Welcome 2012

Well as 2011 and all its oddities slip away into the darkness of the New Years celebrations, I begin to look forward now into 2012, wondering what it may hold for Farsight PRS and indeed myself. You see the close of 2011 brought about some changes in my personal circumstances and also for others in the team, which mean that Farsight may have to take an unfortunate back seat. Although our interest is still firmly placed in the world of the paranormal, our lives dictate alternative paths.

For me persoanlly, this means less involvement in a team I initially helped create, but also less investigations and working on the paranormal in general. This also means an end to Farsight Files articles in Paranormal Magazine, which I enjoyed putting together. It also spells the end to my own reports which I was putting together.

For others in the team finances and work, the credit crunch if you will, has finally caught up with us. So, with me slowing down, so does the film crew too. Another vreat shame, but still they leave us at the end of 2011 with two years of footage of the Farsight team and our investigations.

I dare say the rest of the team feel in a similar position and it seems that Farsight PRS maybe on the cusp of shutting up shop.

However, lets just remember where this began, Farsight Files was my original Blog on things paranormal and the blog itself still exists, you’re reading it now! With that in mind I will continue where I can to do the odd investigation and to write up some of it in my Blog, which I also hope to post other interesting paranormal pieces to. Lets just say that Farsight Paranormal Research Society are taking a little break currently. So, please show your support for the team by posting something in our Facebook Page ‘Farsight Paranormal Research Society’. That way we will know you are still with us in these darker times. Also, keep an eye on this Blog from time to time, cause who knows when I might post or what I may post about. Comments are of course always welcome.

So, although this is kind of sad news to begin 2012, I wouldn’t say its the end or goodbye, more like watch this space and who knows whats coming up next!

Until the next time !!