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I’ve heard a lot about online courses recently in regards to the paranormal and especially quite a bit regarding how most are a waste of time not giving you any real qualifications.

Personally my position on this often finds me a little in the middle. You see where as I respect the more academic approaches that would gain you the true title of parapsychologist through hard degree level study; I also believe in access to general information that can be of assistance. These days you can study many aspects of parapsychology with a few very reputable universities in the UK alone. Applying a high level of research and experimentation to your personal knowledge base. However if you’re like me and can’t afford the time and cost of a degree course in psychology, then that is where the online courses can help.

The problem with the online courses is that there are many of them, each different from the others and each tailored to deliver something different. This is where a lot of the negative feedback has come from in regards to this particular method of learning, especially for those courses that advertise themselves in a way which likens them to a university level course. Also, those courses which promise the title of parapsychologist on completion appear to draw negativity too.

Don’t Knock Until You’ve Tried It!

As ever I’m not the kind of guy to follow the crowd or judge a book by its cover, something which is important in the field of paranormal investigation in my mind. So, when I was given the opportunity to try one of these online courses myself I jumped at it. After all I couldn’t really comment greatly on something unless I had properly researched it.

In this particular case it was Jayne Harris of HD Paranormal that gave me the opportunity to try out her online called ‘Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research’.

Now I know what you’re thinking as right away we have ‘Diploma’ in the title, but actually this is rather fitting as a diploma is a certificate that shows someone has successfully completed a course of study.

The course that Jayne Harris offers is certinaly a course of study too. With its ten sections, each requiring an assignment to show that you’ve understood what has been taught. There is also a final assignment longer than the others too concluding what you’ve learnt.

Not only does this course provide information on the aspects of the paranormal and its investigation, but the later section ask you to plan and conduct an investigation of your using some of the techniques you have learnt.

Who Would Find This Useful?

Personally I am still working my way through the course in my spare time and as many that know me will say, that’s something I usually have very little of. Still this course is self paced and could be easily completed at a good speed.

Looking at the assignments I have completed and that I have read through all the material related to the course, I would probably place this course as an excellent place for those just starting out in the paranormal or if you’re new to overnight investigations.

If you have been in the field a long time it may still be of interest to you as there are a few little pieces in there you may not have encountered before. However this would be great for new investigators to run through. Especially as it teaches a number of aspects that are essential not only to investigation, but the planning and organisation of an investigaiton.

I’ve personally enjoyed writing the assignments I have completed so far and I’m looking forward to the challenging ones ahead too. Once I have completed the full course I will also be looking to post a complete review of the course, so keep your eye out for that.

Register Your Interest for Enrolment

If the course sounds like your kind of thing then please follow the link below and register your interest for enrolment. If you’re not sure as you are new the field then follow the link anyway and see what you think as it may just help you out.

Also, if you do decide to sign up for the course dont forget to let me know how you get on?

The Link



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