My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK – Morecambe Winter Garden’s Theatre

Another of My Most Haunted Locations In The UK!

I found out about Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre thanks to Most Haunted’s Phil Whyman, when I joined his ‘Dead Haunted Nights’ events as a team leader. Much like my original experience at Peterborough Museum, my first visit to Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre inspired me to return and learn more about the theatre and investigate it for myself. It wouldn’t be easy as it would be my team’s most northern investigation to date. Still, this location ticked all the classic boxes and for that reason, (& a few others) Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre features in my top ten most haunted locations in the UK.

A Little History Of This Most Haunted Theatre

Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre was previously known as the Victoria Pavilion Theatre. It was originally built back in 1897 as a part of the existing complex. The complex included seawater baths, bars and a ballroom, which dates back to 1878 and all this remained up until its closure in 1977. Although the theatre remains today the ballroom was demolished in 1982.

My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK - Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre
My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK – Morecambe Winter Garden Theatre

The TV show ‘Most Haunted’ featured the location in 2008. They returned in 2009 with a live audience over eight nights for the Most Haunted Live broadcast.

The theatre itself has an abundance of ghostly activity, from knocks, bangs, footsteps, to the voice of a ghostly singer. There are reports of small objects moving, or being thrown. Some visitors have reported that they were touched, or even pushed by unseen hands. Poltergeist activity has also popped up from time to time here.

One important thing to mention is that some speak of the theatre having good and evil sides. This in turn has an effect on the resident spirits, some being good and harmless, whilst others are a little darker!

My Most Haunted Investigation of Morecambe Winter Garden’s

After we setup the CCTV kit throughout the location and carried out some baseline readings too (more about them in a future article), we were ready to begin our investigation.

Our first experience of the evening came as we walked onto the main stage. Two members of the team felt the presence of a man and agreed on what he was wearing and even how he looked. However, as soon as they realised this, a slight temperature drop was felt. This was shortly followed by raps and taps on the large metal fire curtain. Oddly, this sound was only recreated by us with the use of a finger nail on the fire curtain; perhaps a ghostly hand was trying to communicate?

Later on during the night we conducted a séance under the stage with some strange results. The first was a slight drop in temperature even though there were candles on the round séance table. We also heard some noise from above us on the stage. Finally, one of the team was convinced they could hear a voice copying what she was saying. Certainly an odd séance which left us a little confused!

It was around this time that we kicked off the Singapore Theory Experiment in the main auditorium. These included twenty nine tracks, including playing a few old Morecambe and Wise songs. One or two of the tracks may have even been recorded at the theatre. Perhaps these familiar sounds could stir up some of the energy in the theatre and give some good results.

Oddly enough the next part of the investigation did appear to be a little busier! My team headed to the Ladies dressing room, dress circle and ladies bar. The balcony that overlooks the stage drew our attention from the dressing room straight away. It wasn’t long before we heard odd noises emanating from the stage area in the darkness below. We also witnessed what can only be described as a darkening around the doorway of the Gents dressing room, on the other side of the stage. At times there even appeared to be shadows passing under the door itself.

It was around this time that we heard possibly the loudest knock of the night! We soon realised the knock was more like someone had crossed the stage and knocked a chair on the way. It’s always a little strange to hear sounds coming from an area where there is no obvious cause.

Later on, as a couple of us stood in one of the private boxes close to the front of the stage, we saw some strange lights. The light moved towards the stage and then completely changed direction towards us before disappearing!

To finish off the night we headed back to the stage, as we arrived the presence of the man was felt again, which was quickly accompanied by the ghostly tapping! This time I tracked it down and discovered it was coming from the other side of the fire curtain. It seemed as if there was someone trying to communicate, quite literally, from the other side. I radio’d the our second team who were in the Gods seating area and asked them if they could see anyone on the other side of the fire curtain. The response was ‘no’, with that I took a step back from the curtain. I searched for a logical explanation, but found none and that is why Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre makes my top ten most haunted locations in the UK.

A Most Haunted Theatre Indeed

Our trip to the theatre was certainly entertaining and perhaps we even met up with some of the residents of Morecambe Winter Gardens. With the odd knocks and taps the stage was certainly very active during our visit.

If you’re interested in the original investigation report, which contains a lot more details about our visit, please click here…

If you would like to read more details about The Singapore Theory Victorian Seance Experiment that we conducted at the Royal Oak Pub, which was similar to the experiment at the theatre, please click here…

Also, if you’ve ever visited or investigated Morecambe Winter Garden’s Theatre, then I would like to hear about it too? Have you ever experienced similar activity as I did with my team?

Have You Ever Been To One Of My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations In The UK? Would love to hear your comments below.

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