Knowing Without Knowing! 


Psi Theory

What Do We Really Know?

Over the years during investigations and conversations with mediums one thing that has come up on a fairly regularly basis, is the common statements regarding an individuals knowledge on something. This oddly is on both sides of the fence, with mediums often stating ‘how could I have known that’ when referring to a piece of information they’ve communicated. Whilst the more skeptic often state that mediums must have had knowledge of the information previously.

Back in the early days I admit I was more sceptical and would have been one of those thoroughly questioning the information and its source, where mediums were involved. However over the years I’ve most certainly mellowed a touch, but not to the extent where I still don’t question everything.

You see I have now learnt a lot and have to various understandings around the communication of information through a spiritual means. I have my own belief and theory around this nowadays, but equally as its just a theory I dont discount other potential methods.

One thing that the concept of the informations source has raised for me, is quite simple how can we prove the source of the information in question. You see as we all know through our many years in the education system, what we know is measured by the use of assessment and exam. This then confirms what we know or should I say, it proves we can demonstrate we know what we know. It’s my opinion that we retain all we are subjected to in our lives, but when its committed to memory how we recall it is dependent on how we learnt it or the process or sequence of events that placed the information with us in the first place.

Confused yet? Well its about to get more confusing.

Often in paranormal scenarios when mediums present the information they receive it is openly accepted or scrutinised. There is also a mid point too, where the information is accepted, but then those accepting it will probe for more information to support it.

See memory is a big factor in all this really. We can’t 100% trust our memories to tell us the truth in a way. This is where quantification of the information comes into play. When information on a location or individual tied to the location is communicated, we can’t 100% say that the piece of information wasn’t read or saw somewhere previously and now as it is linked to the location something locally has triggered it to be recalled. Oddly we may not even realise we know that piece of information either.

However to attempt to ensure that these pieces of probable known information are avoided many groups or mediums will use certain methods to safe guard against it. A classic example is not telling the medium where they are going, which is never the easiest. The mediums may also subscribe to not conducting any research prior to their visit to a location. However it should always be considered that if the medium has an interest in the paranormal then they may have read something about the location previously and that memory may surface as the communicated information. Possibly!

So, often we know more than we can demonstrate or perhaps even know we know! Told you it was going to get more confusing. Never underestimate what you may know, but dont know you know, I think!

Just to clarify, I’m not trying to say that mediums aren’t getting the information from spirit, but simply presenting another possibility. Another would also be telepathic interaction possibly via a collective consciousness, which allows us to access information known by others. Probably without even knowing, an unconscious ‘google’ of information from the ether so to speak. Let’s look at more possibilities out side the box remember, after all this is psi Theory.

Proving What We Don’t Know!

One of the hardest thing to do, it may even be an impossibility, is to prove what we dont know. Basically if we claim we couldn’t or most certainly did not know something, that is actually a very bold statement. You see we may well have the information in our minds, but not able to recall it simply. However through the process of mediumship the information is presented to us. Which actually may be a subconscious thing.

No matter how you think about it you cant prove someone doesn’t know something. You may ask them, but they could lie about knowing and you really couldn’t prove if it was a memory thing or not.

It’s things like this that add to the problems in the field too. You see investigators will observe communication from a medium and then often assume that its information is already known by said medium. As the medium is unable to prove their information is previously known or unknown, it can be disputed.

This is a definitive paradox when it comes to spiritually based communication, which means without faith in the medium and/or various spiritual beliefs communication will always be scrutinised.

However there is an interesting way which has had me thinking recently about all this. Often called third party information, the concept is that a medium supplies information that the person they are communicating to doesn’t know, but can be quantified soon. A prime example of this was when a medium told me a little about a particular period of my grandfathers life when he worked on the buses. In this instance he wore a certain uniform and received medals for his work. At the time I said it was incorrect, but later I discovered that it was actually spot on. Personally I believe this to be an instance of telepathic interaction, where the medium gained the information telepathically from someone directly related to me. Perhaps my mother as she quantified everything

So, What Do We Really Know Then?

After this most confusing post, we are not really sure of much more than what we started with. We have a few theories on the table, but further research is needed to really clarify this.

We can’t quantify what we dont know, so just have to trust the mediums we are working on with regularly moving forward.

We know much much more than we realise, but accessing that information is very difficult. So, never discount information because you dont believe you’ve ever learnt it because you may have possibly submitted it to memory without realising. Alternatively we could be accessing the information using other means like the ether or consciousness.

Where do you stand on what we know or dont know?

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