A Trip to the Theatre

Last Saturday night saw some of the Farsight PRS team head down to Eastbourne and investigate a supposedly haunted theatre.

The Royal Hippodrome Theatre has reports of strange noises on and off the stage. Unusually there are also a high number of apparition sightings within the theatre. This was something that intrigued me, after all every investigator would love to capture an apparition on film! The higher the number of sightings the more chance perhaps?

We arrived in Eastbourne and were immediately faced with our first problem, parking! In fact it took us a little while to find anywhere to park and even then it wasn’t particularly close! We didn’t allow this to stifle our pans though and soon met up in the Box Office area of the theatre.

Two members of a more local investigation team also joined us, Amy and Tori from PIGS (www.the-pigs.co.uk). It would be interesting to see what they thought of how Farsight PRS investigate locations.

We soon cracked on with the investigation and our hosts for the evening gave us a quick tour detailing the activity that had been experienced at the Hippodrome. In fact one of the guys had investigated the theatre many times himself, which meant he had plenty to tell us.

Following the tour we setup our new CCTV system, trying to cover as much of the hotspots as we could. In fact our system is a little gem, with eight possible video feeds (we only have five cameras currently) and four audio feeds. With this setup and some radios we can have a member of the team monitor the investigation noting any oddities and readings on a laptop, whilst watching and listening too. The geek in me loves it!

As we went through the night there were a few oddities to mention, mainly audible. All in all though it was a good little investigation I think. The Royal Hippodrome Theatre in Eastbourne is an excellent and certainly atmospheric location for a paranormal investigation or even just to visit for an evening show. I look forward to taking a look at some of our footage and audio to see if we caught anything. I hope we have something to back up our own personal experiences though.

The full investigation write up will be coming soon to a future issue of Paranormal Magazine, be sure to catch it to find out more. Perhaps we will find something in our evidence review too.

One last thank you to my team as ever and the two girls from PIGS, good work guys.

As ever if you have any questions or comments, please dont hesitate to add them.

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