Instrumental Transcommunication

What is it?

Instrumental Transcommunication or ITC as its more commonly referred to is the term given to the various methods used to communicate with supposed spirits using electronic means. This includes the capture of images possibly related to spirits and also Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

ITC can utilise an abundance of technology including tape recorders, TV’s, radios, computers, phones, and much more.

These days as technology has now become the norm within paranormal investigation there is an abundance ITC devices and even apps out there for use. As with anything in the field there are useful tools and not so useful tools, but often it’s not so much the tool itself as the investigator themselves. That is, like many things in the paranormal you need to experiment a little with them, understand how they work and find the one which works best for you.

My advice would be to start with the free phone and tablet apps to gain an understanding of ITC apps to see if they are for you, before moving on to the paid apps. Then after the apps you could invest in the more pricey devices out there.

A Little History

I believe that the German physicist Professor Ernst Senkowski first used the term Instrumental Transcommunication to describe the use of electronic devices to communicate with spirits. However the actual use pre-dates this greatly and has in reality been mentioned as long as modern communication devices have been available.

Even some of the great inventors have been associated with it like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. There is even a little mystery that relates to Edison and he’s ‘telephone to the dead’. Something that was considered a tall tale for many years, perhaps until the Scole Experiment believed they made contact with Edison’s spirit. Which they believed communicated the design for the Trans Dimensional Communication device.
Design Communicated to the Scole Group by Edison Perhaps?
Trans Dimensional Communication Device

ITC Today

More recently and ITC has become highly used within the paranormal field with teams using ghost hunting gadgets such as Spirit Boxes, ghost boxes, tablet apps and more to attempt to communicate with probable spirits.
Franks Box

In fact I might as far to say as ITC has now become a massive part of the paranormal investigators kit bag. The devices of course vary from those that record to those that simply output something, with most of those being an audio output.
ITC Device Trio

There are now an abundance of ITC Devices available out there to the modern Ghost Hunter for the right price. I’m a little old school I’m afraid, so prefer to observe and make notes, but I’m not adverse to modern approaches to the field. So, hopefully there will be some posts coming on various ITC Devices and Apps.
iOvilus iPhone App

If you’re reading this and off on a paranormal investigation soon, it’s likely that you or your team will use an ITC device or app. If you do please let me know which your favourite and most successful ones are?

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