Could One Universe Affect Another?

Finding a gem whilst exploring…

Every once in while whilst exploring the paranormal in its expansive ever extending and often all-encompassing state, you stumble upon a gem. I have to admit that Sarah’s latest post; ‘Is time the key?‘ for me is such a gem. Over the past few months I have mostly picked out one particular point that Sarah has made and then expanded on that, but this latest post leaves me spoilt for choice.

So, I’ve decided to do my best to look at all those aspects discussed by Sarah, add my own usual spin and then ask both you the reader and Sarah to respond.

Talking many worlds…

First up is that all too fashionable concept of the many worlds theory. Oddly this was one that I was recently talking about before reading Sarah’s post. Coincidence? Perhaps it’s more of a synchronicity? I won’t explain the concept again, Sarah’s explanation was fine and if you need more, Google and YouTube do a fine job. Otherwise grab yourself a physicist, yes I know one.

The only thing I will add to this though is a slightly different perception perhaps. Obviously right. Let’s imagine for a moment that each of those many worlds or specifically many universes are say individual bubbles. Stay with me okay? However rather than those bubbles floating about only touching every once in a while, I tend believe they are more likely to be connected constantly. Making them a foam with each bubble in close proximity. Some seem to be almost the same bubble too and that’s important, as we tend to like to separate things to understand them. The very fact the foam acts as one shows there to be a fundamental relationship between our many universes. This also grants for the possibility of one universe to interact with another potentially. It also means though that each universe could have the same, similar or dramatically different physical laws attached to it. Exciting right, if that’s true.

Now it’s possible to theorise that if those many worlds are interacting with our own, then perhaps that could explain some paranormal activity too. Possibly mind you, just para-theorising here!

As Sarah outlines in her post, it could simply be a choice that takes you from one path to another, a choice could change the universe you’re in. Just like Sarah’s movie analogy of Sliding Doors.

Time travel 101…

Next up Sarah talks about the Butterfly Effect or Chaos Theory, with the smallest action potentially causing the largest results at another time or/and place. Now this one is time travel 101 isn’t it really? Although it has also been part of recent time travel discussion I have had, which quickly became quite the heated debate relatively quickly. Also, I have not entirely finished with that discussion just yet! Back to this post, time travel 101. The butterfly effect pops up in all kinds of time travel movies, not just the movie of the same name too. So, whether you’re time travelling in a phone box, police phone box, DeLorean, Steam Train, and an Elton John inspired airboat. Bonus points if you can name all of those films or TV shows by the way?

It’s also directly related to the paradox of time travel, sometimes known as the ‘grandfather paradox’ too. Even if you argued that we could travel back in time and simply observe the events as they happened, then you would be wrong. Our physical presence, especially if realised by others would have a future impact. Now if you decided to make changes to the timeline, without knowing how those changes play out in great detail you could potentially prevent yourself from even being born. This particular paradox is often one that can cause some great discussion. Some will argue that there is limited connection between one action and others into the future, but the problem lies in the fact that if you change the past you potentially change all interconnected actions, from the tiny to the massive. Changes made in the past to undo some horrific acts in history, for example, could end up wiping out something amazing that was set to benefit humanity in the future. However there’s a secondary paradox argument, what if that very action of someone travelling back in time is the very reason someone related to them exists at all. Let’s call that one the John Connor Paradox shall we?

However lets now tie the butterfly effect to the many worlds theory too; what if an action in one universe can also affect, be it directly or indirectly something another universe? Wait what, right?

We’ve spoken previously about Jung’s collective consciousness possibly giving us access to information that everyone else also has, but if we are to agree on a possible many worlds situation; then that consciousness may extend beyond our own universal reality. Also, I have mentioned Gaia Theory before too, which presents the possibility of all things on earth being connected. Well if that then expands into our universe, then we could equally imply that it would expand into the many other probable universes too. Our reservoir of consciousness may well extend beyond our own wildest expectations.

Hence an action in one universe could also impact another universe in some other way. Equally if the differences are built off of choice then it might be logical to suggest; the choices we don’t make present themselves in those other worlds. Although I have to admit I’m not sure if I’m particularly comfortable with there being other versions of me out there, surely ones enough right?

A world of many records…

These concepts do give us something odd though, which is a possible explanation of the Akashic Records. Something else which Sarah spoke of in her post too. Now I’ve written about the Akashic Records previously in my own blogs, so I’m not going to go into detail here. Suffice to say its seen as a huge library type place, void of space or time, but contains everything that has happened and will ever happen. Well according to Sarah’s and now my post I think the Akashic Records may have just increased in size somewhat, if somewhere void of space and time can increase in size!

Now if we are still keeping in mind the many worlds theory and also the butterfly effect, then it’s possible that out there is a universe that has knowledge of all of the other universes. Which even just writing that down sounds crazy possible!

However this would also mean that the Akashic Records would exist in a universe where time and space wouldn’t really exist. This is simply because the information from the infinite number of universes and everything that’s ever happened and will happen in them, would literally be massive. Obviously in reality there’s other ways to store information other than loads of books in a library, as we know these days a lot of information can be stored on computers. Technology has already changed our understanding of what can be stored in one place. Equally thanks to technology we can keep information for longer periods of time too. Fundamentally technology is already challenging the past understanding of storage of information in space and time, could further advancements like quantum computing take that to Akashic Record levels?

Also, if you start to look at our own world now then we are beginning to collate masses of information on our history and add to it daily. We are without doubt in an information age, perhaps that’s why we buy into concepts like the Akashic Records so much.

So, returning to our time travelling thoughts from earlier. Another concept to keep in mind is that if we did time travel then we may not travel along our own timeline, we could be simply transferring to another universe. If we then apply our foam of many worlds that are interconnected we can then see a possibility of bouncing from one reality to another. Which reminds me of the TV show Quantum Leap. Perhaps we are all just jumping from one reality to another based on our choices?

Looking for the key…

Is time the key? Personally I don’t think it is, but this is simply based on the possibility that is the Akashic Records exists void of space and time, then that in itself surely rules out time as a key. However this all presents a new common denominator in my opinion, information itself. Information is a constant in all probable universes. Without information other aspects wouldn’t exist. It could be argued that information is non-specific and could encompass time, but is it not the information that gives us the structure in each of our possible universes and equally if we were to travel back in time or bounce to another universe the information that makes up us is what may travel.

In fact there’s something called the Black Hole Information Paradox, which basically is a debate about whether information disappears into a black hole forever or can manage to escape where nothing else can. Stephen Hawkins even worked on this before his death suggesting that it was possible for information to escape or at least remain on the event horizon. Why is this relevant? Black Holes have often been suggested as possible connections to the other worlds, universes or dimensions out there. They appear to have an effect on pretty much anything out there in our universe, even time. However if Hawkins is right and information can escape then perhaps that information isn’t just from our universe, but successfully transferring from ours to others and back again. Something which could also support my suggestion that information could be the key rather than time.

What are your thoughts on this? Is time the key or is it information? And don’t forget to let me know if you managed to spot all the ‘easter eggs’ I have planted in this post, quite by accident, in the form of film and TV titles?

Over to Sarah…

Finding the key, whether its time or information is important in order to comprehend what we may be seeking. This particular post may seem a little bonkers in places, which is understandable and I have purely theorised off the back of Sarah’s post this time around. However surely thinking about the wildest possibilities even beyond our personal understanding is important in order to move things forwards. The paranormal is only that which has yet to be understood properly. We should keep ourselves open to all possible ideas. What do you think? Perhaps a good time to hand over to Sarah Chumacero. Sarah will then comment on what I’ve written and add her own thoughts too in a post on her website ‘Living Life in Full Spectrum‘, but this discussion shouldn’t end there. Please feel free to get involved and comment below.

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