A Quick Interview with Ghost Hunters International and Legend Seeker Barry Fitzgerald

First Encounter on Ghost Hunters

I remember, probably like many watching Ghost Hunters years back and following TAPS as they investigated all over the US and the world. To be fair back then there wasn’t many paranormal TV shows out there that could touch Ghost Hunters as its approach and style appealed greatly to the Ghost Hunters of the time or even just those with an interest in the paranormal. I would even go so far as to say they kind of encouraged the whole debunking approach on a whole new level. 

Ghost Hunters International
It may have been as far back as 2004 (don’t quote me on that one though) when I believe I may have first encountered Barry Fitzgerald in Ghost Hunters. My earliest memories of his appearance seem related to the use of full spectrum photography too, which at the time was something I found quite interesting as it fitted my own understanding that perhaps we are unable to see spirits as we are just not looking in the right way. A little like Black Holes. 

So, when I bumped into Barry at the recent Paraforce UK 2016, we chatted briefly and I knew right away that at some point I would need to interview him for my website. Suffice to say, mission complete and here is that interview. I hope you all like it. 

Barry Fitzgerald’s Early Interest in the Paranormal

Barry Fitzgerald – Ghost Hunters International

Looking at Barry’s website Charmstealer it was obvious to me that there was much more to his interest in the paranormal than ghosts and spirits, so I asked where his interest may originated from. 

“I think growing up in a haunted house as a child lent itself to my developed interest within the field which in itself contains my sub categories. The ghost phenomenon was just one category or many I have a huge interest in.” 
It’s often the case that a few strange goings on where we live can be the early catalyst for our interest and passion in a subject that is wide open and full of possibilities. 

The Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International Connection

Something that always fascinates me is how many investigators and researchers stumble into shows such as Ghost Hunters. Obviously its not entirely by accident, but still interesting I think. I asked Barry about he’s starting point with the Ghost Hunters TV show. 

“It really was a case of being in the right place at the right time. After filming the Ghost Hunters show in Ireland and England I was given a call by folks based in LA and asked if I would consider being part of the cast for a spin off show that would travel the world looking for ghosts. It took all of about 3 seconds to make up my mind.”

In all fairness although I have a few personal commitments, if someone asked me if I wanted to travel the world searching for ghosts, I’d probably be at their door with my bag packed before they had a chance to give me the details. 

Its All About the Full Spectrum Camera

If memory serves me well, in those early days of Ghost Hunters Barry Fitzgerald was conducting some photography of some kind and I think that’s the first time I saw full spectrum used on a TV show. With that in mind I thought I was ask Barry about that very subject. 

“The Full Spectrum Camera was a camera devised to enhance our spectral acceptance. We consider our eyes a great asset and in the great scheme of things they are, but in the wider appreciation they are very limiting. As adults we can for most no longer see what we saw as children. Our spectral appreciation narrows between the ages of 7-13 and the Full Spectrum Camera was devised to tap into that short fall and lend a hand to our adult vision.”

In The Mist of Gods

Although Barry had written a few books prior to it, ‘In The Mist of Gods’ begins to look at more legend or folklore enigmas such as fairies. As my original knowledge of him was mainly related to ghosts and spirits, I decided to ask what made him look into this particular subject area.

“Being form Ireland this subject matter is never too far away from my cultural heritage. But this of course also falls into the wider spectrum of my interest. Much of the UFO phenomenon I believe had been misconstrued as extra-terrestrial, but these entities have been here long before us and this manipulation has continued through out of development. Understanding our ancestors helps us understand our present. They have left vital records in our past to signal the great deceit and we can continue to make the same mistakes over and over or we can wake up and step outside the manipulating circle and look at the bigger picture. “

Barry Fitzgerald has  researched and searched the world over for the fact behind the legends, but has some of what Barry  found changed his perception of the natural world around us? Perhaps given him an insight into elements of the universe that many of us are currently unaware of?

“Absolutely to be honest when dealing with the ancient manuscripts of our past my perception of things has been changed completely. I would speculate that in the last three years of touching our past I’ve had more experiences in the field than 25 years of ghost hunting. Many times it has been exceptionally frightening other times it’s been so bizarre I just don’t even know where to start writing about it. Take for instance a weekend I run back in September, folks attended form England, Wales and Ireland and we stayed at a location known for this ancient activity. The events and phenomena experienced that weekend has left me flummoxed and have been having issues about where to start to write about the accounts experienced. A wonderful reporter from Wales Claire Barrand attended that weekend and wrote about it in her work which was published in a Welsh newspaper in which she tried to explain the events she and her sister had over the course of the weekend. I’m continually amazed by it.” 

Think I might have to take a look into some of this ancient activity as it sounds really interesting and ties into some of my own research too. Perhaps Barry will ask me to join him on one of he’s adventures, hint hint! 

Legend Seekers and Max

Legend Seekers

Anyone that knows me, knows i’m a slight Indiana Jones fan. Not so much the films themselves, but the concept of going in search of those more ‘occult’ based items. I saw a few bits and pieces on ‘Legend Seekers‘ and thought, blimey Barry is making a bid to be the next Indiana Jones for sure. On a more serious note though, I asked Barry to tell me a little about ‘Legend Seekers’ as it is a bit like a modern day Indiana Jones quest! If so, i’m in for sure!

“Legend Seekers was designed to inspire our youth from behind their play stations and Xbox’s and back into the country side. We hoped to explore the legend and myths that we were told by our grandparents and those written in ancient papers but nothing prepared us for what we were about to do. There were no warning, no hints even as to the dangers of what we were about to do. Some of the experiences we faced and wrote about in Legend Seekers ranged from ancient gods, papal cover ups, deadly water spirits and life threatening land spirits of the modern man that destroyed property and killed animals. This is to name a few.”

Legend Seekers and other videos can be found on Barry Fitzgerald’s You Tube Channel, check it out as its worth a watch. Plus I like the idea of inspiring the kids to leave the techy gadgets and head into the great outdoors to experience the world around us. Something I was lucky enough to do as a child and something which I think has helped me to look at the world in a different way. Another thing to thank my parents for.

Also, I can’t mention ‘Legend Seekers’ without mentioning the star of the quests – Max! He is a beautiful dog, that is by Barry’s side on the video’s. So, I wondered how involved he got in the quests and if he enjoyed them! Also, as dogs are quite sensitive to things we can’t sense, I wondered if he picked up on things that Barry didn’t?

“Animals are a key factor in our quests and the signals they give must be read properly. They are a BIO warning, many things we cannot pick up but the animals do and react accordingly. He is a loyal friend and dear companion on my journeys in remote lands and deep cave systems. His attention to the environment is a key factor and I thank him continually for all the things he does.” 

Alchemy and Symbology

When I met Barry at Paraforce I asked briefly about Alchemy and if he had encountered any similarities to aspects of it in his quests. I was of course talking of the more in depth understanding of Alchemy, not how to turn lead into gold. I asked Barry if he had encountered for example any symbols that may tie things together? Also, if symbology came into tracking these legends down ?

“There are important symbols out there for sure, many of the new age symbols are nothing more than hoky attempts that can cause more harm than good. There are many things out there which started off as one thing but through manipulation have ended up on the other end of the scale. Understanding the origins of the source will help greatly, etymology is something which should be studied more in our schools but is unlikely. I think it’s preferred we learn what we are told and don’t question anything.”  

It’s Classic Interview Question Time Now!

What has been your top five most favourite locations to investigate?

“Kesh caves in Sligo Ireland, to this day I can’t explain how I lost two people in a stretch of cave system of 30 feet and we could not see, hear or contact each other for 45 minutes.

Shanes Castle in Coo Antrim Ireland, a place known for the filming of Game of Thrones has also left me with intriguing questions. Investigating teams left with missing time within a series of tunnels which warrants more investigation.

Port Author, Tasmina where I captured a spirit leaving the church on my FSC mid stride in a 30 sec exposure. Speechless.

Wolf’s lair in Poland. This was Hilter’s eastern forward command base, it’s full of massive concrete bunkers and was one place we actually came to finally tracking him down, but it’s a place I wouldn’t walk around at night on my own. Creepy as.”

What are the top five places in the world that you would like to investigate ? That you haven’t yet!

Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple at Tiruvananthapur am in South Indian state of Keral in India.
The village of Oradour-sur-Glane in Haute-Vienne, France.

Hessdalen Valley in Norway

Skin Walker ranch in Utah.

Round Up and Thanks To Barry Fitzgerald

I would just like to say a massive thanks to Barry for taking the time to help with this little interview, I really appreciate it and look forward to discussing legends and folklore at our next meeting. 

If you want to know more about Barry Fitzgerald, please check out his website Charmstealer or look up his You Tube channel for the Legend Seekers videos and much more. Also, on Barry’s Charmstealer website you can find the links to his books, which are worth a read too. 

Again thanks to Barry and I hope you liked this post, if you did, then you know what to do hit the like or throw me a comment.   

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