Akashic Records 

What are they?

It’s believe that on another plane of consciousness there may exist in some fashion a record of every deed, thought, decision, event and interaction that has ever been experienced. This store of records are what’s known as the Akashic Records. Its believed that these records can be accessed by psychics, mediums and also clairvoyants. However these days it would seem that records may be accessible to many more varieties of individuals and not necessarily just the spiritually gifted. Perhaps the Akashic Records has more public access sections now.

The word Akasha is actually a Sanskrit word meaning ‘sky’, ‘space’ or ‘aether’. Most describe the Akashic Records metaphorically as a huge library, whilst others liken it in modern time to a database or computer. Some see it as more like a Collective Consciousness, Collective Unconscious similar to that of Carl Jung or perhaps even the ‘Mind of God’.

Visiting the Records?

The Akashic Records, as far as we know are not physical. There’s no gigantic library hidden away in the corner of the universe. However as the Records exist in that other plane of consciousness its in this way that we can visit.

It’s believed that through deep states of relaxation or meditation anyone can access the Records. Through the subconscious mind, through dreams, perhaps mediumship, intuitive and esoteric exercises. It’s believed clarity of mind and its harmony of conscious, unconscious or superconscious can be essential.

So, next time you fall asleep or attempt deep meditation, perhaps you’ll visit the Akashic Records.

The Significance of Time

It’s understood that the Akashic Records exist out of time. Which kind of means they exist in the past, present and future, but include information from all time. Often an odd one to grasp considering we live in such a linear time existence, but when you factor in oddities such as knowledge of past events before an individual’s life or precognition, then it makes sense. So it could be that time has no significance at all at the Akashic Records. The very concept of somewhere being void of time often boggles our mind, as we are completely driven by time in our lives. Personally I quite like the idea of going somewhere witout time!

My Encounter With The Akashic Records

What’s odd about the Akashic Records is that over the years they’ve came up once or twice in my own research. To me they are not just a huge library of documents that represent all events of all time, but more like a gigantic prestigous university. A place that informs and teaches those that manage to access it. A kind of Hogwarts meets Cambridge University. Of course as they may exist in a place accessed through our own consciousness its likely to be slightly tailored to all our own individual perspectives.

Perhaps there’s even a little part of the Akashic Records in all of us?

Akashic Records In My Mind

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