In Search of the Paranormal Holy Grail
Psi Theory

A Holy Grail or A Wooden Goblet

The holy grail was originally seen as the goblet that Christ drank from at the last supper, I think! Which in turn made it a highly desirable artefact, but was also considered to perhaps have what could only be described as magical powers. There’s a whole Indiana Jones film about the characters search for it, which was probably where I first heard about it.
The Holy Grail

However in this post I am not talking about the religious artefact, but the similar piece of evidence in the paranormal field that could literally change everything. The problem is that the paranormal holy grail is equally confusing as the actual holy grail. You see although many believe the holy grail to be, well a cup, there are others that believe it could even be the blood line of Christ. Well those theories are ridiculously different right? Its the same in the paranormal field, many seem to believe that capturing video or audio of a ghost or spirit is enough to prove they exist. A recent example being the Most Haunted ghost recently causing great debate in the community. 

As I previously stated though in the post on the Most Haunted Ghost footage if the footage is genuine then it actually doesn’t necessarily prove that there is an afterlife for example. If anything it opens up a whole abundance of questions we should seek answers to. Oddly the video footage or audio that is often presented as ‘evidence’ of the paranormal is in most cases seen as fake or incorrectly perceived. How could these two potential sources of paranormal holy grails be constantly rejected if they are considered pretty much perfect?

What Should We Be Looking For?

So, what exactly should we be looking for in order to locate our paranormal holy grail? Simply put we need more than video, audio or pictures, we need data and information that provides us with a much better understanding of the paranormal.  We need to understand its source, its mechanics and a heck of a lot more that’s for certain. 

Question is then, why do we place so much weight in video, audio and pictures as probable evidence of the paranormal? Personally, I don’t think I have the answer to that particular question, but I do have an idea. The interest in the paranormal has always been out there throughout time, but it would always be passed from one person to another through story telling. In fact that was where a lot of my research would begin the paranormal stories about a person or location, then from there I would dig up more. Hence why I would have my head in a book a lot. 

These days everything has changed, but the lines of communication between story and fact have become relatively blurred, they are a ‘grey area’ for sure. The problem is that many may have missed this transition from camp fire to book to our TV screens. Nowadays the media gives us access to an abundance of information and often its hard to differ between fact and fiction. Our TV’s now run many shows on the paranormal, most using a similar reality investigation approach. This also means that newspapers and magazines run articles on the subject, in fact there are whole publications on the subject now. The internet of course contains an absolute tonne of information on the subject and from that has developed such social media elements as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All of these provide so much information on the subject with varying opinion and approaches to the field. 

Our method of telling stories has evolved just like us and now access to those stories has become really easy, you can literally post a ghost story in the UK and in can be viewed a second later in Australia. That in itself is remarkable. Now when I say stories I equally mean accounts or reports, just in case it read as a disbelief in individuals experience of the paranormal. 

Why is all this important in identifying our paranormal holy grail? Simple I believe that perhaps rather than seeking evidence we may be just enhancing our method of story telling. Think about it, back in the day when ghost stories were told around the camp fire they would have been a rather dramatic affair. You wouldn’t just want to tell of your experience, you would want those listening to almost experience what you did. These days we are looking to do the same through our paranormal TV shows, Facebook pages and YouTube Channels. Sharing our experiences is important to our social development and a part of who we are in the world. We learn through sharing like this, so its actually really important. As far as the paranormal field is concerned the sharing of our experiences is too important and allows us to create a basis for our investigations. It might not yield the holy grail, but its certainly going to be important to the journey in finding it. 

Hard Research and Playing the Long Game

So, finding the paranormal holy grail is going to be a long old game, let’s be honest and in my opinion it won’t be found in a single video, piece of audio or a photograph. These often raise questions more than provide answers, within the answers to those questions we may find our holy grail. 

Often in order to find solid answers to questions we need to gather a great deal of data and then search for patterns within that. I believe that we also need to use various different approaches to gain a better understanding of the paranormal. We shouldn’t stop what we are doing now, just reach out a little beyond it to understand more. What works and what doesn’t? 

Unfortunately the paranormal holy grail like the actual one may not be a single simple item, but a complex crusade of science and spirituality that we need to go on. I guess the Jones boys didn’t have the last crusade after all!
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Who’s with me? 

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