Social Media’s Immersive Memories and the Paranormal

Facebooks virtual memory environments…

I caught a little of Facebooks F8 live yesterday and something in particular caught my eye. They spoke of how in the very near future Facebook would be able to create 3D immersive environments from out flat videos. Within these 3D environments we will be able to look back at those memories that we have uploaded to Facebook right where they happened.

So, you could walk around a 3D model of your living room and view photos, videos and other memories that occurred right in that room. No longer will it just be a case of looking through an album, you will be able to virtually walk around viewing memories.

We are approaching exciting new times in social media that’s for sure, but what the heck does all of this have to do with the paranormal I hear you cry. It’s simple really, data collection and experience documentation on a whole new level. I guess I’m just getting ahead of the curve here though, but I’m actually a little excited about this. We could finally find a good use of social media rather than the negativity it has been used for in recent times.

Another approach coming soon…

I think it’s important to mention here that for me this actually isn’t a new concept, a similar idea was presented to me over a year ago, although not with this relationship to social media. I’m not going to mention who brought that idea to me as it’s not exactly the same as this concept, but still something that at the time I thought to be a fantastic idea. It’s also not my place to mention it right now, however the person I’m talking about will know who they are and can certainly comment below if they would like to do so. Perhaps I will mention it in a future post once the idea has been developed a little closer to production. Without saying too much about the idea, as that’s something for them to do, it would be a platform that would allow access to information on activity at many locations.

Getting back to the whole 3D immersive environment on Facebook.

As I mentioned previously, I’m a little excited about this idea, but right now I’m probably appearing a little like a nerd in an Apple store. Let me explain in a bit more detail.

Currently many paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, teams and events groups; regularly post information on their experiences and time at probable Haunted locations possibly ever week. Not only is the frequency of these posts pretty much daily, it is almost global too. These posts are already in many forms; status text, photos, videos, audio and live broadcasts. That right there is an astronomical amount of data linking the paranormal community together world wide. Its also a tonne of information on each location related to locations and investigators.

Those of you that have been here before will have already recognised one my favourite ingredients making itself known here, data!

How this could work…

Right, now lets look at one particular location in the UK as an example for this interesting development. I’m going to use Peterborough Museum in this example.

Basically, whilst investigating Peterborough Museum you record video of the location. This would allow Facebook to create the 3D environment I believe for you to virtually navigate. Then you can add in various elements of information like photos or video into the 3D environment to observe as you navigate it. If Facebook manage to create this immersive virtual 3D environment then fundamentally you would have a kind of album you could virtually navigate. An album full of all kinds of information related to your investigations of the location.

This would of course be something connected to your Facebook page or group I’m guessing. However it could go further, that 3D immersive environment for Peterborough Museum could be made public or perhaps shared amongst friends. Then it could really become a fantastic tool for the paranormal and this is why I’m so excited about this in regards to the paranormal field too!

Basically, many investigators, ghost hunters and teams could theoretically post their experiences using photos, videos and more to those 3D immersive environments for all to see and review. Going back to our example, you could visit the immersive 3D environment for Peterborough Museum and take a look around at what others had posted there in relation to their own experiences. Then from there draw some comparisons to understand the activity better.

Check out the big data…

It could quite literally be access to big data within the paranormal field on a platform that everybody already uses. We could make some great leaps forwards with this and the possibility doesn’t end there.

The concept of machine learning could be entered into the equation and that could help us do some much needed content analysis here to fully understand what might be going on. Think about it you could catch a Facebook live from an investigation whilst reviewing the other experiences there too.

There’s so very much more to Paranormal tech than a few flashy lights and trigger objects. With more data in the mix than ever before we could achieve amazing things. It also seems that as our main technology these days is based around mobile devices and social media, it just makes sense to find new ways to incorporate it into what we do somehow.

Yes, I know that social media and especially Facebook are often spoken about in a negative way due to the abuse that often comes from them, but perhaps this is a chance to turn that around.

Technologies like this could help us look for patterns and understand more about the paranormal moving forward, should we utilise them the best we can.

I would be very interested to hear what you all think of this 3D immersive experience we could see very soon and its possible use within the paranormal field?

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