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Ghost Hunting with CCTV

Ghost captured on CCTV…

I remember when I got into the overnight Paranormal investigating part of what I do well over ten years ago now, when Ghost Hunters was dominating the paranormal TV show slot, everyone had a CCTV system of some kind or another. At that point in time it seemed very much like we were all scrambling around to set up as many night vision CCTV cameras as we could. All with the intention of capturing that holy grail of evidence ‘a ghost’.

My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK - Henrick's Hairdressers in Royston

Back then it seemed so easy with our limited gadgetry, rock up to the location with your ten flight cases and spend your first hour and half setting up kit like CCTV. Then you would investigate for around seven hours, moving around your location holding vigils all over the place, as you try to connect with probable entities supposedly haunting the place. Once you finish those vigils, you pack up your kit into your car and drive home on energy drinks. After you’ve caught up on the sleep you lost from a nights investigation, then you set about reviewing your footage. The likes of Ghost Hunters made the review part seem so very simple, but TV does have a way of doing this doesn’t it? In reality reviewing footage from your CCTV alone could take hours and hours; bearing in mind if you watch footage for each individual camera for the entire investigation then you would be looking at around seven times the number of cameras you had been running through the night. Forget the next day, you would be reviewing footage in your spare time for the following week.

After all that the likelihood that you may even catch something paranormal is pretty much slim to none. In fact in all my years investigating haunted locations I don’t think I have ever captured compelling footage on my CCTV systems.

However there did seem a time where CCTV was almost as popular as a black polo shirt with your teams logo on the front.

Don’t get me wrong I have heard of a few capturing some oddities on their systems and there were of course the various TV shows out there using them that often appeared to capture ‘evidence’ !

Rethinking the purpose of CCTV…

Over the years I’ve gradually re-evaluated how and when I utilise a CCTV system within a paranormal investigation. As odd as it sounds trying to focus its use on capturing paranormal activity is actually a complete waste of something that could really help you to understand the structure of your investigation.

I know, I know! You’re probably scratching your heads right now confused at what I’ve just said, right? Surely the CCTV system is perfect for capturing activity! Well of course it is, but there are major issues with this. One video image caught via one camera with little or no other supporting data, just won’t cut it as evidence.

Let me highlight this with a brief example. You set up your CCTV around a location at various ‘hotspots’. In one room where you have a CCTV camera you have a trigger object on a table. The camera monitors what’s on the table, but to do so you loose the whole table. The object moves in shot of the camera. You’ve captured a moving object with one camera. This is where the problem arises; as you’ve got areas out of shot here the validity of the video comes into question and rightly so too. As you can hopefully see with this simple example, the CCTV systems can be flawed when it comes to establishing captured video as ‘evidence’.

With an understanding in the utilisation of my CCTV changed over the years now, I tend to use the system in a different way perhaps these days.

Don’t get me wrong when approaching a new case I still may focus a camera or two on a possibly active location, but this is aimed to analyse that hotspot to see if there is anything to the claim. Pretty much as we always have. The difference is that more often than not I will use other triggers to check the footage at the same time for a cross reference of activity.

However these days I often utilise my CCTV systems more for clarification of things like the Investigators location during an investigation. The movement of the team during an investigation is actually quite an important element of the data we should look to capture. The amount of times I’ve spoken to team members following a particularly interesting part of the investigation and they have provided various pieces of information, which they believe to be correct, but actually their understanding of the time line is not quite right.

This isn’t about Investigators falsifying information to sensationalise them, it’s a simple fact that out memories aren’t quite as reliable as we would hope. This is what is often referred to as false memory. Hence the need for things to help us establish those events correctly.

Hence in any investigation establishing a time line is essential in order to comprehend when things occurred and who may have been present for those events. This is where CCTV can help you immensely, as most systems will run with a running clock giving you that time link.

Granted you may not be able to place a CCTV camera absolutely everywhere, but you can place what you have in key locations to cover your teams movement around that location. Doorways, stairways and hallways are all great locations that cover a teams movement.

Let the tech do the work…

These days CCTV systems are a bit more clever than the systems I first started using all those years ago. They can do all sorts of cool stuff, including recording only if they detect movement or generating a log of movement. Which means we can use them to gather data useful to the construction of our investigation timeline.

My own system does something similar where it creates a clever log of the recording time frame and any movement too. It doesn’t end there though as these systems can also be interconnected with other sensory systems too.

As my good friend Carl Hutchinson would agree get to know your technology and get the most out of it in order to capture good investigation data, which can be used to cross reference other data. It’s in multiple streams of data that support a single anomaly that we will find truly compelling evidence of the paranormal.

In fact when I spoke to Carl about CCTV he told me the following:-

Being a little bit of an equipment geek, sometimes I get asked by people what type of equipment I use and the reasons behind this. Ashley came to me the other day and asked me about CCTV systems, so here goes and I hope this helps.

My CCTV set is based around the Swann 1080 16 Channel DVR system with a 16 camera setup (standard 8 indoor and 8 outdoor cameras), all the cameras have motion and heat active sensors; and night vision up to 40 meters in ambient light. The system has a 2TB hard drive and also can be remotely accessed using a smart phone or tablet, so you can view the camera’s from anywhere that has a wi-fi signal. The system has been upgrade so I can connect both wi-fi and cabled camera’s. The main reason for this was to give me the flexibility, as some location you can’t cable the cameras due to the amount of cable required. The only draw back of wifi cameras is that they have to be contacted to a power supply to be able to work. Which is great when you have a location that has power plugs all over the place, but not very helpful when your in a dungeon or tunnels.

I also have the following additional camera’s that boost my capacity to cover all possible requirements that a location might kick up.

3 x Swabb Pro – 1080 FLD 1080 Micro Dome Cameras with Audio

6 x Swann wifi 1080p security cameras

1 x Swann 1080p pan and tilf zoom dome security camera

All my cameras have a great 80 degree viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically. The cable I use is standard BNC cable and I have roles of cables at different lengths because there is nothing worse than only needing 30 meters and all you have is a 100 meter roll!

There are cheaper or more expensive systems and cameras for sale. However I would suggest to anyone thinking about buying a system; do your research first and work out what you want out of it, plus how your going to use it. Most importantly stick to your budget.

Lastly one other bit of advice is about set up. Make sure this is done first when you get to a location and have it recording as soon as possible. And if you have a reported hot spot of activity then try and cover all angles, but keep in mind the IR glare. And if your setting up an area for trigger object, try and make sure you are covering all the room. So if it’s on a table make sure the camera covers all of the legs. The more camera angles you have the more chance you have of being able to debunk things and the more chance you have of capturing activity.

Thank you Carl, my Paranormal tech guru. It’s always good to obtain other perspectives in how we investigate as we can often fall into a pattern of doing the same old thing over and over again.

If you’re interested in a similar CCTV System to the one mentioned by Carl, follow this link.. 

So, when you next setup your CCTV or even camcorders, don’t just set them up with the hope of capturing activity; utilise them to establish good data of your investigations time line too.

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Has The Black Monk Been Given The Boot!

30 East Drive gets cleared…

Social Media has been a buzz of activity recently with the news that Psychic Nick Sage has cleared 30 East Drive. A location I’ve written about previously before on my blog.


Initial responses to this across the social platforms seem to be screaming that this cleansing has been performed without the owners consent though. There are also claims that there are specific instructions not to attempt to cleanse the property inside it, which have clearly been disregarded here.

During my scan through the angry posts I even stumbled upon a photo of the fireplace with a little evidence of smudging, something else visitors are told not to do.

That’s not to mention the claims that this may indeed be ‘fake news’ put out into the vast internet for means of publicity only. Whether that’s publicity for 30 East Drive or indeed for Nick Sage, that remains to be clarified. I must admit at this point I’ve not researched into the article in the Sun on Sunday in enough detail to determine the articles authenticity.

From belief to manifestation…

What captured me about this particular story was the passionate response that some in the paranormal community have given. It’s these responses that also highlight a valid point regarding the 30 East Drive Case and cases of a similar nature, a point which actually brings the subject of a haunting into question. It could be possible that without the belief in the probable story behind most hauntings then activity wouldn’t manifest at the location for those that visit.

So, basically the activity isn’t the product of someone’s consciousness surviving death, but those that visit or focus on the supposed haunted history of the location. Thus they are all like variations of the Phillip Experiment, albeit the intent is unconscious.

When it comes to 30 East Drive this has been massively evident over the years. Could the events that terrified the Pritchard’s, investigations highlighted by TV companies and experiences of many visitors to the property, be manifestations of the minds of believers that are convinced the Black Monk lurks in the shadows?

Everyone’s heard of 30 East Drive…

Thanks to the movie on the case and a few TV series conducting investigations, the story of the black monk is well known in the paranormal community and little outside of it too. Throw in a couple of mentions in a few books too and we have a whole lot of information out there.


However could that knowledge of the story be equally something that enables the manifestations of paranormal activity to actually occur. Think of it like everyone’s memories and experiences are social media posts. One post per memory let’s say. The more visits people make to the location based on the previous individuals visits, the more posts appear on social media, but equally that presents more information that everyone can access. Let’s equally say that each thought of 30 East Drive automatically allows the thinker to access all that social media information.  A bit like scanning through your news feed and it being flooded with similar stories. Thus the information becomes ever present filling up your social feeds. Also the more information there is sitting up there in the cloud the more details are present in our story of 30 East Drive.

However if all this information was actually the product of the previous piece of information, then it means our location quickly becomes flooded with misinformation. Perhaps in these situations we should work back to understand what the original cause may have been. After all its always important to identify that original report, the ‘alpha case’ and its details. In this case that would likely be the Pritchard’s original 1966 report.

This kind of thinking often raises a lot of questions; is the location still haunted? Don’t poltergeists only hang around for a short period of time? It’s worth keeping an open mind and gathering more of that critical information.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to gather data…

Obviously as I have a bit of thing about data I feel this might be great opportunity to gain a better understanding of 30 East Drive and what happens when the lights go out!


So, here’s what I would like to do. I would like to gain an understanding of the who, when and where of the location. Pretty simple stuff really; who’s visited 30 East Drive, when they visited and how long for, plus each visit if they’ve been a few times, if any Paranormal activity was experienced then where in the building did it occur and what happened exactly. Might be good to throw in who was present too if you can.

Right, got all that ??

If you’ve visited 30 East Drive then I would like to know the following regarding your visit:-

  • Who visited on the occasion in question?
  • When you visited, dates and times?
  • How long you visited for, hours, days, etc?
  • What activity was experienced, audible, visual, psychical, etc?
  • Where said activity was experienced in the location, down stairs lounge, upstairs bedroom 1, etc. ? (Plan below)
  • Who was present / witnessed the activity, so we know if the team were split, etc?


You can simply email with those details above. Then I’ll collate the details so we can understand this unique location. If we continue this into the future too then we can equally understand if this recent cleansing has had an effect or not.

This could make for a really interesting study of a location moving forward.

If you visited 30 East Drive and experienced no activity I would equally like to hear about this too in order build a full picture of the timeline.

Please share this post with any you know have visited 30 East Drive so we can reach as many Investigators as possible that have been to the location.

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Are We Too Quick To Follow Assumptions?

Observation can often tell us a lot..

Over the years of investigating I have done you soon begin to observe more than you realise. In particularly I don’t simply keep my eyes peeled for odd paranormal activity, I spend time observing the environment and also the people within it. In a field where you’re dealing with the unknown, anything and everything could be a part of the equation.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not people watching in order to catch them out to accuse them of fraud, I am trying to determine if they react or respond to the phenomena in a certain fashion. This was something I first began to focus on when I witnessed what I call ‘psychological contagion’ during an investigation at Landguard Fort. Something which then made me ask, did they all experience something or did they just follow suite subconsciously.

People themselves can often be the most fascinating element of an investigation, especially as it may be possible that without them, activity may not exist at all. Granted that’s a tough one to prove either way, but fundamentally without someone to witness activity we wouldn’t know it occurred in the first place and without someone there it may not occur as they could be a piece of the equation that is required for it to occur! We are the common-denominator in pretty much every report of paranormal activity. Which is why I keep an eye on the people during an investigation too.

Doing this has actually highlighted some interesting observations around how people react to possible phenomena. This was particularly evident when investigators interact with various items of tech, such as a voice recorder for EVPs or perhaps a KII. This was often due to individuals accepting any kind of abnormality as potential paranormal activity.

Knock knock flashing lights…

This is often seen during an investigation when we try and communicate with probable spirits, the common misconception of events or indeed assumptions of their meaning. These days the advent of various tech has brought this out in a whole new way that is often fuelled by individuals believing the capabilities of a device are far beyond that of reality. However its not only modern times we see this in and certainly not only evident due to technology either, prior to the explosion of tech into the Paranormal field it is my assumption that some of the classical raps,taps and knocks communication probably fell into the same area.

Personally I think this is an excellent way to determine if you’re on a ghost hunt or a Paranormal investigation too. During a ghost hunt, when various knocks are heard or the lights on the KII begin to flash the go to understanding is that there is a spiritual presence trying to communicate. I’ve seen it many time and to be honest whilst in the excitement of a ghost hunt I too have thought the possibility to be there. However over the years you learn stuff and begin to question things a little deeper.

Let’s take the scenario of the KII with the flashy lights communication with probable intelligent spirits as an example for this. Usually a group will gather in a particular room within the haunted location, let’s say its got a little history and there is a belief that a spirit is present in that room. The group will then attempt to communicate with that spirit, in this case they decide to use a KII meter as means of communication. These little devices have become a modern day equivalent of raps and taps. They can be interesting to watch especially in the right context. So the group place the KII on one side of the room and begin to ask their questions; ‘is there anybody there’, ‘can you tell us your name please’, you know the drill right.

After the first question the KII lights up. After containing their excitement, the group ask a second question. Again the KII lights up. At this point they assume communication has been established and throw in the ‘one flash for yes and two flashes for no’ positive negative response system. After all the spirit answered two questions so this must be an intelligence they are dealing with, right?

Wrong! I’ve seen it time and time again, which is why this scenario defines a ghost hunt rather than an investigation. If this was an investigation the team should immediately jump to ascertain probable cause for that KII lighting up. They should first do something we may all find hard, don’t ask another question and wait. If the KII lights up again, then look to measure the time been each of these. Often if the time frame between each time the KII lights up is pretty similar then there’s likely to be an explanation other than a spirit trying to communicate.

During one of my investigations we had something very similar to this and one of the investigators on the team, Graham, managed to narrow this down to a security system wire that pulsed every eighty seconds. Which had been just enough time to ask a question and wait for a response. So, its worth checking out your environment first before assuming each glitch on you tech is a spirit trying to say ‘hello’.

I have also had this where we thought a presence had been sat in a particular chair in the room. As the KII was moved close to the chair it would light up giving the assumption that there was something there. What the group had forgotten was that they had previously sat in that chair and the individual in that particular was wearing a coat made of a material that when moved over this plastic chair created static. So, the spirit in this case was simply a static field much like the one you can create by rubbing a balloon on your jumper.

Tech is fantastic and interesting, but understating of our environment and what you did is paramount. Otherwise you could be sat in a dark room thinking you’re chatting away to a spirit, when its nothing more than a security system.

Say what you hear…

One thing that is often presented in TV shows and via social media as ‘evidence’ of the Paranormal or often the presence of a particular entity, is that of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). These little audio bad boys are quite possibly the most used element of assumption that I have seen. Don’t get me wrong now there is a fantastic amount of interesting research into these which is well worth looking into, but they are equally presented as evidence when in fact they prove nothing. I know that’s a rash statement, but let me explain first.

Firstly, don’t get me wrong I am not saying leave your digital voice recorders at home and stop capturing EVP’s, I have heard some really interesting ones in my time. I think we just need to take on board the realms of possibility here and look at what could be the source of the EVP.

All too often I have listened to someone’s EVP and heard lots of background noise and then the standard questions the group asks followed by that little gap for our spirit to answer. Often once I’ve heard it they say something like; ‘there did you hear it?’ All too often my answer is a ‘no, not really’; then they tell me. However once this has occurred our brain does a little clever messing about and there it is. However this is more like audio pareidolia than actually hearing the voice of a spirit. We are fitting the muffled audio to what we think should be heard. In these situations, I usually revert to the ‘if in doubt, throw it out’ approach. As it didn’t jump out at me the first sweep, doubt is there.

However that said, I have been on an investigation where a member of my team caught what can only be described as a crystal clear EVP on their camcorder. Everyone that has listened to my knowledge hears without cue what is said. However only those of us there at that time could categorically state that none of us said what was recorded, but many who have listened believe that we said it and perhaps don’t remember. Interestingly I didn’t discount this originally as a possibility, but given what is said, it doesn’t fit within the context of our conversation and there is no reaction or response to it. Making it unheard by the human ear in this case. So what does that mean? Well the immediate comprehension is that we captured the voice of a spirit, right? Well wrong again, it means something interesting happened to cause it, but what exactly.

Years after we captured that EVP I took part in a Psychic Projection experiment at the Sage Paranormal D-Day Tour with Brian J Cano, during which the group successfully projected in the space of sixty seconds a chosen word psychically onto a digital voice recorder. Actually two in the same area of the room. However all the other ones in different areas within the room didn’t record this chosen word. As I believe this to be genuine (I have seen the same experiment without success too) it opened the door to a whole new comprehension around EVP’s. It once again becomes a question of; is the most logical or simplest route provable, spirit or the mind? Would it be easier to base our explanation on psychic ability or spirit interaction? In my experiences, more often than not, the mind wins each time. Which isn’t a bad thing, as it means we have more ability than we realise.

Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know…

In my blogs, research and investigations I will often give my own theories on the Paranormal and sometimes watch as people glaze over wondering how we got from ghosts to quantum mechanics. However most of the time I don’t know have the categorical answers or at least ones that can be supported by amazing evidence. The fact of the matter is that weird odd stuff does happen, but we still dont understand it. It’s not understanding that pushes me and so many others forwards though looking for answers to explain the oddities we investigate.

I often see statements like ‘most haunted house’ or ‘this location is definitely haunted’, which are fine as an individual has assessed against their own criteria and made that judgement call. I often get a little ribbing for remaining on the fence on some occasions, but I do this for good reason. Often there just isn’t enough information to support a solid conclusion and I would rather leave the situation open for others to add to or for myself to come back to. One nights investigation, let alone ghost hunting is enough to prove categorically that some people that used to dwell at a particular location have had their consciousness survive death and remain there today to communicate with us.

We need a tonne of data to support such claims and a good solid case file.

Something which I often do, mostly in my head, is run through what it’s not. Basically as we are dealing with the unknown, we cant simply define it as a ghost or spirit especially as we lack supporting data. So, prove what you and show that you’re not jumping to an assumption. Break an EVP down to comprehend those background noises, come up with likely causes for the sound and try to recreate. In the paranormal field we are some of the harshest critics of each other’s work, we have a tough peer review system. So, bear that in mind when you present what you find.

Also, you dont necessarily need to suggest what it is either, say what its not and show why.

I presented our crystal clear EVP as exactly that when we discovered it. However I didn’t look into what it wasn’t until later, which in turn has presented a much more interesting concept. Our minds are complex and capable of some really interesting stuff, your proof of a ghost may actually be proof of one of your teams ability to manipulate audio records with their mind. That just sounds like some crazy Star Wars Jedi mind trick to me. More importantly if this is identified it could be repeated!

Never jump to assumptions…

So, whilst you’re out and about investigating try not to jump to the assumption that you EVP is a trapped spirit or your MEL Meter fluctuations are due to the old Lord of the Manor being angry because you’re there. Seek out other explanations and rule them out first, dont end up talking to the static field surrounding a chair.

Then when you do present what you’ve found, you will have the answers to the questions everyone asks you.

And remember, gather loads of data, because even if you dont use it someone might.

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My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK – Explosions Museum

The Explosions Museum in Gosport is one of my favourite locations, it’s definitely right up there along side Peterborough Museum that’s for sure. I first investigated the location back in 2010 and what an investigation that was too. The location had reports of strange sounds, ghostly sightings and object movement. All types of activity that I wanted to try and understand and the Explosions Museum wasn’t going to disappoint me. This is why the Explosions Museum is one of My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK list. 

A Most Haunted Museum

The Explosions Museum or Priddy’s Hard Fort as it was originally known was completed back in 1757 and manned by the Army.
My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK – Explosions Museum

After 6 years, 1777 saw the completion of the new powder depot for the Royal Navy. Then throughout the 19th Century further buildings were added including First Royal Laboratory Complex, C Powder Magazine, Shell Filling Rooms, Twelve Cartridge Rooms, and more. 

The site was fully utilised during the Second World War with the introduction of 2,500 women workers who filled jobs vacated by men on active service. The site was last used for significant naval activity during the Falklands Conflict in 1982, and was vacated by RNAD Gosport in 1988 when it relocated to Frater further north on the Harbour.

Currently the Priddy’s site is home to a Museum which opened in March of 2001. Explosion!, The Museum of Naval Firepower.

Paranormal activity at the museum is varied and has been found in multiple locations around the site. However, the main hotspots seem to be the Grand Magazine, C Magazine, Room 309, Room 316 and the infamous Admin Block. These areas have had reports of footsteps, objects being thrown or moved, ghostly sounds have been recorded, unexplained noises, battery drain and visitors have been touched on occasion. There has also been a few reports of ghosts being seen around the site too, reports which have been made by a few investigators I know well too.

An Explosively Haunted Investigation

We started by setting up our equipment and CCTV cameras around the site, using the Café as our HQ. Given the size of the site it wasn’t easy to cover the whole site, so we split cameras between where we could cover movement around the site and a couple of the hotspots. That way we could understand where the team members are at any one time, but still hope to capture evidence. We also gathered various readings from the main areas of the site by marking a baseline reading area with tape, that way the reading could be taken from the same location throughout the night. 
Given the size of the site and number of team members we had it made sense to split into two teams and cover more ground, but head to places that were a fair distance apart to avoid contaminating each other’s investigation space. 

My team headed straight towards the now infamous Admin Block, but before we even arrived Aaron’s digital voice recorder appeared to loose power suggesting a possible battery drain. At the time we ruled this out as coincidence. 

As we arrived in the Admin Block a couple of the team, myself include thought we could hear odd whispers in the distance, but again went for a more logical possibility of the sound being distant rain. However it was around this time that Kev’s digital voice recorder also lost power, which seemed a little more odd now. Something definitely felt strange! 

After a brief walk around we settled in one of the rooms on the Ground Floor and decided to try a little communication. We placed a KII meter on a chair and proceeded to ask questions out loud to the room. To our surprise, as the KII had never really given us much, we received what seemed like a few responses to out questions. Perhaps it was a spirit attempting to contact us? However as suddenly as it had began it stopped! For those of you that have visited the Explosions Museum, this was the room with the faded pentagram on the floor. 

During our next vigil we attempted the Ganzfield Experiment in the Grand Magazine and on this occasion Aaron was the willing participant who would sit as the receiver of any information from the other team members. We set him up all alone in the massive Grand Magazine, with the half ping pong balls covering his eyes a red lamp shining on his face and lovely white noise playing in his ears. In all honesty I think Aaron thought it was some kind of weird ritual to make him a team member! There was also a CCTV camera and voice recorder monitoring Aaron whilst we left him all alone for what probably seemed like all night to him, but was actually around forty five minutes. 

The rest of the team spent the vigil in the Big Gun room attempting to send information to Aaron, hoping that he repeat it and show telepathic communication between us. There were a few loose links to the information we were sending, but it wasn’t conclusive enough. However towards the end of the session Leanne asked someone to touch Aaron’s head and shoulders and within a few seconds he touched his face. 

Next up we returned to the Admin Block for further investigation and wasn’t disappointed either. Once again there were slight reactions on the KII, but equally footsteps were heard upstairs whilst the team were downstairs and in one room one investigator felt a short pain down one side and a little sick whilst sat in a particular arm chair. 

The final vigil took us back to the Grand Magazine where we attempted the Singapore Theory Experiment by means of playing sounds and music associated with the location. Strangely enough we did believe that we may have heard footsteps either in the Grand Magazine or outside the door whilst the experiment was running. Perhaps we stirred up some spirit activity after all. 

However it wasn’t until we had packed up and gone home that we discovered the most shocking piece of audio from the night. As Aaron reviewed the footage from his handheld camera he found a piece which had the most crystal clear ghostly voice I think I have ever heard. Incidentally none of the group present have an accent like the one in this piece of audio and it’s not associated with our current conversation either. Basically it wasn’t us and of that I am sure. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of banter, but from an unseen ghost, that’s just weird! 

Abusive Ghostly Voices 

Explosions Museum is one of my favourite locations and a very interesting place, which has me happy to return and return I will. The strange atmosphere, odd ghostly noises, voices, footsteps and sighted spirits that makes Explosions Museum one of My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK.   

Click here for the Explosions Museum investigation report..

Also, if you’ve ever visited or investigated the Explosions Museum, then I would like to hear about it too? Have you ever experienced similar activity as I did with my team?

Have You Ever Been To One Of My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations In The UK? Would love to hear your comments below.

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I’m always on the lookout for new locations, if you have one that you feel may make it on to next year’s list of my favourite most haunted locations in the UK, please let me know.

Also, if you run paranormal events I am interested in checking out the experience and event that you deliver to your customers. Invite me along and perhaps your event will make my top five paranormal events for 2016.

My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK - Henrick's Hairdressers in Royston

My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK – Old Henrick’s Hairdressers in Royston

I first became aware of the haunting of Henrick’s Hairdressers years ago during a conversation between myself and Aaron Hardy. Back then the location was said to be so haunted that the occupants at the time were impacted daily by it. In fact years later just before I managed to access the building with the help of Damien O’Dell (Paranormal Author and leader of the APIS Team) the occupants moved to a new location within the town. It’s still not entirely clear whether this was down to the uninvited ghostly guests or due the growth of the business. Either way for me this location gave some interesting results and that is why Old Henricks Hairdressers in Royston makes My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK list.

A Most Haunted Hairdressers

Henrick’s itself is located close to some very interesting places in Royston. To start with the location was probably built back in the 17th Century and is Grade II listed. To give you some idea of the immediate area, there are roughly forty odd grade listed buildings within 100 meters of Henrick’s. Two of which belong to the nearby Royston Cave, which is interesting in its own right. Also, nearby is a church and graveyard, which could also add to this haunted little square in Royston.

However there is something else near to Henrick’s which could also be a possible reason for this particular haunting, if you’re a believer in Lay Lines of course. Near to this location are two ancient roads; Ickneild Way and Ermine Street. Both of these roads are believed to be powerful Lay Lines and to top this they both cross right near to Henrick’s and Royston Cave. Perhaps these ancient Lay Lines could generate mysterious energies which could cause the haunting?

When it comes to ghostly activity Henrick’s has its fair share and doesn’t appear to be shy in showing it. Ghostly knocks and footsteps have been heard all over the building, which are also accompanied by temperature changes and cold spots. Weird lights and strange shadows have been seen from time to time too. However there is also some probable poltergeist activity too. As there are many reports of objects moving by themselves, items being knocked over, thrown and doors slammed. There have even been reports of objects appearing from nowhere that just don’t belong at the location. Along with the feeling of a presence, multiple mediums have spoken of a few different spirits at the location too.

This activity has been backed up by members of the APIS Team and those that have visited Henrick’s both to work and as a customer.

My Ghostly Experience Investigating Henrick’s

After we completed our setup, with our HQ in the ground floor kitchen and five CCTV cameras up and running around the location, we cracked on with our investigation.

My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK - Henrick's Hairdressers in Royston
HQ at Henrick’s Hairdressers in Royston

We started with a walk around of the location taking some readings and familiarising ourselves with this old building. It was also a great opportunity to look into some of those previous claims to see if there was a more logical explanation. It was during this walk around that we realised that a couple of the rooms were producing some odd spikes on the EMF meter.

Aaron’s DAB Ghost Box presented a few strange words when we were using it in the first floor bathroom, which did appear to match our questions. However there wasn’t enough to establish good communication.

A major part of the night was to be taken up conducting a variation of the Ganzfield Experiment. In order to achieve this we setup one person in a room on the first floor as a receiver, their location was monitored by a CCTV camera with sound. This person would be blindfolded, listen to white noise through earphones and basically be unaware of their surroundings audibly and visually. After settling quietly into this environment for a few minutes the receiver would then call out as images came to mind.

These images would be simple drawings that a sender would draw whilst in the kitchen as another team member monitored the sound.

During my time in the chair as the receiver I called out attempting to match what Aaron was drawing in the kitchen, with little success. However that wasn’t why this experiment was particularly interesting for me personally. As I sat there alone in the room, I suddenly became aware of there being others with me, a very unnerving feeling! I then saw through my blindfold what I can only describe as shadows pass in front of me, which I spoke of. I assumed other team members had come to get me, not the case! Seconds later I felt a single tug on the back of my chair. Roughly five minutes later one of the team came upstairs and removed my blindfold. Thinking back I wished I had stayed longer, to see what else may have happened.

Finally, a couple of the girls from our team gave the experiment a go focussed on the sending and receiving. What was amazing was as one was drawing a picture in the kitchen, the other one upstairs was speaking of very similar images. This came to a brilliant conclusion as the final picture was drawn downstairs. As Dawn was half way through it, a guess came from upstairs as I listened through the CCTV system, ‘boot or shoe’, I watch as Dawn completed a drawing of a boot. I suddenly realised the importance of Telepathy in all this!

We focused on the Attic space for the rest of our investigation, which had us hear a few knocks and raps, but also some believed the corner of the room grew darker than it already was! Around that time a torch appeared to turn itself on too! It was almost as if this series of events was working up to something, perhaps a manifestation of a spirit.

The Poltergeist Treatment

Henrick’s was certainly an interesting place with ghostly sounds, possible moving objects and more. There is certainly something about the place that requires further investigation, I wonder if it has new residents now and if they have experienced any activity similar to when it was Henrick’s Hairdressers? Still for its oddities Henrick’s makes My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in the UK.

Find the Henrick’s Hairdressers Investigation Report here..

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Also, if you’ve ever visited or investigated Henrick’s Hairdressers in Royston (2 to 3 Fish Hill), then I would like to hear about it too? Have you ever experienced similar activity as I did with my team?

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