What is the Metetherial Project?


“That which appears to lie after or beyond the ether: the metetherial environment denotes the spiritual or transcendental world in which the soul may be supposed to exist.”

– F W H Myers

FWH Myers

The question of whether our consciousness can survive bodily death is one that has troubled many great people throughout the sands of time. Oddly it appears to be in some shape or another the very question that we often find ourselves returning to. It is also the question that those working with me on the Metetherial Project hope to find an answer to.

We hope to utilise a combination of both spiritual and scientific approaches in order to progress our research. This approach will also allow a unity of spiritual mediums, paranormal investigators and researchers to work together towards a common goal. We also hope to achieve this using a combination of spiritual energy generated by a group of talented mediums, the spiritual energy centralised at a known location and the technology available to us to monitor the circumstances of our experiments.

There is so much more to this, but that will come soon! So, please keep checking back to see how the Project is progressing.


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