My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK – Old Henrick’s Hairdressers in Royston

I first became aware of the haunting of Henrick’s Hairdressers years ago during a conversation between myself and Aaron Hardy. Back then the location was said to be so haunted that the occupants at the time were impacted daily by it. In fact years later just before I managed to access the building with the help of Damien O’Dell (Paranormal Author and leader of the APIS Team) the occupants moved to a new location within the town. It’s still not entirely clear whether this was down to the uninvited ghostly guests or due the growth of the business. Either way for me this location gave some interesting results and that is why Old Henricks Hairdressers in Royston makes My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK list.

A Most Haunted Hairdressers

Henrick’s itself is located close to some very interesting places in Royston. To start with the location was probably built back in the 17th Century and is Grade II listed. To give you some idea of the immediate area, there are roughly forty odd grade listed buildings within 100 meters of Henrick’s. Two of which belong to the nearby Royston Cave, which is interesting in its own right. Also, nearby is a church and graveyard, which could also add to this haunted little square in Royston.

However there is something else near to Henrick’s which could also be a possible reason for this particular haunting, if you’re a believer in Lay Lines of course. Near to this location are two ancient roads; Ickneild Way and Ermine Street. Both of these roads are believed to be powerful Lay Lines and to top this they both cross right near to Henrick’s and Royston Cave. Perhaps these ancient Lay Lines could generate mysterious energies which could cause the haunting?

When it comes to ghostly activity Henrick’s has its fair share and doesn’t appear to be shy in showing it. Ghostly knocks and footsteps have been heard all over the building, which are also accompanied by temperature changes and cold spots. Weird lights and strange shadows have been seen from time to time too. However there is also some probable poltergeist activity too. As there are many reports of objects moving by themselves, items being knocked over, thrown and doors slammed. There have even been reports of objects appearing from nowhere that just don’t belong at the location. Along with the feeling of a presence, multiple mediums have spoken of a few different spirits at the location too.

This activity has been backed up by members of the APIS Team and those that have visited Henrick’s both to work and as a customer.

My Ghostly Experience Investigating Henrick’s

After we completed our setup, with our HQ in the ground floor kitchen and five CCTV cameras up and running around the location, we cracked on with our investigation.

My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK - Henrick's Hairdressers in Royston
HQ at Henrick’s Hairdressers in Royston

We started with a walk around of the location taking some readings and familiarising ourselves with this old building. It was also a great opportunity to look into some of those previous claims to see if there was a more logical explanation. It was during this walk around that we realised that a couple of the rooms were producing some odd spikes on the EMF meter.

Aaron’s DAB Ghost Box presented a few strange words when we were using it in the first floor bathroom, which did appear to match our questions. However there wasn’t enough to establish good communication.

A major part of the night was to be taken up conducting a variation of the Ganzfield Experiment. In order to achieve this we setup one person in a room on the first floor as a receiver, their location was monitored by a CCTV camera with sound. This person would be blindfolded, listen to white noise through earphones and basically be unaware of their surroundings audibly and visually. After settling quietly into this environment for a few minutes the receiver would then call out as images came to mind.

These images would be simple drawings that a sender would draw whilst in the kitchen as another team member monitored the sound.

During my time in the chair as the receiver I called out attempting to match what Aaron was drawing in the kitchen, with little success. However that wasn’t why this experiment was particularly interesting for me personally. As I sat there alone in the room, I suddenly became aware of there being others with me, a very unnerving feeling! I then saw through my blindfold what I can only describe as shadows pass in front of me, which I spoke of. I assumed other team members had come to get me, not the case! Seconds later I felt a single tug on the back of my chair. Roughly five minutes later one of the team came upstairs and removed my blindfold. Thinking back I wished I had stayed longer, to see what else may have happened.

Finally, a couple of the girls from our team gave the experiment a go focussed on the sending and receiving. What was amazing was as one was drawing a picture in the kitchen, the other one upstairs was speaking of very similar images. This came to a brilliant conclusion as the final picture was drawn downstairs. As Dawn was half way through it, a guess came from upstairs as I listened through the CCTV system, ‘boot or shoe’, I watch as Dawn completed a drawing of a boot. I suddenly realised the importance of Telepathy in all this!

We focused on the Attic space for the rest of our investigation, which had us hear a few knocks and raps, but also some believed the corner of the room grew darker than it already was! Around that time a torch appeared to turn itself on too! It was almost as if this series of events was working up to something, perhaps a manifestation of a spirit.

The Poltergeist Treatment

Henrick’s was certainly an interesting place with ghostly sounds, possible moving objects and more. There is certainly something about the place that requires further investigation, I wonder if it has new residents now and if they have experienced any activity similar to when it was Henrick’s Hairdressers? Still for its oddities Henrick’s makes My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK.

Find the Henrick’s Hairdressers Investigation Report here..

If you would like to read more details about The Ganzfield Experiment variation that we attempted, please click here…

Also, if you’ve ever visited or investigated Henrick’s Hairdressers in Royston (2 to 3 Fish Hill), then I would like to hear about it too? Have you ever experienced similar activity as I did with my team?

Have You Ever Been To One Of My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations In The UK? Would love to hear your comments below.

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