G. Jung (1875-1961). Van der Post was returning by sea from Africa. He had a kind of waking dream one afternoon of Jung lifting a hand in farewell; the following morning he looked out through the porthole of his cabin:

I saw a great, white, lone albatross gliding by it; the sun on fire on its wings. As it glided by it turned its head and looked straight at me. I had done that voyage countless times before and such a thing had never happened to me, and I had a feeling as if some tremendous ritual had been performed.

A moment later, he heard on the radio the news that Jung had died the previous day – at the precise moment, as far as he could determine, of his “vision.”

Van der Post believed that Jung had communicated with him at the moment of his death, but then taken the form of the albatross in order to reassure him. At least in order to comfort him into the belief of Jung’s continued existence.

You see although this anecdote appears to have been timely in its occurrence and many others would have discounted as simple coincidence it does have relative relation to Jung even as an anecdote. Van der Posts experiences could have been seen as a synchronicity or meaningful coincidence, something which Jung himself had theorised on.

Over the years I have read an abundance of these kind of anecdotes and heard similar stories from people I’ve met. These meaningful coincidences that occur around the time of an individuals death, but the information of said death seems to be unconsciously communicated to close friends or family, sometimes even those that were simple acquaintances too.

I believe that FWH Myers of the SPR even touched on this in his epic piece Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death. Myers even submitted a few examples similar to the one above regarding individuals receiving certain odd information only to discover that someone close had passed away at a similar time.

Whether it’s as simple as a small sense that we should take one option rather than another, a definite feeling that stops you in your tracks saving you from making the wrong decision or even what seems like information transmitted from someone close at the moment of their death; these intuitions have existed for all of time and appear to be part of each of us similar to our fight or flight instinct.

Intuition Today

Although many spiritual approaches have had good knowledge of intuition for what must be centuries if not longer, an understanding of them seems to be making its way into mainstream popularity these days.

Comprehending our own intuitions on a daily basis and consulting them for a part of decision making process is something many out there will offer to teach you these days. Some are obviously after your hard earned cash to line their own pockets, but a few are genuine and there to help.

Becoming mindful, meditation in order to calm the mind and enable more connection with our inner-self is now becoming more accessible to us all. It’s no longer just available in books, you can find it in an app on your phone if you look. Although I do wonder if attempting this through a phone app is really taking it in the right direction.

Personally for me intuition has become a valuable tool I use during investigations. I of course gather data and log occurrences, but it might be my own intuition that leads me to try a certain approach or venture into a particular part of a location.

In the work that I have done with mediums and during the seances; intuition could play a big part and be part of the mechanics that helps sensitives possibly communicate with spirits. It could certainly be an individuals intuition that allow them to accept certain pieces of information as communication. As we are still in the dark to whether or not this information is from spirits, telepathy with others or simply random information we may already know, we must go with what our intuition assesses it as. There are of course ways to determine information source, but even that’s not conclusive in all cases.

If indeed intuitions are instinctive then we perhaps shouldn’t simply rule them out just because on occasion they appear a little, well emotionally driven or perhaps a little crazy.

So, next time you have a decision to make, don’t forget to consult your intuition too. You never know it might just provide a better option for you to take that works out a heck of a lot better.

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Harry Price Ghost Hunter

A recent TV drama reminded me of one of the paranormal worlds most interesting characters and one which perhaps has rightly earned himself a prominent position in the Paranormal Hall of Fame; none other than Harry Price, who else! 

Harry Price Ghost Hunter


Harry Price Ghost Hunter
Harry Price Ghost Hunter

Born on the 17th January 1881, Harry Price developed a passion for magic from an early age, something which would later become extremely valuable to him during his work with many Psychic Mediums. Later in life he was a member of the Magic Circle and played particular interest in the workings of many a conjuring trick. These skills helped him to later reveal many psychics as fraudsters, using mind tricks such as cold reading to prey on those that has lost loved ones especially around war time. 

However it wasn’t long before Harry Price work in psychical research gained him recognition in England and beyond. He was a charismatic and enigmatic character who was prominent in the world of psychical research for around thirty years. In which time he investigated many various paranormal phenomena, worked wth many psychic mediums, but also exposed many fake spiritualists. 

Interestingly though he seemed to stand as a balance between those who didn’t believe in the world of the occult and those spiritualists that the occult dominated their lives. Perhaps almost understanding both points of view and hoping to bring the two together. A position I can fully understand! 

Harry Price Ghost Hunting Achievements

Never the less he had an outstanding involvement in the world of the paranormal during his life with many an achievement to write home about. He carried out the longest, most comprehensive and original investigation of a haunted house. He looked into the scientific exploration of supernormal phenomena; such as mediumship, spiritualistic and psychic activity. Harry Price was part of the first live broadcast from a haunted house, something we probably take for granted these days with the likes of Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters performing this annually. Price was the first to start and run a National Laboratory of Psychical Research. He helped to revive the famed Ghost Club and wrote some twenty books on the subject, to name only a few achievements. He could quite easily be considered the Ghost Hunter or Investigator God Father! 

The Borley Rectory Case

Of course the most famous case associated with Harry Price as a Ghost Hunter was that of the Borley Rectory case. He first visited the Essex rectory in 1929, and for the rest of his life, on and off, he returned continuing to investigate the location. In fact at the time of his death in 1948, he was putting together the first parts of a third volume of the activity at Borley. However the details of the Borley Rectory case is enough for a post all by itself, so perhaps more on this another time.

The Rosalie Case

Perhaps one of Harry Price’s lesser known cases is actually one of his more remarkable. This is of course the case of alleged materialisation that he witnessed in 1937, which became known as ‘the Rosalie case’. This was described as the materialisation of a naked young girl that died in 1921. Price published his account in his book ‘Fifty Years of Psychical Research : A Critical Survey’. During the actual materialisation, Price held the child and determined she was roughly six years old. He felt her pulse, established there was a heartbeat, saw the form to an extent in limited light and he was allowed to ask only six questions. However he only received an answer for the last question; “Rosalie, do you love your mummy?”. A lisped “Yes” was the response. Following this ‘Rosalie’ dematerialised silently. 

Following the seance Harry Price examined the house and found nothing out of place and that all was in agreement with his examination prior to the seance. He’s measures were still in place. He left the house mystified and later published his account ‘with considerable hesitation’. Price saw Mrs K M Goldney MBE, who was a prominent member of the Society for Psychical Research the next day. Goldney reported that Harry Price appeared deeply disturbed, almost distraught and shaken to the core by the seance. Although Price didn’t conclude this as proof of life after death, it certainly must have got him thinking and questioning many things. 

Still to this day the term Ghost Hunter seems associated with Harry Price, although in reality he was an investigator, experimenter and researcher like many of us in the paranormal field. I wonder what he would think about how we approach things today, not to mention the numerous gadgets at our disposal?

Still in my opinion this guy deserves a place in the Paranormal Hall of Fame.

Harry Price – 1881 to 1948