I Just Can’t Keep Away!

Towards the end of last year I had to make a drastic decision to back away from investigating the paranormal, which was based around my finances, the fact that my day job became very busy and that I also wanted to spend more time with my family. It’s no secret that my paranormal investigation was taking up a lot of my free time, organising investigations, updating our website, writing articles on the investigations and finding new ways to investigate can be a full time job.

Unfortunately something had to give and that was me! The only problem being that following my own end to investigating, the team also began to stop their investigating under the Farsight PRS banner. For me this was a massive shame as I really hoped the team and Farsight PRS would continue to thrive even without my involvement. Still this is something that occurs to many paranormal investigation teams, usually around the eighteen month mark. Still grasping onto the dream that what I had originally put together wouldn’t be subjected to this I hoped there would be a way Farsight PRS would continue.

Currently that’s not the case as the team has pretty much dissolved and we have no plans to revive the team. However, I do hope to keep the research and what we began alive somehow. The only way I can think of doing that is to continue investigating when I can and report where I can.

At the moment, as the old Farsight PRS website is now down I will continue to add what I can to the Farsight Files Blog. Hopefully it will still get read here.

After many months of no investigations and if I’m honest itching to get on one, it’s been terrible! I’ve probably mentioned in the past how from my very first investigation I have had experiences that have quite frankly hooked me from day one. I miss investigating and even the locations with little to no activity interest me, as it’s pretty cool when you find logical explanations for things that others before you have claimed to be ghosts! Still it’s even better, sometimes exciting when you discover that oddity which you can’t explain. So, after all this time without wandering around darkened old buildings I think it’s about time I got back into it!

However, that will be a little difficult considering that Farsight PRS has disbanded. Still when a few more members joined Farsight almost two years ago, one of them was Aaron. Before Farsight Aaron was an active member of APIS (Anglian Paranormal Investigation Society), actually he still is. Now following my break from the paranormal I too will be joining APIS in some future investigations. Although I would love to resurrect Farsight PRS I don’t have the time at the moment to run a team, but I have been asked if any of my team would too like to join APIS.

APIS is a well established team, which have been around many years now. The team are well respected and currently looking to expand slightly. I hope that I will be able to add some value into their investigations. I have some pretty good tech from Farsight days to use and hopefully as the team have been around so long I will be able to learn from them.

If all goes well (which it should) then I should be joining the APIS team for my first investigation at The Old Nick in Gainsborough soon. I’m gonna be honest as its been so long I am a little excited about this investigation and hope that we can get some good results from it.

Where as before now I thought I may not get the chance to investigate anytime soon, it’s really good to know my next investigation is just around the corner.

Hopefully I will get back into and start investigating more. With that in mind perhaps a little it about my next investigation will be in one of my Blog Posts..

Catch ya on the flip side !

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