What is the Metetherial Encyclopaedia?

The Metetherial Encyclopaedia

The Metetherial Project

When I started the Metetherial Project over two years ago now, I always knew it was going to be a long old journey into the unknown that would have me constantly learning, understanding and growing too. It’s a Project which has already taught me so much, but also helped to ope my mind to so many possibilities.

So, when I first started the Project I posted ‘What is the Metetherial Project?’ to try and really briefly describe what it was all about. Given the Project is aimed at looking into the hard problem of whether consciousness can survive bodily death it was always going to be an open ended Project.

Information & Source

A few things that have been highlighted since I started this back in 2014 are that communication is a large piece of this Project. As soon as you look into the communication element the key things that come to mind now are; 1) information; and 2) source. The information is transferred from the source to us. Understanding this information better allows us to create a dialogue or language that works better with phenomena. However really understanding the source or more probable source of that information is the part that really begins to make this area interesting. This has been recently highlighted in the Journal of the Society of Psychical Research, its been a topic of discussion more so since we are scientifically looking at what our minds are really capable of, but it is also an area that has been queried before decades ago by researchers and even mediums alike.

Knowledge is Important

Understanding how important both information and the source of that information has also taught me a thing or too over the last couple of years. A quick short hop from information and you find knowledge, this and several discussions with friends eventually helped me to decide that I wanted to add more information to my website that may help others.

I wanted to create a resource that others could read when items were first posted, but also search or look up in order find other bits too. I wanted it to be somewhere that would include not only the unknown or unproven paranormal related pieces of information, but also information relating to spiritualism and also science when it has been linked to paranormal subjects. I wanted to share my research, my knowledge.

What is the Metetherial Encyclopaedia?

I hope that the Metetherial Encyclopaedia will be somewhere that everyone can use to look up or simple read through various paranormal pieces of knowledge. Its my guide to the unkown for anyone that’s interested to read it. I’m not going to claim that this be the definitive or only place you should consult, but that’s simply because I am a researcher too and beleive that good research is achieved through consulting many sourcing and cross referencing them.

At the very least I hope that the Metetherial Encyclopaedia will give you access to a little of the information I have encountered over the years.

Also, if you ever wish me to add anything on a particlular subject to the Encyclopaedia, simply comment or message me by Facebook or Twitter. That way it’s not only my guide its a little yours too.

The Metetherial Encyclopaedia

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