Most Haunted’s Famous Ghost on the Stairs
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That Ghost on the Stairs

A recent episode of Most Haunted aired which included some footage where the Most Haunted team claim they’ve caught video evidence of a probable ghost walking up the stairs. The Most Haunted team seem to regard this footage as the most ground-breaking footage of a ghost that they have ever captured. The footage has certainly stirred a huge amount of interest and debate, but perhaps a little more than that. 

Even The Telegraph posted an online article on Most Haunted’s ghost of Wentworth Woodhouse, which can be seen here.

I was first made aware of the ghost when my sister told me that the episode has been highlighted as containing ‘a ghost caught on film’.  Given that ghosts caught on film are actually a more regular occurence these than you probably realise, Most Haunted will have to forgive me for not rushing home to tune in. Plus at the time I was spending time with the living, so figured a ghost could wait. Oddly I actually forgot about the ghost on the stairs. However good old Facebook brought it back to my attention soon enough. 

Whilst checking out Facebook the Most Haunted video popped up where Yvette Fielding introduced the footage and showed us how they had checked the raw footage proving that this video wasn’t a fake. Yvette also explained that the footage was an excellent example of the Stone Tape Theory, as it shows a possibility of where an event could have been receorded by the environment. 

Most Haunted Ghost is a Fake

Similar to Most Haunted’s own video and the actual episode it wasn’t long before the social media debates became a few videos explaining exactly how Most Haunted managed to fake this particular ghost. It would seem similarly to the incident at 30 East Drive, the Most Haunted reputation was still very tarnished or at least some out there would lead you to believe. 

Most of these videos explaining how Most Haunted faked the footage rested on the two things; 1) they must of used a technique called overlay, and 2) the raw footage date was wrong. 

To be fair some of the videos were excellent at explaining how Most Haunted would have achieved this and they made for insightful pieces. In fact taking both videos, Most Haunted’s and the various ones on YouTube were quite equal. 

The second wave, so to speak of social media reports on the ghost at Wentworth Woodhouse pretty much dominated the internet convincing the masses that ghost wasn’t just a fake, but probably a member of the team via the overlay technique. Which really explains Yvette’s stone tape theory away. 

Opinion and Evidence Evaluation

Interestingly enough though this whole situation had think about the ghost at Wentworth Woodhouse, perhaps a little differently. Those of you that often read my Psi Theory section on my website will know that this isn’t new. 

Over the years during paranormal investigations I have captured crystal clear EVP, objects moving and more. Fundamentally video and audio all over the place. I am happy to raise my hands stating much of this has been referred to as ‘evidence’ by myself in the past, but that term alone brings with it a whole different realm of understanding. 

A quick google shows us that evidence means; ‘the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid’. It’s the last bit for me which is really important here, ‘true or valid’ to me are absolute terms. However we often throw the term evidence around in relation to many things that are far from absolute. 

Most Haunted’s ghost on the stairs, if it is actually a ghost isn’t absolute at all, in fact if it’s a ghost that actually generates more questions. Which is actually a good thing. Understanding ghosts and spirits is essential to the field. True evidence of ghosts wont come from video footage it will come from measurement and understanding their mechanics, how they work and more. 

Social Media saw a lot of opinion on the subject, which in some places was very negative towards the Most Haunted footage, whilst in other places supported the footage and the team without question. The problem is that opinion negative of positive doesn’t actually prove anything either way, it just generates a lot if interest in the footage. Hence why I am writing this post. 

In science, peer review has been used for many years in order to understand a theory one scientist may have, but also to test it to ensure its water tight. Although this approach does have a few issues these days, its still a relatively sound approach. If you discover something during an investigation generate a report and submit it to an un-biased person for review. I personally would love to see more of this. That’s why my website houses most of my investigations and I am always happy to hear the opinions of others in the field. How else will we progress. 

Most Haunted’s Raw Footage

With all this in mind and as I cant base a conclusion on social media opinion or one set of footage, I can only have an idea of what I believe the Most Haunted ghost might be. 

So, here it is Most Haunted! I would be happy to review the actual raw footage as an un-biased investigator. I will look through the raw footage and write up a report on this very website on my findings. What do you say then Yvette and Karl, fancy giving me a look at the raw footage? Just in case Most Haunted aren’t reading this (why not) please share it where they might? 

Another option is to post the raw footage online for all to review, but this may not be possible as its part of a TV programme. 

Let’s start looking at ‘evidence’ like this correctly and make it available for peer review, then perhaps we can say it is absolute and begin to look at more questions beyond; is it a fake? Especially as the question of whether something in the paranormal field is a fake or not is a question that has been asked time and time again for well over a hundred years now! 

Years ago we also caught an oddity on the stairs which cane under scrutiny too, check it out here.

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