Could One Universe Affect Another?

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What If The Ghost Was Me!

Something Sean said…

Recently I was chatting to Sean Cadman, one of the organisers of Paraforce UK regarding a recent investigation that he been on and he offered up an interesting point. Interesting enough to make it here to the Psi Theory Blog.

Basically Sean was taking part in John Blackburns Event at the Old Victorian School in Long Eaton and something rather strange occurred to him. He found himself in a corridor alone at one point and as he walked along it in the dim light, he felt as if he had bumped into someone. You know the kind of situation, the one where you accidentally catch their arm and/or shoulder as you pass them, so much so that it catches you and throws you off course a little. Like most of us in this situation Sean instinctively apologised, how very British of him right. The problem was that he didn’t receive an apology in return, in fact there was total silence and well no one there either. Sean checked the area and from where he was walking there wasn’t anything that could have had this effect on him. So he left the area slightly puzzled with an experience under his belt.

This seemingly paranormal encounter appeared to leave Sean thinking deeply though and rather than attributing this to a physical manifestation of a ghost from the location, he theorised quite a different idea.

Sean wondered about all this talk of multiverses and wondered if in some other reality he may have walked the opposite direction down the corridor, but because this reality was close to ours there was a cross over so to speak. Hence as he walked the corridor he may have bumped into himself from another reality. Now that’s thinking out of the box and my kind of thinking too.

Obviously playing on Sean’s mind a little, he decided to post this thought on social media and it sparked a little discussion on the topic. Something else I am a fan of too, friendly discussion on out of the box ideas around the Paranormal.

Not such a crazy idea…

The interesting thing here is that I don’t discount Sean’s thought process on this and as a matter of fact it is one possibility, if the multiverse Theory is correct, that could potentially explain ghosts in my opinion.

Now I am not going to claim to have a working knowledge of quantum mechanics or the multiverse theory here, so please feel free to comment if I get something wrong or miss something fundamental here. Small scientific disclaimer to say the least there.

Here’s where I like Sean’s thinking on this, the concept of multiverses is something that serious mainstream science is looking into, its a modern day version of the world being round argument. That being said we may be a long way off proving the existence of multiverses just yet, whereas the Earth being round was kind of obvious when you start to look. Yes, I know back in the day there was less tech so probably not that obvious or easy to prove. However the fact of the matter is that we managed to prove it in the end and that was built on a theory, an idea that someone had.

So, lets assume that multiverse theory is accepted to a degree and let’s equally assume that each new reality is created from a point of decision or change. A point whereas there was a possible number of outcomes and for each of those outcomes a new reality formed. As I write this blog I am listening to a track by the Cranberries from their recently released album, a decision made based on the loss of their lead singer not long ago. A talent that will be greatly missed. However in another reality I would be listening to a different track and in yet another reality I wouldn’t be listening to music at all. You get the idea right?

In Sean’s case he was walking one way down the corridor, but in a similar reality he was walking the opposite direction. This is what spiked my interest in this theory. You see in these two realities we can assume that Sean was pretty much doing exactly the same thing; he was at the Old Victorian School, he was there on the same relative date and time, he was investigating the paranormal, he was probably there with the same people too, he was even walking the same corridor for the same reason. There was only one difference, the direction of travel down that corridor. Now the reason for the difference in direction could be for a multitude of reasons. It could be the orientation of the other reality is the opposite to our own, hence what seemed like the opposite direction was kind of the same direction. Perhaps the decision that lead to the split between these realities was Seans choice to walk the corridor a certain way. Regardless it lead to there being more similarities between the two realities than differences, which could possibly bring the two closer together almost overlapping each other. Hence the reason Sean bumped into himself was that he was the only thing not behaving the same as the other reality. Now that’s some paranormal thinking right there, but something based on scientific theory! I’m not saying that this is indeed the case and Sean bumped in to himself from an alternate reality, there could be a logical explanation for this too, but I am glad there are more people thinking beyond that standard form. Let’s face it Sean could have said he bumped into a ghost in the corridor, but equally this would have not really told us much other than a common understanding of a ghost is a recording of someone that has passed away.

Touching on the logical…

Earlier I mentioned the possibility of a logical explanation and well I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t touch on it briefly here. There is also a distinct possibility that this entire experience could be a complete misconception of something rather simple. Its important to mention that I am not discounting Sean’s experience here, but simply offering up an alternative possibility and one that could often be overlooked.

This explanation could be one of a physiological involuntary response or as I like to call them, an oddly timed muscle spasm. So, basically as Sean walks down the corridor he is focused on investigating the Paranormal, which effectively means he is looking for ghosts already. This mindset already in play can influence his comprehension of his environment and the events which occur within it. As he makes his way along the corridor he has a muscle spasm, which feels very much like he bumped into someone. Given that he is seeking ghosts he concludes he bumped into one, probably not even giving a muscle spasm a second thought. This isn’t saying that Sean is discounting the logical though, remember he took the time to look for an explanation, but couldn’t find one. However not every explanation that’s logical is obvious either, often these are clouded by are own perception.

However what’s important to mention at this point is that although I offered up a muscle spasm as a logical explanation, its still only a theory of what may have occurred. At the end of the day we really only have the anecdotal experience of Sean on this one and he’s memories of the event that occurred. The human mind isn’t always the best for giving accurate reports of the events that have occurred and in situations like this we are often left with a theory of the events explanation.

What do you think?

Given this is an actual situation that occurred to Sean recently I thought it might be great to open this up to everyone else out there. If you were at the Old Victorian School with Sean and John Blackburn, what were your thoughts when you first heard about this experience? Have you experienced anything similar to this during any of the investigations you’ve attended? Do you have a theory of what you think ghosts are? Let’s start a discussion..

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The Metetherial Encyclopaedia – Apports

The Metetherial Encyclopaedia


What is it?

Oddly enough ‘apports’ in my experience are not as commonly well-known in the paranormal field as you might think. Many have heard of objects flying around rooms and also materialising from nowhere, such as in well known poltergeist cases like Enfield and Pontefract. However the term ‘apport’ is rarely used.

This may be because the term is generally associated with séance room activity. In the seance room environment common apports were flowers, which were regarded as gifts from the dead to the living. Others were general jewellery like rings, broaches, etc.

The Seance Room

SO, basically ‘apports’ are objects that materialise out of thin air, often in poltergeist and séance room environments.

Apports, Teleportation, Solid Matter & Warm to the Touch!

There’s a distinct possibility that apports and teleportation could be one of the same thing. Both can often show probable evidence of travelling through solid matter, such as a door, wall or floor. These objects would often be reported as being warm to the touch when they appear. This could be connected to how the object passed through the solid matter. Perhaps the objects have their component atoms broken down on one side of the solid matter and the reassembled on the other side. This sudden manipulation of component atoms is probably responsible for them feeling warm to the touch. Obviously that was the possible science bit.

Just One of Those Things (JOTT)

In many cases apports are often dismissed by many, seen as ‘absent-mindedness’ or ‘just one of things’ (JOTT Syndrome). COuld these sudden arrival of objects be seen as success or the possibility of fraud; that is an argument that is still common today.

Over the years many have looked into this curious phenomena; this has included the likes of Kenneth Batcheldor during he’s psychokinesis experiments; Uri Geller and Professor John Halsted during the mid 70’s. It’s also important to mention the case where I first discovered the term ‘apport’; that was of course the Scole Experiment which took place in the mid 1990’s. This was a more modern version of the séance room approach, but with a huge difference. The Scole Experiment had some amazing results, which were observed and documented by the SPR.

Most Interesting Apports Suggests Time Travel

Of all the apports I’ve heard of or researched the interesting is one of the 100 plus received during the Scole Experiment. This was a newspaper which was received during one of the many Scole sessions in the Scole Hole. If indeed this newspaper is genuine then it suggests that apports don’t just travel through solid matter (space), but also through time too. The reason for this almost crazy claim is actually rather simple; the date on the newspaper was Monday 28th May 1945. The paper was the Daily Express. Interestingly enough the paper and type of ink, possibly the print too was the same as what was used back in the mid 1940’s. The paper was in mint condition when it arrived, but turned yellow a few weeks later. Is this probable evidence of time travel?

The Scole Report

I was also told a couple of stories regarding apports which have appeared to travel through time. One such story included the apport of apiece of a broken plate which appeared in a mans kitchen. He checked his plates with the same design and all were intact, so he threw the piece in the bin. Later that evening as the man sat in his Living Room he heard something smash in the kitchen, when he arrived there he found a plate on the floor in bits. As the plate was of a set he attempted to piece it back together, but found one piece missing! He straight away recognised the shape as that of the piece found earlier! So, he retained if from the bin and it fit perfectly to complete the broken plate. Is it possible that when the plate broke the piece travelled back in time to earlier that day ?

Round Up!

So, apports are objects that possibly materialise from nowhere, after travelling not only through solid matter from a location somewhere, but may also travel backwards and forwards through time. Well when you put it like that it does sound a little out there, but imagine if it was possible then we may have to re-write the laws of physics. Still it would be pretty amazing right?

Please let me know if you’ve ever experienced an apport before?

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The Time Travel Paradox
Psi Theory

Often children say the funniest things, but equally they sometimes say something quite profound that knocks my socks off and leaves me pondering their statement for
a good while! Of course unaware by their statement the child will simply walk away without a care in the world and not realising the complex ideas they have left us with! 

Recently my daughter Summer done this to me as we discussed time and then time travel. She basically stated something fundementally true (I think); “If we travel back in time things would be in a different place.” 

Thinking she meant something along the lines of everything would look different because it was years ago, I queried her response. I wasn’t prepared for the answer in the slightest! 

She told me that if you went back in time the planets and stuff in space would be in a different place, so you would end up in space without the earth around you. Words to that affect anyways! 

After I picked my bottom jaw off the ground I found myself thinking this statement through and actually coming to the conclusion that she was probably right. Space and time are linked, thus travelling in either presents the fact that you travel in the other so to speak. At least if you travel back in time the planets, galaxies, etc wouldn’t be situated where they are today! 

I’m no Astro-physicist (if that’s even the right area), but this has to make sense right and after all was exactly what Einstein was on about. 

The reason I mention this is that in previous posts I have mentioned that there’s a possibility that perhaps time or our reality may not be set until observed. This may indeed still be the case, but then if everything is moving how can it be ? 

Of course this is based on our linear understanding of time in which we are all used to and taught. The one in which we understand the past, present and future as the three main constructs. This is given more detail through our measurement of time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. Hence we are bound by the very measurements we have created defining the movement of time as a constant linear thing we all understand and accept. If we then add into the mix that we are sat on this rock which orbits a star, all of which moves around a galaxy, which is also hurtling around the universe, we then begin to realise two things. Firstly, we are actually pretty damn small in the grand scheme of things. Secondly, the chances of us finding ourselves in the same patch of space as where something else occurred is unlikely. 

So, what’s this got to do with my usual posts on ghosts, spirits, telepathy, etc? Actually everything! We often have a tendency to focus on what’s immediately in front of us, whereas what we are trying to understand could actually be the effect of a greater cause! It’s a bit like waking up with a serious headache, but the reason for that headache is something like a weather change. What if Gaia Theory was actually right and the Earth wasn’t a system by itself, but a greater part of a greater system which continues to expand beyond our universe and imagination? Then surely we can begin to understand that the probability of other dimensions beyond our own being a distinct possibility, perhaps even existing within ours simultaneously too! If you think that sounds mad then perhaps it’s time to read a little on Quantum Physics, String Theory and M Theory, these are real ideas from physicists not Hollywood or Ghost Hunters ! 

Everything is relative, we know stuff happens because we can compare it to other stuff which is going on. We have day and night because our planet spins, with the sun illuminating one side whilst the other is hidden in darkness. 

I’m guessing if you do want to travel back in time or even forward, then you would be better off using a T.A.R.D.I.S rather than a Delorean. Which is strange in itself to think that an old TV show may had an actually been on the right track back in the 60’s if memory serves me well. 

As I find myself thinking of various possibilities that could explain the existence of ghosts or spirits, the concept of time often comes up. The idea of ghosts perhaps being recordings or slips in time has been knocked about for a while, but if we present that against the concept that an historical event replaying then it seems less likely to be anything more than a memory. The problem is often that the memory doesn’t belong to the individual experiencing it and may not even be from that time, it could be centuries old sometimes. This is generally where we realise our perception of the communication could be wrong. It could be possible that our minds are receiving information telepathically from multiple sources which we then interpret and combine, which we conclude as spiritual communication. 

We need to understand the true source of communication in order to really understand if we are dealing with the survival of human consciousness or perhaps a collective consciousness that allows information to be transferred without the confines of space. Perhaps the only way to truly achieve this it work with those that may have the ability to receive that information, like mediums. 

The paradox here though is in relation to my previous statement regarding the possibility that time may not be set until it’s observed. Which would equally make time travel impossible as if it was not set until observed there would be no point of reference to travel to. That is of course if our understanding of space and time is correct. 

So, if you managed to keep up with me thus far then you’re either as barmy as I am or I could be making some sense! On the plus side we now have something to talk to Back to the Futures Doc Brown about, unless that’s what the flux capacitor does! We could even get the Doctor involved and perhaps he could explain how he’s Police Telephone Box manages to travel through Space and Time. I’m sure I have made a number of mistakes in relation to both Back to the Future and Doctor Who, in which case their fans will be on my case! 

Here’s a thought though, what if real time travel isn’t something that is achieved in physical reality, but within the construct of the mind. The collective mind at that. After all research into Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and Remote Viewing has revealed some rather interesting precognitive abilities with some subjects. Perhaps this is the very time travel we seek, but confined to the mind. 

This is one of those areas wide open for discussion, so that’s where I will leave it. Please let me know what your thoughts on this or any of my posts?