The Telepathic Mind Computer Idea

Our paranormal experiences often stay with us for our lifetime, they are events we cannot explain or leave us wondering why they occurred in the first place. Still, even with the huge amount of exposure the paranormal has received in recent years from television shows, those experiences remain relatively few and far between. Those experiences that are analysed closely often reduce even further leaving less true experiences to talk about. That said there is equally a large number of believed experiences that go without proper analysis and as such become a part of the paranormal lore many have come to accept.

I have been fortunate during my time investigating the paranormal to have had several odd paranormal experiences, which as you would expect both fascinated me to understand them and equally meant that I questioned them too. Were these experiences genuine evidence of the existence of an afterlife or were they hallucinations of some kind triggered by something.

Whilst the existence of an afterlife is of course one possibility to explain these experiences, it is equally surrounded with belief and it’s that belief that can cause bias towards one explanation over any other. There are of course many other explanations, possibilities and theories we could consider. One such thought process is the understanding that potentially these experiences are more directly related to our minds and its unusual way of processing information or perhaps processing lack of information. However, rather than just following the path of imagination, what if our minds are more connected than we realise and missing information is not imagined, it is obtained telepathically.

Computers, communication devices and wireless networks are something that we are all very much aware of these days. The majority of us carry one of the many available smartphones in our pockets these days. Devices which allow us to communicate on new levels these days with video calling, the ability to pass information in various forms and thanks to social media keep track on how our friends and families lives are going. Granted more recently I have seen a few more people pull away from social media for various reasons, but they still remain connected in some way or another.

As technology is very much connected to my day job, these aspects of the computers in our pockets always gets me thinking. Which is how the idea of a telepathic mind computer came to me one day.

Simply put the computer element is our mind and comparable to those smartphones in our pockets, as they transfer information via the various wireless routes like the recently controversial 5G network. Although our minds wireless technology could be considered to be telepathy. I say ‘considered’ as this idea, is simply that an idea which could potentially be another explanation for why we experience those strange occurrences. With any idea it must be developed into a true theory, which in turn must be fully tested before it becomes more excepted.

So, how would this telepathic mind computer idea work? The mind is a complex organism that’s been carefully studied by many over the years, slowly revealing its secrets a little at a time. Within psychical research and parapsychology the study of the mind or the mind itself being seen as the potential source of the paranormal experiences is something that has been studied in depth, certainly since the foundation of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). However, what if our minds are more connected than we would tend to believe or desire. Perhaps a little like Jung’s collective consciousness, allowing ideas and information to be passed between humans the world over without the restrictions of time and space.

During my time reading about this as a possibility I have stumbled upon many things that could be considered to support the idea. Perhaps one of the simplest considerations is reflected in the work of Rupert Sheldrake and relates to the concept of our distinct ability to recognise when someone is staring at us. For example; have you felt strongly that someone is looking directly at you or invading your personal space; you react by turning around only to see someone looking directly at you. It is a strange feeling indeed, but one we have all experienced in some form or another, I am sure. In my opinion this provides us with a potential possibility of information being transferred from one person to another. A transfer that is likely to be embedded deep within our very DNA as a survival mechanism as it may be there to allow us to understand if a predator was watching us.

If you then consider this idea within a ghost hunting scenario then it’s possible implications becomes somewhat fascinating. For example; let’s imagine that a ghost hunter is conducting their investigation of a location supposedly haunted. They will have some knowledge of the locations possible hauntings which in turn may cause some bias, but equally it often leaves gaps in the ghost hunters knowledge they seek answers for. I wonder if those gaps provide mental cues for the ghost hunters minds to telepathically ‘google’ the ether for more information to fill those gaps. Is it then possible that as that information becomes available our minds generate the visions we determine as ghosts or other paranormal experiences.

This would then mean the source of the information is not the afterlife itself, but the minds of others and those who are very much alive. Basically this would mean that when those ghost hunters telepathically ‘google’ information; a process that is mostly likely automatic, the information is drawn from the minds of others. Meaning that the information is possibly stored in chunks across multiple minds and brought together, which may explain why the information received from ghosts and spirits is lacking in details or simply missing vital chunks. After all our minds are not perfect and do not always recall every little detail.

Oddly this again could be seen to be drawing similarities to computers and smartphones. Computers can be networked with their data backed up on several servers, mirroring the data to ensure it’s not lost. Meaning the data is available from several places. This could also be true of our minds; we may have similar information relating to a person or a place in our minds, but that information may be from a different perspective. So the same, but different; which means it presents itself in a way that could be considered communication from beyond. It is a possibility as likely as that of the afterlife.

The paranormal field has always been one that appealed to me because we could theorise to the possibilities of the source of the paranormal and how it may all work. Many I feel seem to want to remain focused on ghosts and various phenomena being directly related to what happens to us after we die, rather than the possibility of who we may be and capable of which is beyond the normal. Perhaps there is more to us humans than we realise and that is something we need to embrace in order to learn more about.

Whether there really is a telepathic mind computer or not, that I can not prove right now. However, one thing is certain we should not rule these ideas out just yet, as we are still searching for the true answers to these questions.

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