Paraforce UK 2017 Paranormal Convention

An Knightly Order Perhaps

This year I have been lucky enough to be invited by the organisers of Paraforce UK 2017 to blog about the event and hopefully post a few YouTube videos on my channel regarding the event too.

Last year I only managed to visit the event for roughly half a day due to personal family commitments, but this year I should be covering the whole affair.

So, in my usual fashion when it comes to events such as these I hope to engage with several of the guest speakers for a few interviews, initially as blog posts, which I will link to this very post. However I may venture into the video world and perhaps conduct a few interviews over the weekend too for my YouTube channel.

This time around though I am going to approach a little differently than I have perhaps in previous years. As I am going to attempt and step things up a little by going a little beyond just the guest speakers. In my opinion the field and these events isn’t just about those that manage to be fortunate to speak to us all about their encounters. It’s an ever growing field that requires a little more focus on those of us out there investigating too.

So, my hope is to grab a few people and interview them too, understand their involvement in the paranormal, but also how their weekend is going. As I am often a little old school in my approach to such things, if you do see me at Paraforce UK and believe you have something you would like to share, please feel free to grab me and I will conduct a short interview.

What’s Paraforce UK 2017 All About Then ??

Well those of you that follow my blog and website from the likes of the United States will likely be all too familiar with the concept as you guys appear to have a convention just about everything over there. The paranormal field doesn’t miss out either with what seems like one in every state throughout the year.

However the UK has been a little more, let’s slow in catching onto this concept or has it? The UK has held parapsychology or Psychical Research conferences for many many years now with the likes of the Society for Psychical Research and ASSAP’s Seriously Strange being possibly the better known. The problem is that these conventions have generally been aimed at the world of academia and not so much the ghost hunter that most associate with these days.

That all changed a little back in 2014 I believe when we saw Paracon UK pop onto the scene for a one year appearance. Now don’t think for a moment that this was the first convention of its kind as there had already been a few smaller localised ones prior. This brought us TV personalities such as Brian J Cano from Haunted Collector to a place that we could meet them and learn more about what was behind the character from the show.

Unfortunately Paracon UK was only to be a one year thing, after all a proper convention on the scale they were looking at takes a few years to get off the ground and requires some suitable backing. That said all was not lost and from this we actually managed to gain two paranormal conventions, both of which are great if you’re interested in the field of the paranormal.

We had the first Sage Paracon UK at which I spoke last year and spent a fantastic weekend making new friends from across the pond. I also reported on it a little and interviewed a few of its speakers too. This year Sage Paracon UK returns with a more exclusive approach and a very fanciful location at Warwick Castle. If you’re interested check it out at their website – here.

Sage wasn’t alone though and we also saw Paraforce UK open its doors for the first time and they had theirs at nine other than the Galleries of Justice I believe. Due to personal commitments I was unfortunately unable to attend the whole weekend, but did pop my head in for a morning thanks to the reasonable ticket price.

Last year Paraforce UK also brought us some big names from some of our favourite paranormal TV shows; like Barry Fitzgerald and Paul Bradford from Ghost Hunters International. Plus many many more UK based speakers too. It was beginning to pick up just as I left last year which was a great shame.

Not to worry though because this year I’m covering the event, which is a bonus to say the least. With that in mind if you’ve got any questions or ideas for blogs related to the convention please don’t hesitate to give me a shout and I will see what I can put together for you.

Think of me as your very own Paraforce UK roving reporter lol!

When and Where Is Paraforce UK 2017??

So, if you’ve not heard or seen the posts on social media then here’s the important part to enable you to sort out your diary and be at Paraforce UK 2017.

It’s all going down on the weekend of the 30th September and 1st October 2017. Make sure you scribble that on your kitchen calendar and don’t forget, okay?

Now in order to sort out places to stay and a good weekend away to concentrate on the paranormal stuff here’s where it’s all going to happen – Creasing Temple Barns, Witham, Essex. Which incidentally is quite a lovely location and worth a visit all by itself.

So, that’s –

30th September and 1st October 2017

At Creasing Temple Barns, Witham, Essex.

Make a note then…

Who Are The Paraforce UK 2017 Guest Speakers??

As you’ve probably seen from the various posters in circulation around Social Media there are quite a few Guest Speakers this year and all very much worth a listen to as well.

So, as a part of my blog posts on the run up to the event I will attempt to post a few short interviews with as many of the Guest Speakers as I can.

Once each is completed I will post it and link it back to this very post to make it easy to find them all. If anything else comes up in relation to the event I will also look to add it here too, making this a one stop shop for all things Paraforce UK 2017 through my website.

Paraforce 2017 Guest Speaker List

Vivian Powell
Sean Cadman
Barry Fitzgerald
Joe Chin
Malcolm Robinson
Michael Dee
Eamon Vanharris
Chris Halton
John Blackburn
William Becker
Gert Brouwer
David Farrant
Tomo Warrington
Sandra Dunne

How to buy your tickets ?

If all this sounds perfect for you and you want to grab your tickets or even find out more from the guys running the event, please head over to their website below..


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