The Devil’s Hour

The Devil’s Hour is said to occur between 3am and 4am; and this is the point each day that demonic activities are said to be at their highest. There are also some that believe this is because Jesus was crucified at 3pm, the most “godly” hour, so 12 hours later at 3am the demons have their time. Obviously 3am appears repeatably in the movies as an unholy time and generally when evil stuff happens.

In reality there is nothing to support these claims as most of us are very much asleep at this time. I personally have been awake at this time on many occasions and apart from a few occasions when some strange stuff has occurred during a paranormal investigation, I have yet to encounter a demon.

However, that did not stop Sue Vertue, Steven Moffat and Tom Moran from creating a six part series with the title ‘The Devil’s Hour.’ Whilst lead character Lucy does repeatably wake up at 3:33am every night, it is not exactly what you think it may be. Oddly it was a line in the shows advert that caught my attention; where Gideon Shepherd (played by Peter Capaldi) is asked if he is a ‘psychic or a time-lord.’ The irony being that Capaldi has once played the famous time-lord Doctor Who. Equally Moffat has worked on Doctor Who too. Drawn in by this statement I wondered what ‘The Devil’s Hour’ and these characters may have in common with time, especially considering Capaldi plays a mysterious criminal that seems to understand the future.

Now if you would like to avoid any spoilers, may I suggest you watch ‘The Devil’s Hour’ on Amazon Prime Video before you continue reading.

What I found particularly interesting initially was the representations of both visions of the future some of the main characters experienced and also ghosts during the day to day. The future visions seemed to be presented as a kind of deja vu or precognition; which was interesting to say the least. However, it would become apparent that Capaldi’s character would have the greatest understanding of this phenomena, providing us with the concept that when he died he simply started again in the same life. However, as he had a unique ability to recall the previous life, he could now change the events of the next life and provide himself with a different outcome. Equally those that cheated death in this way or had a dramatic change to their path would be haunted by the ghosts of the previous path.

It was this concept of a haunting that really caught my attention; what if what we perceive as ‘ghosts’ are essentially echoes of alternate realities? Which is why in most cases there is no real intelligent interaction. In those rare occasions where what is believed to be intelligent communication does occur, then maybe that is a time where we are able to reach across the veil of the realities and gain more than just a vision.

This concept that ghosts could be echoes of other realities or even time has always fascinated me, especially as I have investigated some locations that could be said to have been exactly that, a bridge to a time once past.

In fact, it is often the case if we are to take at face value the reports of many ghost hunters, that many hauntings relate in some fashion to a place and point in its history. Many ghost hunters, will endeavour to research the locations they investigate and then often link that history to the phenomenon. This helps the narrative of the haunting and even the ghost hunters personal adventure too. Which may be why these ghost stories become so important to us all. However, it does not necessarily explain the source of the phenomenon. If anything it simply allows the ghost stories to continue and evolve with each new variation told.

This potential time-bridge that a haunting may be, is again mostly an echo and something that can only be observed. Even though many may claim intelligent communication, this is highly subjective and rarely validated. Which presents a new problem; is it our imagination conjuring the vision from information we did not know we knew or is it facts acquired telepathically or both?

Our need to know what comes next can often cloud our theoretical and analytical minds; and as such we chase an afterlife that provides us with comfort. At least all the comfort one can obtain from believing in what comes next as being a more spiritual existence. However, that very belief could be correct just misinterpreted; the next spiritual realm could be an alternative reality or possibly an alternative timeline. A timeline we live where we make different choices; take different jobs; have different relationships; live a different life. Similar to ‘The Devil’s Hour’ this may provide echoes of our previous existence. Those strange occurrences of deja vu or oddly familiar ghosts.

I guess we should not really close off this piece without touching on the concept of collective consciousness. If indeed this is an essential part of the phenomena, then perhaps it reaches much further than we could imagine. Perhaps, as we have discussed before, it reaches beyond time and space, maybe existing in a reality or dimension of its own. Another reason why it could equally be described as the Akashic Records.

Interestingly as I visualise the concepts of both the Akashic Records and Collective Consciousness; I am presented with both information I understand and a great deal I do not. Similar to a Library, where many books are in the language I know; namely English, and others are in other languages or of a technicality I do not understand. However, this is simply understanding, as I could learn other languages to understand more. My comprehension is limited by my own ability to learn. And this could be said to be true potentially for Collective Consciousness. In understanding more, maybe our ability to see and communicate with potential spirits or information becomes more apparent. Certainly a concept that could be backed by Mediumship or Shamanism. As they learn and believe more the veil thins.

Whilst I do not watch a great deal of TV, I do enjoy it when a program makes you think about things differently; especially when its around concepts of the paranormal. A part of the great joy of researching and investigating the paranormal from my personal perspective, is the ability to say ‘what if?’ When something you watch, or read, or see, or someone you speak to brings you to that point and you find yourself asking; ‘what if?’ Then you know you’re about to venture down the rabbit hole or go in search of a talking mongoose. The game is well and truly afoot!

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