Top Ten Most Haunted Locations In The UK

Many places lay claim to being the most haunted location in the UK, but are they really THAT haunted? Here are my…

Top Ten Most Haunted Locations (That I’ve Investigated)

My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK
My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK

Over the years I’ve often been asked which locations are the best to investigate, which are the most haunted locations? Although it sounds like a pretty easy question, its actually really hard to answer! You see there’s no clever little guage available to help us easily see how haunted a place is. The only real way to answer the question is to base it on experience and captured evidence. However I use the term ‘evidence’ loosely. I’ll explain that whole ‘evidence’ concept in a later post.

So, I’ve based my top ten most haunted locations on my own experiences. I’ve personally investigated all ten locations with the assistance of many top investigators in the field. Without a good team behind you an investigation can be difficult, but I’ve always been lucky to have an excellent team on all of my investigations. Cheers guys.

So, here they are in no particular order: My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations In The UK

  1. Peterborough Museum: This location has given me some interesting results in the past; including a possible flickering candle light on the main stairs, which may tie in with the back story and history. You can read about our experiences here.
  2. Royal Oak Swanage: This little pub in Swanage is an interesting place that has helped to open new perspectives in my investigations. With a tonne of weird things going on, an interesting back story and varying levels of Mediumship; I’ve been backwards and forwards to this place since 2010.  Here are some of my experiences.
  3. Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker: When I first decided to investigate this Bunker, I was told the location wasn’t that active. However during my first investigation I was lucky enough to see a ghost walk past a door! – You can read about our experiences here..
  4. Morecambe Winter Garden Theatre: After visiting this location with Phil Whyman‘s team (yes, that would be Phil from Most Haunted!)I knew straight away that I needed to investigate the Theatre with my own team. As a derelict building the theatre ticked all the usual haunted building boxes.  – if you wish to know more, you can read about our experiences here….
  5. Hendricks Hairdressers, Royston: Although I believe that Hendricks Hairdressers has now moved from this building, perhaps due to the possible paranormal residents, the old building remains and is an excellent place to investigate. My investigation was interesting and certainly showed some potential which I will explain more about in the post here..
  6. Burton Court, Herefordshire: In the beautiful countryside of Herefordshire is this amazing location. (Another place which was introduced to me by Phil Wyman.) Its simply one of those large, old houses you can get lost in, and quickly becomes very much the ‘haunted house’ we all know.  – find out more here…
  7. Explosions Museum: As one of my all time favourite most haunted locations in the U.K., this one has definitely delivered, that’s for sure. My own investigations here have resulted in some interesting sounds, some weird experiences and some great history. What has added to this location is that similar experiences have taken place when other teams have investigated the location. A very interesting location  – find out more here…
  8. Watlington House: This was a great little investigation of a house situated in Reading, which I stumbled upon with the assistance of one of my team. We also possibly spent a little time with a couple of spirits with the assistance of the Mediums on the team too. – Hear about these spirits here…
  9. Royal Hippodrome Theatre Eastbourne: This theatre was an excellent place to investigate. With Harry Houdini as a past performer at the theatre and many accounts of paranormal activity I jumped at the chance to investigate this possibly haunted location. Check out how it went in this interesting post here..
  10. Bradwell Abbey Milton Keynes: This location is very interesting and was also used throughout 2015 as a location for our Cosmopathic Project experiments. The location itself has some very old elements to it and some probable dark back stories too. In particular are common reports of a Monk around the site and some say he may not have been particularly nice either. – click here for more on this location..

Have You Ever Been To One Of My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations In The UK? Would love to hear your comments below.

I will be posting the ghost stories, and how our investigations went in future articles on this site. So, make sure you follow me on Twitter, or like my Facebook Page to hear the latest. Better still, so you don’t miss out on any spooky haunting stories, you can sign up for me free newsletter here:

 I’m always on the lookout for new locations, if you have one that you feel may make it on to next years list of my favourite most haunted locations in the UK, please let me know.

Also, if you run paranormal events I am interested in checking out the experience and event that you deliver to your customers. Invite me along and perhaps your event will make my top five paranormal events for 2016.

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