Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year

Thought I would just write a quick New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day kind of post, so here it is!

Oh, remember drink responsibly too, don’t spill any as that’s a huge waste of alcohol!

So, if you’re attending a party later, at one now or have been to one already, then have a great time. 2017 is going to be a fabulously epic year.

Let’s Talk About 2016

Okay let’s cover the most obvious elephant in the room first; 2016 saw a huge loss of famous people with a list that is ridiculously long. With the latest losses hitting us over the Christmas period, we lost a few more huge stars that for me were always connected to my youth. When I was young Wham were popular with the girls and I seem to recall one of my elder cousins being a little partial. So, hearing the passing of George Michael over Christmas brought some of those memories to the surface.

However days later we heard the sad news that Carrie Fisher has also passed away and she had played a character that was huge in my life as I grew up; I’m of course talking about Princess Leia from Star Wars. What was odd was that I had recently been to see Rogue One : A Star Wars Story at the cinema. Those of you that have seen it will probably understand why that was a little odd.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not going to sit here and write as if I truly knew any one of the celebrities that died during 2016. I didn’t I had never met one of them, but I knew of a few of them and some of their work, which I respect. In the case of Star Wars I really enjoyed it and will continue to do so. That’s the brilliance of TV, Film and also music too, we can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Many of those we’ve lost will continue to be with us, which is often the case with our own loved ones, just in memory rather than on film.

I stumbled on the little picture below on Facebook, although I think it may have originated from a Newspaper. Okay it may not show the greatest of respect or place the individuals in their best light, but I think it’s an interesting snapshot. Take a moment to look through it and remember them.

Celebrity Losses in 2016

2016 didn’t just see a loss of many celebrities it saw some major changes in the world, many political (I’m not getting into those) and also some of which where things have just changed!

Time For Reflection

At this time of year many will spend some time reflecting over the past year in order to gain insight into that which has gone well and that which has not. It’s a time for trying to understand the decisions we’ve made over the year and how they’ve affected our futures.

Personally I know I have made many decisions some good, some not so good, but all have given me a rather interesting year. For example, it seems to have gathered pace over the year too.

At the beginning of 2016 I made the decision to put more into my website and add much more to it, but as the year progressed a few personal issues slowed me down and I got a little off track so to speak.

However thanks to a little friendly guidance and an excellent opportunity I was soon back on track. Thank you to those that have helped me and given me the chance to get my work out there. These have allowed me to do more speaking (thank you MJ and Sage Paracon UK), produce a few little books to get out there (thanks to MJ again), add more to my website (thanks Helen Leathers), create a YouTube channel Ashley Knibb (thanks to Graeme for that one), a Radio Segment next year too (thanks to Paranormal Radio UK Network), and a few more things too.

New For 2017

So, there’s loads that I am working on for 2017, which I hope to share with you all as soon as I can. I’m hoping to bring you more website posts with connected videos too in the New Year, adding to my own investigations, Psy Theory and the Metetherial Encyclopaedia sections too.

I will be joined by Graham Smyth as we host our new monthly Radio show Ghost Frequency on Paranormal Radio UK Network. We hope to try to talk about perhaps a few different approaches to the paranormal, stepping out of the comfort zone we are all so used to now. Let’s change the process and gain new results.

I will also start to write about a few more topics within the paranormal I have not really touched on so far like UFO’s and Cryptozoology, as I want to see where they might fit into the bigger picture.

Join me as I take on the paranormal head on in 2017, lets begin exploring together.

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