We’re Going Deeper Underground – Case Notes

,The Farsight PRS team ventured to Essex last weekend to investigate the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker. As ever we headed out armed with what we had hoping to capture some paranormal evidence within the underground bunker.

I have to admit though, a part of me, a childlike part who still finds an underground base pretty cool was really looking forward to this one. I studied the plans and found myself slightly excited about the trip as I set off. Sad I know, but I find it really interesting. Anyhow, its good to know where a good base is located, just in case there is a deadly illness breakout and zombies do actually roam the countryside looking for brains to eat. If that did happen i would head straight for Kelvedon Hatch as its ideal.

Anyways, back to the investigation. We arrived on site around 7pm ready for our full night of investigation. This time there was only five of us, but still plenty to thoroughly investigate the location. Following a brief tour of the bunker with some questions, we made a few decisions on CCTV locations and began to set up the kit.

In fact, I think our setup went rather smoothly apart from one tangled video/audio cable which i think may have been my fault. So much for trying to make things easier!

We then cracked on with the investigation, exploring, monitoring and trying to make conact with the any possible spirits within Kelvedon Hatch. Our hosts had kindly given us all night to investigate and even offered up a few bunks if we so desired to stay before heading home in the morning. An unusual concept, but not something the Farsight PRS have not done in the past.

We monitored our CCTV system and other tech, noting down important information and relaying information back to the investigation team from Operational Command. We now have a dedicated person monitoring our CCTV system throughout the night, which is on a rotor so they dont get too tired. The system also has audio on four of the five cameras, so that is monitored too. The idea is to become proactive, so if something does happen and the investigation team are not in the right place, Operational Command can radio through and advise them where they could be. Hopefully this idea will work in the end proving its worth.

However, we had a few things occur during our investigation that we can’t really explain. I think Kelvedon Hatch Bunker was a really nice and pretty cool location to investigate. Wish I had a bunker like that!

As ever keep your eye out for the full report coming soon in Paranormal Magazine (www.paranormalmagazine.co.uk), i hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment on any of these posts on my Blog, about the articles and anything paranormal really..

Apologies that its a bit short, just wanted to update you all really.