Free Spirit Box iPad Apps
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When I first started investigating the paranormal the most high tech piece of kit I had was most likely my digital camera and I would swear by a good notepad and pen too. These days I still swear by the notepad and pen, but have come to realise the many many more options out there to use.

This was first realised through TV programmes such as Ghost Hunters I think, where they would rock up to an investigation location and then unload a good few flight cases from their TAPS van.

These days the use of various gadgets, gizmos and tech is a normality in the field. However in reality it always has been it’s just more recent TV programmes have delivered the facts to our own living rooms. For example the likes of the great Harry Price used and even developed a few gadgets of his own.

It’s this realisation of how the paranormal field moves with the times and because I wanted to learn more about the tech side of things that I’ve decided to write this post. Following on from my recent addition to the Metetherial Encyclopaedia on ITC, I thought the best place to start would be looking at a few free Spirit Box apps for your iPad.

So, with all in that in mind check out the following video review of three free spirit box apps available right now for your trusty iPad from Apples App Store.

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