I Think I Saw a Ghost !

Another Internet Video Captures A Ghost!

I recently stumbled across yet another internet video claiming to have captured 'evidence' of a ghost in the area that was being investigated and like many of these videos, the ghost was even linked to a specific person. I'm not going to go into the specifics of the video on this occasion as its more about what seems to be the sensationalism of highlighting such things that are on my mind for this post.

On this particular occasions, which isn't much different from others, there were a number of gadgets going off as the group filmed and those more sensitive in the group were picking up on something too. The group moved around the area and from the video alone there appeared to be at least four in the group possibly five, including the unseen team member holding the camera. At the point that the 'ghost' was captured only two remained in shot and our ghost was clearly a shadow captured in front of the camera.

So, the question here isn't so much the obvious one, which may be proposing that our investigators had faked the whole scenario, but why is it that we often see so much attributed to paranormal activity when there is a clear explanation?

The Problem With The Moment!

In my opinion it all comes down to perception. Which as a matter of fact is a weird and wonderful thing that has our entire reality on an odd kind of understanding. Perception can be driven by many elements within our own psychology and often we are unaware that they are there in the first place. For example, our adult understanding of the world around us is built by our education, our belief and of course our own personal experiences. There's probably a load of other contributing factors, but I'm no psychologist and let's try and keep it simple for now.

The moment you're in can equally define your understanding of that which is around you, that is probably a primary instinct in reality. Now I will be the first to admit that often whilst walking around a darkened building in search of ghosts I have had to contain my own excitement. Analyse the situation in a little more detail in order to ascertain whether the experience is actually paranormal or indeed a sequence of events that have transpired to present themselves in a fashion which could be interpreted as paranormal. It's this 'in the moment' perception that can often lead us to incorrect conclusions of an event, which is later reported as paranormal.

Don't get me wrong, we all make mistakes and I am pretty sure its happened to me at some point too. However let's look at things a little better and try to help each other see these possibilities without ridicule. That way we can progress the field by searching for more significant paranormal events to document and gain an understanding of.

It's this 'in the moment' perception during an investigation that I believe has many ghost hunters today jumping to the fear factor and failing to present reasonable explanations. Let's look at the scenario mentioned earlier again.

The four people were in a probable haunted location, so already they are looking for something and as all of us do, hope to capture that 'evidence' of the actual paranormal. They like many are after the Holy Grail of the Paranormal and are trying a few approaches. However by visiting a probable haunted location and effectively searching for ghosts, they have already created a possible psychological bubble around what they are doing. I'm not saying that this is always the case, but as I have fell subject to it myself I'm sure, then its a likelihood we should all realise. In essence the expectation has been created.

In our scenario above, the group have a few different gadgets which effectively start to react in the same area. This is, in the video, interpreted as paranormal activity. There's no reasonable explanation presented and no one makes the attempt to test why these gadgets are reacting. The assumption is made that there must be something paranormal going on. Perhaps this is because the group are in a darkened room, at a possible haunted location and seeking ghosts; that they assume these devices are indeed detecting some kind of paranormal activity. Again, they are in the moment and going with it.

What happens next fascinates me. Following the reaction of the first device, the group seem to randomly move about the room and as they do so, a couple of gadgets sound off. The group react to this as if there is paranormal activity is following them or as if they are following it, but the devices go off as they move close to them. This is the usual behaviour that generates the belief that our group is likely faking the activity. However it could equally be that our group believe their gadgets are designed specifically for detecting ghosts, but in reality they react when their static field is interrupted or something close by is generating some kind of EMF. A core understanding of how the tools of the trade (so to speak) work is a common reason why many misinterpret certain scenarios as paranormal when they have a reasonable explanation.

Finally, we move onto our captured ghost on film. The group have clearly been through a sequence of events now within the location that they believe is haunted, which has meant they are already concluding that there is paranormal activity in progress. The moving about the room with the various gadgets going off has also disorientated them slightly making them less aware and more focused on the paranormal. As a shadow moves across the room they attribute it to being a ghost rather than seeking reasonable explanation such as it being the camera mans shadow or that of the third person now currently out of shot.

Once in the moment and focused on that paranormal activity, with the adrenaline running thanks to the excitement of the hunt progressing its relatively easy for many to misinterpret simple things as being paranormal. It's important to be mindful of your surroundings and always ask questions of those interesting situations. Then we can begin to gain a much better understanding of paranormal events.

Something's Are Just Strange!

Of course this isn't always the case, not everything can be explained away by looking at logical explanations. During my time investigating the paranormal and also working with mediums I have often been left flummoxed. I've even thrown many an explanation at these odd scenarios only to conclude that they just don't fit and further understanding is required. Hence why I often deliver theories on the paranormal or even questions old more established ones.

Two such scenarios which come to mind are the time I witnessed a light ascend the staircase at Peterborough Museum, which was equally witnessed by another investigator at the time. A light which was exactly like a candle like, flickering away. The other was one based on perception itself. I am of course talking of the time I sat in the attic space of the Royal Oak in Swanage, asking for spirits to move my Grandfathers pocket watch, which was placed on the floor between me and a local Peter. The watch itself did not move, but shortly after asking the watch began to run. Although it had not been wound at all. The watch ticked away for about 20 minutes. I then spent nearly three months attempting to find an explanation, an explanation which never presented itself. Which then raises the question; did spirits wind the watch or did this occur through telekinesis as Peter and I intended the watch to move in some way?

You see when strange unexplainable things do occur without logical explanation, generally for me they present more questions to follow up on.

Perhaps the paranormal isn't evidence of the afterlife, but more what our minds are truly capable of!

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The Paranormal Investigators Journal

It’s here…

It’s my great pleasure to present to you all ‘The Paranormal Investigators Journal’..

This is a structured notebook designed for paranormal investigators to document their investigations and the paranormal activity that occurs during them.

The book lays out simply how to use it at the front and then has space for six investigations, including various aspects like location history, paranormal activity, your plan, and more. There are also 70 plus event logs to document any paranormal activity that may occur across those six investigations, allowing you to create a timeline for each one.

Also, at the back of the book I have added six of my favourite simple experiments to try out whilst investigating. All of which have yielded some interesting results for me in the past.

If that is all you need to hear then click on the link below to order your first copy today.

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A Little More on the Journal

If your not sure why this particular book might help you with your investigations, then hopefully I will be able to explain a little more.

The initial concept came from two sources over the years whilst I have investigated the paranormal across the UK. The first was that simply I went through a heck of a lot of notebooks scribbling information down regarding investigations to ensure that I documented as much detail as possible. This has meant that I have an abundance of various notebooks and journals which have all kinds of information in them. The problem with these notebooks was structure or lack of it. Also, that simply after some investigations making out what was written or when it occurred may have been troublesome. This was later addressed by the use of a case file document, something that both Investigator Graham Smith and I have long held in high regard. However the problem with this was I found myself creating a case file which had lots of details, but was hard to maintain during an investigation.

The Paranormal Investigators Journal is my attempt to simplify this approach and gather valid information during an investigation in a simple format which is easy to complete on the fly.

How Does it Work?

Well hopefully if I have done my job right it should be really easy to use..

You simply fill out the Investigation details first, but you can choose whether or not to do your historical research before or after you actual investigation of course. This would be a personal preference really; some investigators prefer to turn up with little knowledge of the location apart from that its relatively haunted, whilst others may do a thorough piece of research before they go to the location. Either way the journal has space for Historical Research, Previously Recorded Activity, general Location Information, your team, your equipment, your plan, maps of the location and of course your post investigation conclusions.

Investigation Details

Keep track of the essential details of your investigations, the where and when it all happened.

Investigation Plan

Plan out your entire investigation in detail or simply a rough plan to guide you through it. I personally have often found even the simplest form of plan can help improve an investigations success. This can either be done prior to arrival at the location or once you’re there and have a good feel for the place.

Investigation Event Logs

Rather than detailing each vigil or scribbling random notes, each oddity can be simply documented using an Investigation Event Log. This lets you quickly and simply document the event which has occurred, where it occurred, who was present, who witnessed it, and also what categories it may fall into.

The Event Log

Each individual Event Log then helps to generate a timeline for your investigation, so you can know what happened where and when. Simple right. Theres also a space to link it to the Investigation Details and even add your own reference if you’re a little geeky like me.

Sharing Your Investigations

Obviously it will always be up to you if you wish to share the information you gather during your investigations, but I for one will always be interested in what others document in their own Paranormal Investigators Journal’s.

Having them all in the same format makes it easy for us all to review too.

So, please feel free to send me your Investigations to

I am also hoping one day soon to add all of mine and any sent to me to a database to help analyse them, all part of the research guys.

A Simple Solution to Documenting What You Do Well..

So, thats it in a nutshell really, The Paranormal Investigators Journal is a really simple way to document the investigations you do. Keep it for yourself or share with others.

I have left elements of it a little open to give you space to be yourself too.

I hope you all like it and its useful to your investigations too. I maybe a little biased, but personally I wish I had this when I first started investigating or at least something similar.

Once you’ve completed your first Journal you can grab another copy and fill that in too, that way you can build up a collection of your investigations in the same format.

if you have any questions regarding The Paranormal Investigators Journal then please drop me an email at

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Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research Online Course
A Little Paranormal Study

Online Courses

I’ve heard a lot about online courses recently in regards to the paranormal and especially quite a bit regarding how most are a waste of time not giving you any real qualifications.

Personally my position on this often finds me a little in the middle. You see where as I respect the more academic approaches that would gain you the true title of parapsychologist through hard degree level study; I also believe in access to general information that can be of assistance. These days you can study many aspects of parapsychology with a few very reputable universities in the UK alone. Applying a high level of research and experimentation to your personal knowledge base. However if you’re like me and can’t afford the time and cost of a degree course in psychology, then that is where the online courses can help.

The problem with the online courses is that there are many of them, each different from the others and each tailored to deliver something different. This is where a lot of the negative feedback has come from in regards to this particular method of learning, especially for those courses that advertise themselves in a way which likens them to a university level course. Also, those courses which promise the title of parapsychologist on completion appear to draw negativity too.

Don’t Knock Until You’ve Tried It!

As ever I’m not the kind of guy to follow the crowd or judge a book by its cover, something which is important in the field of paranormal investigation in my mind. So, when I was given the opportunity to try one of these online courses myself I jumped at it. After all I couldn’t really comment greatly on something unless I had properly researched it.

In this particular case it was Jayne Harris of HD Paranormal that gave me the opportunity to try out her online called ‘Diploma in Applied Paranormal Research’.

Now I know what you’re thinking as right away we have ‘Diploma’ in the title, but actually this is rather fitting as a diploma is a certificate that shows someone has successfully completed a course of study.

The course that Jayne Harris offers is certinaly a course of study too. With its ten sections, each requiring an assignment to show that you’ve understood what has been taught. There is also a final assignment longer than the others too concluding what you’ve learnt.

Not only does this course provide information on the aspects of the paranormal and its investigation, but the later section ask you to plan and conduct an investigation of your using some of the techniques you have learnt.

Who Would Find This Useful?

Personally I am still working my way through the course in my spare time and as many that know me will say, that’s something I usually have very little of. Still this course is self paced and could be easily completed at a good speed.

Looking at the assignments I have completed and that I have read through all the material related to the course, I would probably place this course as an excellent place for those just starting out in the paranormal or if you’re new to overnight investigations.

If you have been in the field a long time it may still be of interest to you as there are a few little pieces in there you may not have encountered before. However this would be great for new investigators to run through. Especially as it teaches a number of aspects that are essential not only to investigation, but the planning and organisation of an investigaiton.

I’ve personally enjoyed writing the assignments I have completed so far and I’m looking forward to the challenging ones ahead too. Once I have completed the full course I will also be looking to post a complete review of the course, so keep your eye out for that.

Register Your Interest for Enrolment

If the course sounds like your kind of thing then please follow the link below and register your interest for enrolment. If you’re not sure as you are new the field then follow the link anyway and see what you think as it may just help you out.

Also, if you do decide to sign up for the course dont forget to let me know how you get on?

The Link


The Cromwell Hotel – Room 100

The Cromwell Hotel Brief History
The Cromwell Hotel

The Cromwell Hotel in Stevenage dates back to the middle of the 18th century, but there was an earlier building on the site. The earlier building was a farm, which may have stretched back as far as Church Lane. Perhaps the farm was acquired by John Thurloe later as one of several that he owned during Cromwell’s time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he lived there.

The 1911 census places the Solicitor Cuthbert Corbould-Ellis and his wife Eveline at number 25 High Street, now the main part of the Cromwell Hotel. Uniquely for the time Eveline has an occupation separate from her husband listed, which was that of an artist or painter. In fact the reality was that Eveline decorated miniatures. These would occasionally come up for auction with an alternative spelling of ‘Evelyn’. Her daughter Enid, not listed on the census, but would have been around 15 at the time was also an artist. Enid later moved to Australia where a portrait of her mother Eveline and Grandmother is on display in the New South Wales Art Gallery.

The marriage between Cuthbert and Eveline was actually rather unique. This was because they had combined their surnames; Cuthbert (Ellis) and Eveline (Corbould-Haywood). Corbould was actually Eveline’s mothers maiden name. At this point Eveline was a fourth generation artist and she was very proud of it too.

The couple also had two servants, a cook and housemaid.

Next door at number 27 at the Temperance Hotel (currently the Cromwell Hotel’s Old Business Centre under refurbishment) were Mr and Mrs Hood. At the point of the census the Temperance Hotel was empty.

In the local area to the Cromwell Hotel there’s a lot of possibly connected history, such as the great fire of 1807, which destroyed and damaged many buildings on the High Street.

Also, across the road and a little south is the White Lion pub (recently renamed). This was often used as a staging post on route to Peterborough’s prison of war camp around 1796 to 1816. At this time prisoners were often held in the stables and possibly the tunnels rumoured to be beneath the pub over night. The tunnels are believed to run from the White Lion cellar to the Cromwell Hotel across the road. However looking at this logically, the nearest point of the Cromwell Hotel to the White Lion is the Old Business Centre end, originally number 27. I wonder if the tunnel possibly connects there.

Reported Paranormal Activity

As far as physical activity goes the reports from the Manager and Staff members seem to indicate possible low-level poltergeist activity. This included a couple of the rooms having linen messed up after being tidied up and lights being switched on too.

One room, number 100, which is located in the older part of the building is particularly interesting. This has a couple of reports from the staff and guests. In this room the TV has been known to switch on by itself, the hangers have been heard to be moving by themselves for no reason, there have been notable temperature changes, some have heard children’s laughter, some have reported being touched, some electrical issues, knocking has been heard and possible object movement.

Other physical phenomena has been reported in other parts of the building, but not as many as in this one room.

However, a lot of possibly related information was picked up by Medium Michelle Crate during a tour of the location. This included quantifying some of the above for room 100. Although some was very vague and possibly had relation to the current staff rather than the location history, it was interesting and much was quantified.

The main cellar in the Cromwell was interesting and Michelle picked up on people being touched, light anomalies (which were also mentioned I believed), some heavy breathing or growling too. There was also a feeling that there may be something more dark in nature in the cellar, but there was nothing to support this.

In the old Cromwell Business Centre Michelle picked up on some information that had possible ties to Witches and Witchcraft. There’s no current research that supports this though. Could this be triggered by the ‘1667’ plaque above the fireplace. However that said Michelle did make reference to Books and Documents in the building, perhaps something behind the walls. Also, a man with a pipe that sat near to the fireplace was picked up.

The Plan for Room 100

As Room 100 seemed to stand out distinctly from the rest of the individual rooms, with its wide range of activity being reported, this stood out as a good location to attempt an initial overnight investigation. The previous reports seemed to have been made by most of the guests that had stayed there too, so this appeared to be the logical approach for me.

Through the Manager I arranged an overnight stay at the Cromwell Hotel in order to experience Room 100 for myself. It’s important to realise at this point that location investigation isn’t always something that can be successful in one visit. Often with any investigation of a location we must keep an open mind and gather data continuously drawing conclusions as we do so. During my first overnight investigation of Room 100 I kept this in mind and kept a balanced mindset.

Knowing the previously reported activity I decided the best approach would be to spend some time looking around the room for logical explanations to the reported activity, both internally and externally to the room. Then I would spend the night as a normal guest would and hope to experience what previous ones had too. A simple approach you may think, but often this can be the best way. After all we have to start based on the data we have to start with.

My Stay in Room 100

I began my stay in Room 100 by familiarising myself with the room in relation to the reported activity and noting the associations to obvious auditory and visual contamination. This initially focused on the wardrobe and its reports of the door opening and the clothes hangers rattling. My theory on this was related to vibrations from the near-by railway or the High Street below. However after being present in the room for a few hours I soon realised that this wasn’t the case, as neither had any effect on the wardrobe.

Next up, I conducted a quick sweep of the room with MEL Metre to check the EMF and Temperature readings. Now, it’s very important to understand that I didn’t do this in search of ‘ghosts’, the reason was simply to gain a better measurement of my environment within Room 100. This paid off too, as it highlighted some high EMF readings around some ceiling light fittings. These levels of EMF and their location probably wouldn’t be considered cause for the activity or conception of it,  but its good to know it’s there. Temperature was pretty much normal throughout though.

I spent the next few hours just being present in the room as someone might in Hotel room. This albeit slightly mundane is specifically useful in understanding the relative aspects of the location. In this case the traffic and external noises to the room, which on observation noises from outside the room were obviously identified. Also, the radiator nearest to the bed made a continuous low-level noise which was a little similar to white noise.

Just before I went to sleep I decided to attempt a very basic version of the Ganzfield Experiment (Effect) by laying on the bed wearing a blindfold and listening to white noise through earphones. This would create a simple sensory deprivation scenario and should the theory be correct, allow me to be more able to tune into other possibilities. During this mini experiment my right leg from just below the knee down felt freezing cold.

Following the Ganzfield Experiment I checked the temperature where my leg was situated to see if I could locate a reason for this feeling, which I could not. Interestingly enough though when I first visited Room 100, both the Manager and Michelle picked up on a cold draught just close to where my leg was situated. Was I now picking up what they had or perhaps because I knew what they had picked up was I now recalling the scenario? How confusing is the human mind and the paranormal?

I took the opportunity to sweep the room with the MEL Metre too, which proved that once the ceiling lights were off the EMF spikes dropped dramatically. Switch the lights back on and the EMF fluctuated again.

I decided to leave a Voice Recorder setup in the room with me whilst I slept. The Voice Recorder would only come on and record should there be a certain amount noise in close proximity to it. However on this occasion on review the Voice Recorder didn’t record any anomalies.

The Morning After The Night Before!

I woke up the next morning without having experiencing any physical phenomena during the night. There’s probably a joke in there somewhere too. Still there was a very odd feeling which left me a little uneasy. During the night on a few occasions I felt as if I was being watched. This ‘sense of being starred at’ originated from different parts of the room too. A couple of the corners, near the window and also right up near the bed on one occasion. A little weird to say the least.

Although the night wasn’t massively eventful I believe that the Cromwell Hotel still has more to investigate within its walls. I feel, lets call it a hunch, that the place still requires a more fuller team investigation at some point. So, with that in mind I look forward to returning to the Cromwell Hotel to investigate further.

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Have A Horrifically Fearful Hallowe’en 2016

Here Comes Hallowe’en Again

Happy Hallowe’en

As Hallowe’en fast approaches I thought I would throw together a little post with a few ideas that often bounce in and out of my head this time of year. After all even though I really enjoy the serious investigations and research, I like many in the paranormal still like to have fun too. Hallowe’en regardless of its historic roots and modern day attributes is a perfect time of year for us all to kick back and have a little spooky fun.

For many of us into the paranormal our Hallowe’en begins to build from the very second we enter October, its like a whole month of ghostly celebration, events and so much more. This year for me this was kicked off when I joined Sage Paranormal at the Mill Theatre to investigate and join in with the National Ghost Hunting Day experiment. This was kicking off the Scarefest Convention in the US and fronted by Haunted Collectors Brian J Cano. It was a long long night, but worth it as it was an interesting location, a great team and amazing to be a part of such an historic event. More about the investigation itself in a future post. Suffice to say it was an experience and it was such an honour to be involved in an experiment which had Ghost Hunting teams not only investigating at the same time, but co-operating towards a common goal. It will be great to see the final results from this amazing experiment, to see how it affected global collective consciousness.

If that wasn’t enough the following weekend I was fortunate to be a part of an epic event, Sage Paracon UK at Wroxall Abbey. This was a full on weekend of paranormal activity, discussion and so very much more. I will be adding a post on the Warwick Castle Investigation and the Sage Paracon weekend very soon, so keep an eye out.

Right then, Hallowe’en is literally just around the corner, so here’s a few ideas if you’re game!

How About a Little Séance to Say ‘Hello’ to the Spirits


First up one of my personal favourites and a bit of a throw back from Victorian times, I’m talking of course about the classic séance. What better way to contact the spirits on Hallowe’en than to gather around a circular table and begin with a little conversation. If you want a little more authenticity why not throw in a little Singapore Theory too and dress up like the Victorians. If you want a couple of pointers on this, check out my Singapore Theory Victorian Séance Experiment.

It’s Paranormal Marmite, Do You Dare Try The Ouija Board?

Ouija Board

Although many have tried a variation of a Séance in their time, there is a particular method of communication which is a little like Marmite in the paranormal, I’m talking of course of the infamous Ouija Board. Spooky right? This bad boy has flipped opinion for a very long time now and I always find it a brilliant discussion point. Check out my little post on Ouija Board expert and collector Robert Murch for a little more on this controversial subject. After all is this a gateway to the other side or just an excellent communication tool, there seems to be many cases to support both sides. Personally I’ve seen some interesting results with the Ouija Board, but never experienced anything particularly negative remain. However I do think it got some bad press around the 1960’s and recently there has been some new scary films which base the Ouija Board at the heart of the story line as an evil source of some kind of demonic entity. There are plenty of modern gadgets that could equally be seen as technological version of this age old parlour game after all!

It Wouldn’t Be Hallowe’en Without Witches!

Doreen Valiente

At this time of year one the most prominent images and associations that are made is that of witchcraft. Many often dress up as them for the Hallowe’en party’s and they are common choice for trick or treat too. Still Witches are actually as real today as they were in the days of the trials. Problem is I think they’ve had a lot of really bad press over the years. This is probably because their roots pre-dates modern religion and equally doesn’t agree on all its points either. Don’t worry though I am not going to get into the whole Witchcraft Trials right now. Especially as I personally know a few Witches or Wica, which is a more modern term I suppose. In fact I spent some time at the recent Sage Paracon UK talking Ashley Mortimer on the interesting subject of Paganism, Witchcraft and a pioneer in this area Doreen Valiente. Check out my post on this for more information.

How About a Little Trance Mediumship?

The Royal Oak
The Royal Oak & The Acorn Spiritualist Centre

Something else which has come to my attention since I started to investigate and research the paranormal is the method of spirit communication called mediumship and also more interestingly trance mediumship. The very aspect and possibility that the living can be used as a conduit for those that have passed over is in itself the perfect Hallowe’en subject right? Check out my post on Trance Mediumship to understand a little more. Personally I have seen Trance Mediumship first hand on several occasions with some interesting information transferred with some odd additions too. During one session I witnessed the mediums face go through some very odd changes indeed, something which you really have to witness yourself to believe. Transfiguration is really quite interesting, a future post perhaps though!

Other Perspectives!

psi Theory

Well witnessing strange things like transfiguration and trance mediumship can really mess with your perspective on the paranormal. It could be said that experieces such as these have assisted in my own personal journey and probably why I look at the world a little differently these days. Its also why I write posts like you’ll find in my psi Theories section on my website. Sometimes things aren’t just as black and white as we would like them to be. If you would like to know more, then check out my psi theories.

More Haunted Places and Paranormal People

Haunted Places

Still looking for a little something more for your 2016 Hallowe’en then feel free to check out my Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK and also the section of my website on Paranormal People.

Go Watch A Scary Movie !!

Also, don’t forget to get yourself a little horror film marathon in too, after all it really wouldn’t be Hallowe’en without a few scary movies would it?

Personally I think there are quite a few entertaining movies available at the moment. I have recently just seen The Conjuring 2, which I actually really enjoyed to be fair. Understandably it was a little factually incorrect, but if we were to get hung up on that then we would never be able to enjoy a good scary movie. After all if you are looking for a more factual account of the Enfield Poltergeist then pick up a copy of Guy Lyon Playfair’s book ‘This House Is Haunted’, it’s brilliant.

Of course there are loads of classic horror films available too and they should equally be added to your Hallowe’en playlist, from Nightmare on Elm Street to Bram Stoker’s they are all worth a watch.

Whatever you’re spooky tale this Hallowe’en keep safe and remember, if someone says ‘I’ll be right back’ then they’re gone!

Have a really horrific Hallowe’en and keep an eye on the shadows !

I Just Can’t Keep Away!

Towards the end of last year I had to make a drastic decision to back away from investigating the paranormal, which was based around my finances, the fact that my day job became very busy and that I also wanted to spend more time with my family. It’s no secret that my paranormal investigation was taking up a lot of my free time, organising investigations, updating our website, writing articles on the investigations and finding new ways to investigate can be a full time job.

Unfortunately something had to give and that was me! The only problem being that following my own end to investigating, the team also began to stop their investigating under the Farsight PRS banner. For me this was a massive shame as I really hoped the team and Farsight PRS would continue to thrive even without my involvement. Still this is something that occurs to many paranormal investigation teams, usually around the eighteen month mark. Still grasping onto the dream that what I had originally put together wouldn’t be subjected to this I hoped there would be a way Farsight PRS would continue.

Currently that’s not the case as the team has pretty much dissolved and we have no plans to revive the team. However, I do hope to keep the research and what we began alive somehow. The only way I can think of doing that is to continue investigating when I can and report where I can.

At the moment, as the old Farsight PRS website is now down I will continue to add what I can to the Farsight Files Blog. Hopefully it will still get read here.

After many months of no investigations and if I’m honest itching to get on one, it’s been terrible! I’ve probably mentioned in the past how from my very first investigation I have had experiences that have quite frankly hooked me from day one. I miss investigating and even the locations with little to no activity interest me, as it’s pretty cool when you find logical explanations for things that others before you have claimed to be ghosts! Still it’s even better, sometimes exciting when you discover that oddity which you can’t explain. So, after all this time without wandering around darkened old buildings I think it’s about time I got back into it!

However, that will be a little difficult considering that Farsight PRS has disbanded. Still when a few more members joined Farsight almost two years ago, one of them was Aaron. Before Farsight Aaron was an active member of APIS (Anglian Paranormal Investigation Society), actually he still is. Now following my break from the paranormal I too will be joining APIS in some future investigations. Although I would love to resurrect Farsight PRS I don’t have the time at the moment to run a team, but I have been asked if any of my team would too like to join APIS.

APIS is a well established team, which have been around many years now. The team are well respected and currently looking to expand slightly. I hope that I will be able to add some value into their investigations. I have some pretty good tech from Farsight days to use and hopefully as the team have been around so long I will be able to learn from them.

If all goes well (which it should) then I should be joining the APIS team for my first investigation at The Old Nick in Gainsborough soon. I’m gonna be honest as its been so long I am a little excited about this investigation and hope that we can get some good results from it.

Where as before now I thought I may not get the chance to investigate anytime soon, it’s really good to know my next investigation is just around the corner.

Hopefully I will get back into and start investigating more. With that in mind perhaps a little it about my next investigation will be in one of my Blog Posts..

Catch ya on the flip side !

The Mystery of Jack the Ripper

There has never been such a case in history more prominent than that of the case of Jack the Ripper. For many years we have told and retold the story, covering it from angle after angle, delivering theory after theory, but still the Rippers identity remains a mystery. Although usually I spend most of my time researching things which are extremely hard to prove, I thought perhaps I would have a look at a case based more on elements we can measure. Still the case of Jack the Ripper, leaves me chasing ghosts once again.

So, what do we know about the case. We know that the Ripper terrorised London’s East End in the years 1888 to 1891, that the task of catching the fearsome killer was entrusted to the officers of Scotland Yard and although they failed they followed all lines of inquiry that they could.

Let us attempt to look at the case from the beginning, perhaps disregarding some of the added dramatics and stories which have clung to the case over the years. The best place to start then is with the victims, which is also where we find our first line of confusion. Which is the blurring between the definable Ripper murders and the Whitechapel murders. However, the eleven Whitechapel murders does include the Ripper murders and at some point each has been connected to the Ripper. Still properly defining the murders which were related to the Ripper, adds clarity to the case.

The Whitechapel Murders

Emma Elizabeth Smith – Tuesday 3rd April 1888 – Osborn Street, Whitechapel

Martha Tabram – Tuesday 7th August 1888 – George Yard Buildings, George Yard, Whitechapel

Mary Ann Nichols – Friday 31st August 1888 – Bucks Row, Whitechapel

Annie Chapman – Saturday 8th September 1888 – Rear Yard at 29 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields

Elizabeth Stride – Sunday 30th September 1888 – Yard at side of 40 Berner Street, St Georges-in-the-East

Catherine Eddowes – Sunday 30th September 188 – Mitre Square, Aldgate, City of London

Mary Jane Kelly – Friday 9th November 1888 – 13 Miller’s Court, 26 Dorset Street, Spitalfields

Rose Mylett – Thursday 20th December 1888 – Clarke’s Yard, High Street, Poplar

Alice McKenzie – Wednesday 17th July 1889 – Castle Alley, Whitechapel

Unknown Female Torso – Tuesday 10th September 1889 – Found under railway arch in Pinchin Street, Whitechapel

Frances Coles – Friday 13th February 1891 – FOund under railway arch, Swallow Gardens, Whitechapel


Above is a map, courtesy of the internet from displaying most of these murders.

Nichols, Chapman, Stride, Eddowes, Kelly, McKenzie and Coles had their throats cut. Except for Stride and Mylett there was evidence of abdominal mutilation in all cases. Chapman and Eddowes had their uterus removed and taken away by the killer. Eddowes left kidney was also taken. Evidence also suggests that Kelly’s heart was taken. All horrific murders in a reasonable distance and time frame from each other, its easy to link all of these to one person. After all its harder to believe there is more than one individual capable of such graphic mutilations.

Over the years though, following the input of various Detectives and individuals working on these unsolved murders, the list of murders which were linked to Jack the Ripper was reduced to Nichols, Chapman, Stride, Eddowes and Kelly. Tabram has also gained favour as the sixth victim as the opinion of some historians.

Obviously, as Jack was never actually caught this still all remains very much theory with a little supporting evidence. Perhaps he killed more that we just don’t know about yet.

Now we have the numbers of Jack’s murders reduced to five or six, we look at the next piece of evidence. In this case its the letters which were sent to the Police and Press on the Whitechapel murders. Some, if not most of these letters have been regarded as fakes, created by individuals hoping to excite the terror already burdening the city. However, a few of these letters have been given some credibility. These are the ‘Dear Boss’ letter, ‘Saucy Jacky’ postcard and the ‘From Hell’ letter.

Even if the letter is a hoax, it was the first letter written which made reference to the name ‘Jack the Ripper’ and linked it to the Whitechapel murderer. On the 27th September 1888, this letter was received by the Central News Agency and was believed to be a hoax straight away. However, three days later the double murder of Stride and Eddowes soon changed their minds. The defining point being that the in letter ‘Jack’ mentioned that he would ‘clip the lady’s ears off and send them to the police officers just for jolly’ and a portion of Eddowes earlobe was found cut off. All of a sudden the importance of this letter was highlighted by the police when they reproduced it in the newspapers of the time, hoping someone may recognise the handwriting.

On the 1st October 1888 a postcard was received by the Central News Agency, making direct reference to the ‘Dear Boss’ letter and the double murder. It was also believed to be written by the same hand.

As ever the authenticity of this postcard is still questioned by some, stating that the reference to the double murder and ‘Dear Boss’ letter could have been revealed in an early morning paper on the 1st October. I guess without todays high tech forensics its hard to prove!

The final letter was received in slightly more gruesome circumstances, in fact you could easily pull it right out of a horror movie! October 16th saw a George Lusk, the President of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee receive a particularly fearsome item in his mail. A three-inch-square cardboard box containing half a human kidney preserved in wine along with the following letter.

Inconclusive medical reports of the time reported the kidney to be very similar to the one that was removed from Eddowes. The letter, which started with the title ‘From Hell’ was aimed directly at Lusk. It stated that he had sent half the kidney to Lusk, but fried and eaten the other half. Sound familiar? He then added that he would send the bloody knife used to remove it, if Lusk would wait a while longer. It was then sign ‘catch me when you can Mishter Lusk.

All three letters and additional items can be seen as evidence that they were sent by Jack the Ripper, but you could equally argue against their authenticity. Perhaps we will never know, but still an interesting twist to the Ripper story. Perhaps this case will never be solved and given how long ago it occurred, with a lack of evidence from the time surviving its more likely it never will.

When the horrors of Whitechapel came to an end, its likely that the Ripper either became too old to carry on murdering or perhaps he was arrested for something else unrelated to the Ripper murders. Its even possible that he was smart enough to cease his murderous ways to avoid capture. However, the character that shines through in the letters and the pure evil he committed, makes me believe that ‘his work’ would never be quite complete.

Jump forward in time and reports paranormal activity around Whitechapel which are linked to the Ripper case in many ways, including location, sightings of individuals and more. There are many links to the Ripper case which pop up from time to time in the paranormal world. Its easy to understand given the deep emotional circumstances of the murders which could have inprinted on any of the areas. Thats ofcourse if you take in to account the ‘stone tape theory’. Still all in all the original case and related paranormal stories are very interesting apart and together.

Cases like this where the paranormal stories told have a deep impact in a particular location which has a very well known past. The Ripper case is one of those and for that reason will remain of interest to me and probably many others.

All comments are welcome, so please feel free to let me know what you think or even to add a little to what I have written.

The Sherlock Connection

Since I have been old enough to understand the whole concept of heroes and vilans, I soon began to hold certain characters in higher regard! Oddly enough these characters probably weren’t the usual choice of kids my age at the time. Perhaps I was slightly influenced by my parents, but lets be honest we all are really. However, I guess I will never really understand why I like the more technical geeky stuff of this world like gadgets and computers, but also the more old school history stuff too. I guess in a way this kind of explains why I picked Indiana Jones, Doctor Who & the likes of Sherlock Holmes instead of say Superman or Spiderman. However, I did still think Batman was pretty cool, lets be honest who doesn’t think that the Dark Knight is a touch of a hardcore kickass type of guy!

Still, as the title suggests this little dity is all about Sherlock Holmes and my round about connection to him, which isn’t just the simple fact that he is up there along side Indiana Jones for me! In fact the connection comes from a third person, someone who developed the connection later on in his life, long after Holmes became a distant memory and other more important thoughts were clouding his mind. I am of course talking about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle created one of those odd characters which although completely different from the normality we are used to, struck a cord with many and soon grew in popularity!

Doyle was born in Edinburgh in May 1859 and lead quite a busy life up to his death in East Sussex in July 1930. In his 70 years he wrote many notable stories, not just about Holmes, and he also worked as a physician for many years. However it was the traumatic twilight of Doyles personal life which created the link to mine. Don’t get over excited though, there isn’t a dramatic connection here. Basically, following the death if Doyles wife Louisa in 1906, the death of his son, his brother and several more of his family, he sank into a depression. He eventually found comfort in spirituality and trying to find evidence of something beyond death. This later lead to his envolvement in the Ghost Club and the investigation of the paranormal with a more scientific approach. It was this interest and approach to paranormal investigation which I understand. Perhaps one day I may be able to make some significant discoveries in the paranormal field, like Doyle did..

So, the connection is actually the simple fact that we both have a keen interest in the paranormal. Perhaps those interests like many in the field may stem from different personal origins. Some more closer to an individuals heart, some are a product of experiences, but all are human nature and our need to find the answers to questions which man has faced since the dawn of time. Whether the questions are sparked by events in our personal lives or simply just questions, there are some of us which seek the answers.

Since a young age, thanks to my parents, I have questioned the world and its contents, perhaps thats where my interest in the paranormal developed from. Over the years I’ve been interested in the paranormal, even before Farsight, I found myself trying to investigate something. After all, if we don’t question the world around us, then we can’t appreciate it truly.

So, even if ghosts and the paranormal isn’t your thing, just take the time at some point to question what you see around you. What you find, if you dig beneath the surface may surprise you, it may even lead you to more questions! Let me know what you find though?