The Scole Experiment

What is it?

Back in the 1990’s a small group of spiritualist mediums lead by Robin and Sandra Foy embarked on an ambitious experiment to develop both trance and physical mediumship. The results of this experiment were extraordinary and have captured my interest since I stumbled upon them years ago.

Basically the group sat in the Foy’s basement, which had been darkened and blacked out to create an environment which can only be described as visual deprivation. The group then utilised a kind of guided meditation outlined in Robin Foy’s Basic Guide to achieve the right state of mind to enable communication with their Spirit Team.

It’s probably important to mention that this communication didn’t occur right away it took many sessions and a good length of time before successful regular reoccurring communication was established. The research I have done on this subject seems to indicate that the repetition of the process they adopted was fundamental in the success of this connection.

What Happened?

The group managed to maintain communication with probable intelligent entities on a regular basis, these became known as the Spirit Team. This in itself is unusual, but wasn’t the end of it. As things became more interesting the group received ‘apports’, which are items which literally materialise out of thin air! An event truly defiant of the understood natural laws of science.

With their results escalating and beyond belief they captured the attention of one of the oldest psychical research groups, the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), which was founded back in 1882. The SPR sent in Montague Keen, Arthur Ellison and David Fontana to investigate the amazing claims of activity.

The SPR members were surprised by the what they did find and documented it really well in their full report, which is now available as a book. I think they thought they would be able to debunk the claims or at least find some logical explanations for the phenomena. However in reality they possibly left there with more questions and witnessed some amazing things.

The Scole Hole provided examples of Trance Mediumship, light phenomena, object movements, apports and more. Possibly the most interesting being related to the photograph experiments which they conducted in the Scole Hole. These returned varied information which on occasion was cryptic in nature, but always very strange. However it was one of these that linked the Spirit Team to a founding member of the SPR, Frederic Myers. Perhaps this was evidence of survival.

Still Want More?

The Scole Report covers a multitude of possible evidence and surprises on many levels.

Check out both books, as I did on the subject to gain the best perspective. Just click on the image below to find them on Amazon…

From the angle of those involved…

And from the angle of the members of the Society for Psychical Research that investigated it..

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