20 of the Most Haunted Locations in the World

Tell me your top 5…

Often as investigators we are asked; ‘what is your top five most haunted locations’ or ‘if you could investigate anywhere in the world, where would you pick?’ These are often questions asked on Paranormal radio shows and sometimes by bloggers like me when interviewing someone for a blog piece. The results provide an interesting insight into the individual, but also spur on the classic; ‘oh god yeah, that’s an awesome choice’ from fellow investigators. Talking about locations we have investigated or would like to investigate is common place in the field. Everyone has their bucket lists, investigators generally have theirs too, but the difference being that the places we want to visit may not be considered potential holiday locations. That’s not even mentioning the small fact that we would probably prefer to visit them overnight too.

Lizzie Borden House

I often engage in such conversations with others in the field and last night was no different. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I found myself talking to a couple of great friends and fellow paranormal enthusiasts just last night, Kerry Greenaway and Carl Hutchinson. Suffice to say at some point in our six hour (yes six hour) skype conversation, the subject switched to our Paranormal bucket lists and this got me thinking of an idea for a little blog series.

I done something a little similar a couple of years back when I wrote about My Top Ten Most Haunted Locations in UK, but the difference with them was that I had already investigated those locations.

So, whilst chatting away at my desk last night around 1am to both Kerry and Carl, I decided to start a ‘kind of’ bucket list of my own. I have started with a nice simple twenty locations, but who knows perhaps as I begin to write and receive suggestions from my readers, then I may expand the list slightly.

The top twenty most haunted locations in the world…

Here they are and in no particular order. As I write them up I will add a link below and tie them all together.


However I don’t want it to be just about these twenty locations, as the world has far more places than this and I would like to add them not only to my blog, but to a kind of database too. If I ever get the chance to travel the world investigating haunted locations then I will certainly be using this list. It’s a little like a paranormal travel guide!

Here goes then, the first twenty locations:-

Waverley Hills Sanatorium, USA

Corvin Castle, Romania

Mary Kings Close, Scotland

Alcatraz, USA

Aradale Asylum, Australia

Devils Pool, Australia

Salem, USA

Eastern State Penitentiary, USA

Poveglia, Italy

Tower of London, England

Akershus Fortress, Norway

The Queen Mary Hotel, USA

The White House, USA

The Houses Of Parliament, England

The Winchester Mystery House, USA

Lizzie Borden House, USA

The Stanley Hotel, USA

Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

The Catacombs, France

Gettysburg Battlefield, USA

Less heard of locations…

I know this particular series of posts is focussing on the most haunted locations, but I would be happy to add in many more moving forward to expand the series and also the database of locations. After all its more data and I do love a bit of data!

So, please if you have any particular locations that you know of or have investigated then I would be happy to write about them too. If you have an online write up about the location I may even add a link to that too.

The concept of a haunted location…

In a few previous posts I have often discussed the concept of a haunted location and various theories that may surround it and explain it. The most well known theory being that of the Stone Tape Theory of course, but I have equally questioned the acceptance of locations as being haunted. After all without a proper comprehensive understanding of what ‘haunted’ means we are still beginning to understand what it means. Granted there could be ghosts and spirits wandering the corridors of various historical locations around the world, but equally their existence could simply be in our minds and there could be a more interesting reason for their existence.

The Catacombs in Paris

All that said, many individuals around the world do appear to have these paranormal experience more so at these specific locations. Does that mean they’re haunted with the spirits of individuals that passed away there or something else? I mean what the heck is a haunting anyway?

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4 thoughts on “20 of the Most Haunted Locations in the World

  1. Some other Australian ones:
    Mayday Hills Asylum, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia
    The North Kapunda Hotel – Kapunda, South Australia.
    Adelaide Arcade – Adelaide, South Australia.
    “Willow Court”, Royal Derwent Hosptial, New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia
    Old Fremantle Gaol, Fremantle, Western Australia

    Some other interesting claims: Most Haunted Towns, “Kapunda – South Australia”, “Toowoomba – Queensland”, “Picton – New South Wales”.


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