Have A Horrifically Fearful Hallowe’en 2016

Here Comes Hallowe’en Again

Happy Hallowe’en

As Hallowe’en fast approaches I thought I would throw together a little post with a few ideas that often bounce in and out of my head this time of year. After all even though I really enjoy the serious investigations and research, I like many in the paranormal still like to have fun too. Hallowe’en regardless of its historic roots and modern day attributes is a perfect time of year for us all to kick back and have a little spooky fun.

For many of us into the paranormal our Hallowe’en begins to build from the very second we enter October, its like a whole month of ghostly celebration, events and so much more. This year for me this was kicked off when I joined Sage Paranormal at the Mill Theatre to investigate and join in with the National Ghost Hunting Day experiment. This was kicking off the Scarefest Convention in the US and fronted by Haunted Collectors Brian J Cano. It was a long long night, but worth it as it was an interesting location, a great team and amazing to be a part of such an historic event. More about the investigation itself in a future post. Suffice to say it was an experience and it was such an honour to be involved in an experiment which had Ghost Hunting teams not only investigating at the same time, but co-operating towards a common goal. It will be great to see the final results from this amazing experiment, to see how it affected global collective consciousness.

If that wasn’t enough the following weekend I was fortunate to be a part of an epic event, Sage Paracon UK at Wroxall Abbey. This was a full on weekend of paranormal activity, discussion and so very much more. I will be adding a post on the Warwick Castle Investigation and the Sage Paracon weekend very soon, so keep an eye out.

Right then, Hallowe’en is literally just around the corner, so here’s a few ideas if you’re game!

How About a Little Séance to Say ‘Hello’ to the Spirits


First up one of my personal favourites and a bit of a throw back from Victorian times, I’m talking of course about the classic séance. What better way to contact the spirits on Hallowe’en than to gather around a circular table and begin with a little conversation. If you want a little more authenticity why not throw in a little Singapore Theory too and dress up like the Victorians. If you want a couple of pointers on this, check out my Singapore Theory Victorian Séance Experiment.

It’s Paranormal Marmite, Do You Dare Try The Ouija Board?

Ouija Board

Although many have tried a variation of a Séance in their time, there is a particular method of communication which is a little like Marmite in the paranormal, I’m talking of course of the infamous Ouija Board. Spooky right? This bad boy has flipped opinion for a very long time now and I always find it a brilliant discussion point. Check out my little post on Ouija Board expert and collector Robert Murch for a little more on this controversial subject. After all is this a gateway to the other side or just an excellent communication tool, there seems to be many cases to support both sides. Personally I’ve seen some interesting results with the Ouija Board, but never experienced anything particularly negative remain. However I do think it got some bad press around the 1960’s and recently there has been some new scary films which base the Ouija Board at the heart of the story line as an evil source of some kind of demonic entity. There are plenty of modern gadgets that could equally be seen as technological version of this age old parlour game after all!

It Wouldn’t Be Hallowe’en Without Witches!

Doreen Valiente

At this time of year one the most prominent images and associations that are made is that of witchcraft. Many often dress up as them for the Hallowe’en party’s and they are common choice for trick or treat too. Still Witches are actually as real today as they were in the days of the trials. Problem is I think they’ve had a lot of really bad press over the years. This is probably because their roots pre-dates modern religion and equally doesn’t agree on all its points either. Don’t worry though I am not going to get into the whole Witchcraft Trials right now. Especially as I personally know a few Witches or Wica, which is a more modern term I suppose. In fact I spent some time at the recent Sage Paracon UK talking Ashley Mortimer on the interesting subject of Paganism, Witchcraft and a pioneer in this area Doreen Valiente. Check out my post on this for more information.

How About a Little Trance Mediumship?

The Royal Oak
The Royal Oak & The Acorn Spiritualist Centre

Something else which has come to my attention since I started to investigate and research the paranormal is the method of spirit communication called mediumship and also more interestingly trance mediumship. The very aspect and possibility that the living can be used as a conduit for those that have passed over is in itself the perfect Hallowe’en subject right? Check out my post on Trance Mediumship to understand a little more. Personally I have seen Trance Mediumship first hand on several occasions with some interesting information transferred with some odd additions too. During one session I witnessed the mediums face go through some very odd changes indeed, something which you really have to witness yourself to believe. Transfiguration is really quite interesting, a future post perhaps though!

Other Perspectives!

psi Theory

Well witnessing strange things like transfiguration and trance mediumship can really mess with your perspective on the paranormal. It could be said that experieces such as these have assisted in my own personal journey and probably why I look at the world a little differently these days. Its also why I write posts like you’ll find in my psi Theories section on my website. Sometimes things aren’t just as black and white as we would like them to be. If you would like to know more, then check out my psi theories.

More Haunted Places and Paranormal People

Haunted Places

Still looking for a little something more for your 2016 Hallowe’en then feel free to check out my Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK and also the section of my website on Paranormal People.

Go Watch A Scary Movie !!

Also, don’t forget to get yourself a little horror film marathon in too, after all it really wouldn’t be Hallowe’en without a few scary movies would it?

Personally I think there are quite a few entertaining movies available at the moment. I have recently just seen The Conjuring 2, which I actually really enjoyed to be fair. Understandably it was a little factually incorrect, but if we were to get hung up on that then we would never be able to enjoy a good scary movie. After all if you are looking for a more factual account of the Enfield Poltergeist then pick up a copy of Guy Lyon Playfair’s book ‘This House Is Haunted’, it’s brilliant.

Of course there are loads of classic horror films available too and they should equally be added to your Hallowe’en playlist, from Nightmare on Elm Street to Bram Stoker’s they are all worth a watch.

Whatever you’re spooky tale this Hallowe’en keep safe and remember, if someone says ‘I’ll be right back’ then they’re gone!

Have a really horrific Hallowe’en and keep an eye on the shadows !

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