What is it?

Oddly enough ‘apports’ in my experience are not as commonly well-known in the paranormal field as you might think. Many have heard of objects flying around rooms and also materialising from nowhere, such as in well known poltergeist cases like Enfield and Pontefract. However the term ‘apport’ is rarely used.

This may be because the term is generally associated with séance room activity. In the seance room environment common apports were flowers, which were regarded as gifts from the dead to the living. Others were general jewellery like rings, broaches, etc.

The Seance Room

So, basically ‘apports’ are objects that materialise out of thin air, often in poltergeist and séance room environments.

Apports, Teleportation, Solid Matter & Warm to the Touch!

There’s a distinct possibility that apports and teleportation could be one of the same thing. Both can often show probable evidence of travelling through solid matter, such as a door, wall or floor. These objects would often be reported as being warm to the touch when they appear. This could be connected to how the object passed through the solid matter. Perhaps the objects have their component atoms broken down on one side of the solid matter and the reassembled on the other side. This sudden manipulation of component atoms is probably responsible for them feeling warm to the touch. Obviously that was the possible science bit.

Just One of Those Things (JOTT)

In many cases apports are often dismissed by many, seen as ‘absent-mindedness’ or ‘just one of things’ (JOTT Syndrome). Could these sudden arrival of objects be seen as success or the possibility of fraud; that is an argument that is still common today.

Over the years many have looked into this curious phenomena; this has included the likes of Kenneth Batcheldor during he’s psychokinesis experiments; Uri Geller and Professor John Halsted during the mid 70’s. It’s also important to mention the case where I first discovered the term ‘apport’; that was of course the Scole Experiment which took place in the mid 1990’s. This was a more modern version of the séance room approach, but with a huge difference. The Scole Experiment had some amazing results, which were observed and documented by the SPR.

Most Interesting Apports Suggests Time Travel

Of all the apports I’ve heard of or researched the interesting is one of the 100 plus received during the Scole Experiment. This was a newspaper which was received during one of the many Scole sessions in the Scole Hole. If indeed this newspaper is genuine then it suggests that apports don’t just travel through solid matter (space), but also through time too. The reason for this almost crazy claim is actually rather simple; the date on the newspaper was Monday 28th May 1945. The paper was the Daily Express. Interestingly enough the paper and type of ink, possibly the print too was the same as what was used back in the mid 1940’s. The paper was in mint condition when it arrived, but turned yellow a few weeks later. Is this probable evidence of time travel?

I was also told a couple of stories regarding apports which have appeared to travel through time. One such story included the apport of apiece of a broken plate which appeared in a mans kitchen. He checked his plates with the same design and all were intact, so he threw the piece in the bin. Later that evening as the man sat in his Living Room he heard something smash in the kitchen, when he arrived there he found a plate on the floor in bits. As the plate was of a set he attempted to piece it back together, but found one piece missing! He straight away recognised the shape as that of the piece found earlier! So, he retained if from the bin and it fit perfectly to complete the broken plate. Is it possible that when the plate broke the piece travelled back in time to earlier that day ?

Round Up!

So, apports are objects that possibly materialise from nowhere, after travelling not only through solid matter from a location somewhere, but may also travel backwards and forwards through time. Well when you put it like that it does sound a little out there, but imagine if it was possible then we may have to re-write the laws of physics. Still it would be pretty amazing right?

Please let me know if you’ve ever experienced an apport before?

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