The Paranormal Investigators Journal

It’s here…

It’s my great pleasure to present to you all ‘The Paranormal Investigators Journal’..

This is a structured notebook designed for paranormal investigators to document their investigations and the paranormal activity that occurs during them.

The book lays out simply how to use it at the front and then has space for six investigations, including various aspects like location history, paranormal activity, your plan, and more. There are also 70 plus event logs to document any paranormal activity that may occur across those six investigations, allowing you to create a timeline for each one.

Also, at the back of the book I have added six of my favourite simple experiments to try out whilst investigating. All of which have yielded some interesting results for me in the past.

If that is all you need to hear then click on the link below to order your first copy today.

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A Little More on the Journal

If your not sure why this particular book might help you with your investigations, then hopefully I will be able to explain a little more.

The initial concept came from two sources over the years whilst I have investigated the paranormal across the UK. The first was that simply I went through a heck of a lot of notebooks scribbling information down regarding investigations to ensure that I documented as much detail as possible. This has meant that I have an abundance of various notebooks and journals which have all kinds of information in them. The problem with these notebooks was structure or lack of it. Also, that simply after some investigations making out what was written or when it occurred may have been troublesome. This was later addressed by the use of a case file document, something that both Investigator Graham Smith and I have long held in high regard. However the problem with this was I found myself creating a case file which had lots of details, but was hard to maintain during an investigation.

The Paranormal Investigators Journal is my attempt to simplify this approach and gather valid information during an investigation in a simple format which is easy to complete on the fly.

How Does it Work?

Well hopefully if I have done my job right it should be really easy to use..

You simply fill out the Investigation details first, but you can choose whether or not to do your historical research before or after you actual investigation of course. This would be a personal preference really; some investigators prefer to turn up with little knowledge of the location apart from that its relatively haunted, whilst others may do a thorough piece of research before they go to the location. Either way the journal has space for Historical Research, Previously Recorded Activity, general Location Information, your team, your equipment, your plan, maps of the location and of course your post investigation conclusions.

Investigation Details

Keep track of the essential details of your investigations, the where and when it all happened.

Investigation Plan

Plan out your entire investigation in detail or simply a rough plan to guide you through it. I personally have often found even the simplest form of plan can help improve an investigations success. This can either be done prior to arrival at the location or once you’re there and have a good feel for the place.

Investigation Event Logs

Rather than detailing each vigil or scribbling random notes, each oddity can be simply documented using an Investigation Event Log. This lets you quickly and simply document the event which has occurred, where it occurred, who was present, who witnessed it, and also what categories it may fall into.

The Event Log

Each individual Event Log then helps to generate a timeline for your investigation, so you can know what happened where and when. Simple right. Theres also a space to link it to the Investigation Details and even add your own reference if you’re a little geeky like me.

Sharing Your Investigations

Obviously it will always be up to you if you wish to share the information you gather during your investigations, but I for one will always be interested in what others document in their own Paranormal Investigators Journal’s.

Having them all in the same format makes it easy for us all to review too.

So, please feel free to send me your Investigations to

I am also hoping one day soon to add all of mine and any sent to me to a database to help analyse them, all part of the research guys.

A Simple Solution to Documenting What You Do Well..

So, thats it in a nutshell really, The Paranormal Investigators Journal is a really simple way to document the investigations you do. Keep it for yourself or share with others.

I have left elements of it a little open to give you space to be yourself too.

I hope you all like it and its useful to your investigations too. I maybe a little biased, but personally I wish I had this when I first started investigating or at least something similar.

Once you’ve completed your first Journal you can grab another copy and fill that in too, that way you can build up a collection of your investigations in the same format.

if you have any questions regarding The Paranormal Investigators Journal then please drop me an email at

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If that all makes perfect sense and you would like to give it a go, then please click on the link below to grab your first copy…

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