The Sherlock Connection

Since I have been old enough to understand the whole concept of heroes and vilans, I soon began to hold certain characters in higher regard! Oddly enough these characters probably weren’t the usual choice of kids my age at the time. Perhaps I was slightly influenced by my parents, but lets be honest we all are really. However, I guess I will never really understand why I like the more technical geeky stuff of this world like gadgets and computers, but also the more old school history stuff too. I guess in a way this kind of explains why I picked Indiana Jones, Doctor Who & the likes of Sherlock Holmes instead of say Superman or Spiderman. However, I did still think Batman was pretty cool, lets be honest who doesn’t think that the Dark Knight is a touch of a hardcore kickass type of guy!

Still, as the title suggests this little dity is all about Sherlock Holmes and my round about connection to him, which isn’t just the simple fact that he is up there along side Indiana Jones for me! In fact the connection comes from a third person, someone who developed the connection later on in his life, long after Holmes became a distant memory and other more important thoughts were clouding his mind. I am of course talking about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle created one of those odd characters which although completely different from the normality we are used to, struck a cord with many and soon grew in popularity!

Doyle was born in Edinburgh in May 1859 and lead quite a busy life up to his death in East Sussex in July 1930. In his 70 years he wrote many notable stories, not just about Holmes, and he also worked as a physician for many years. However it was the traumatic twilight of Doyles personal life which created the link to mine. Don’t get over excited though, there isn’t a dramatic connection here. Basically, following the death if Doyles wife Louisa in 1906, the death of his son, his brother and several more of his family, he sank into a depression. He eventually found comfort in spirituality and trying to find evidence of something beyond death. This later lead to his envolvement in the Ghost Club and the investigation of the paranormal with a more scientific approach. It was this interest and approach to paranormal investigation which I understand. Perhaps one day I may be able to make some significant discoveries in the paranormal field, like Doyle did..

So, the connection is actually the simple fact that we both have a keen interest in the paranormal. Perhaps those interests like many in the field may stem from different personal origins. Some more closer to an individuals heart, some are a product of experiences, but all are human nature and our need to find the answers to questions which man has faced since the dawn of time. Whether the questions are sparked by events in our personal lives or simply just questions, there are some of us which seek the answers.

Since a young age, thanks to my parents, I have questioned the world and its contents, perhaps thats where my interest in the paranormal developed from. Over the years I’ve been interested in the paranormal, even before Farsight, I found myself trying to investigate something. After all, if we don’t question the world around us, then we can’t appreciate it truly.

So, even if ghosts and the paranormal isn’t your thing, just take the time at some point to question what you see around you. What you find, if you dig beneath the surface may surprise you, it may even lead you to more questions! Let me know what you find though?