What is it?

The very concept of reincarnation which suggests that the soul or spirit may, after physical death, pass to another body, is in fact an extremely ancient idea. It can be found in the teachings of the ancient Egyptians religion, Greek philosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, theosophy, not to mention the philosophies of Plato and Pythagoras. 

Of course in many cases the belief in reincarnation may require a belief in the soul or spirit itself and that it is housed within the human body. As an extension from that the possibility that it may also leave somehow the body at the point of death and transfer to another. 

Obviously reincarnation pops up in all manner of religions in various ways, so I am not going to delve to deeply into the religious examples out there. I’m more concerned with those interesting cases which appear to support its existence. 

What is extremely interesting is that the concept has arisen within many different groups of people across the planet that have not been connected or able to pass the idea on. C G Jung had an theory on this called collective unconscious, which was like a shared pool of memories inherited from their ancestors. That way there maybe a possible link between our memories collectively, which could be related to reincarnation.

Using Regression to Find Your Past Lives

Past Lives are often another way explaining an individuals links to their previous existences. There are a few ways of accessing these past lives, but the most common is regression through hypnosis. 

The subject is placed in a state of relaxation and then hypnotised. Once under, the hypnotist will then encourage the subject to ‘go back’ taking them deeper. They will then be asked to describe what they see or feel. Although this isn’t seen as a scientific approach, it is widely accepted the world over. In fact many people visit regression experts to discover information on their past lives. 

Questions is; are these actually past lives that these individuals are accessing or are they simply obtaining information from their imagination or unconscious mind? 

Stevenson’s Reincarnation Research

I read about the research of Dr Ian Stevenson a few years back, but was instantly taken back he’s work in the field. Stevenson spent around 40 years travelling the world and investigating 3,000 cases of reincarnation in children. These cases showed some good evidence that information from past lives like illness, injury, etc may be passed to another future life. 

I believe there may have even been some extremes cases where the children recognised people, places and even recalled information relevant to their past lives. All of which has added greatly to the possibility of reincarnation. 

Here is some further information on Stevenson’s work –

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