Paraforce UK 2017 – Gert Brouwer Talks to Me Ahead of the Convention

Who’s Gert Brouwer?

Gert Brouwer has many years experience in the Paranormal Field, which has given him quite a bit of exposure to various hauntings in several different countries too.


As founder of the Paranormal Society World he has made many paranormal connections all around the world from his home in the Netherlands.

Gert has been sensitive to spirit from a young age and could communicate with them using his senses alone. In his 20’s Gert experienced his first violent haunting which introduced him to a Demon. It was this experience that opened his eyes to the subject of the Occult and Exorcisms.

More recently Gert has been a great advocate for bringing the paranormal community together through good communication and the Paranormal Society World Awards. The Awards are particularly good as they allow the community to nominate those that it feels are contributing in various ways. This could be through writing books, research achievements, mediumship and more.

How Did Gert First Become Interested in the Paranormal Field?

I asked Gert where his interest in the paranormal field first began? Was there any specific events which stick in his mind that lead to his interest in the paranormal

When I went to live to Bergen op Zoom, I noticed enormous changes. The city has an ancient history. I was then repeatedly faced with the paranormal in a very short time. In 1995 one of the people was murdered around me and a medium pointed out to me that I would know the perpetrator. Finally, a name came out. As a result, a neighbor died and soon visited me. I heard his voice talking. In the apartment that I lived that year everything was painted black. Then the whole apartment was refurbished and made very light. It dates back to 1936 and was a former place for soldiers. Also, the Germans had occupied it during the war. The people who had been in there were also quite simple people. When I lived for a few months, all of the crazy things started to happen. Seen all kinds of things that were not there. Also the feeling always felt that I was strangled. Also had hand prints in my neck several times. I did not suffer from it anytime outside the apartment. Soon this story will be featured on my show, the Paranormal Explorer!”

Gert’s Approach to the Paranormal

Often we all have various approaches to how we investigate the paranormal, be it a more scientific approach, or through various gadgets or perhaps a more spiritual approach trusting those gifts that so many are beginning to become more in tune with. In my opinion the lines between those approaches are becoming more and more blurred these days, which isn’t entirely a bad thing either. I think that in order to understand more about that which is effectively ‘unknown’ we need to keep an open mind and use all resources available to us.

It was this that had me wondering more about Gert’s approach given that he has that ability to be sensitive to the probable information from spirits and given his interests, how could this define his approach to investigating the paranormal?

It is a mixture of psychology (physical, mental and medicine), the occult, engineering, scientific and paranormal. All of these facts give you a quick and professional conclusion. Usually at the first or two conversations you are done!”

Like most in the field these days, Gert realises the importance of all approaches and indeed beliefs. In a field that is dominated by unknowns we need to take this approach, but dont get me wrong of course, its still important to think logically and not jump to probable conclusions.

Gert’s Paranormal Influences

I often find it fascinating to ask others in the field where they have found inspiration from others, whom may have influenced their way of thinking and those they see as pioneers of our field. This dont just have to be investigators of old or even television personalities, they could be people out their int he field doing their thing right now. Curious to understand a little about Gert’s thinking I asked him who his top five were?

He answered as follows:-

  • Randy R. Ervan
  • Ton Bons
  • Trevor and Corrie Burgoyne
  • Vivien Powell
  • Klinge Brothers

What I always find interesting about questions like this is that it throws up a few unknowns sometimes, which means I get to find out about someone I never knew about and their contributions to the field. Something I think we should all do from time to time. I’m not going to explain the details of the work of the above, apart from Vivien Powell, who we will talk about soon in a future Paraforce UK 2017 blog post. After all Vivien is one of the organisers of the event.

Please do google (other search engines are available) some of these people though to gain an understanding of their work.

Where Would Gert Like To See The Paranormal Field Go?

Another interesting question I often like to ask those in the paranormal community is where they may anticipate the paranormal field going in the next five to ten years. How it might progress or at least how they may like to see it progress. So, I threw this one at Gert too, to understand his perspective on the matter.

How to see the paranormal circuit within 5 to 10 years! Let’s first learn the basic investigations to people. Phones and tablets total out of order that it can not deliver a wifi signal. Thus, there are more of the steps that need to be taken. Hope that people will continue to expand the research. Also, know how to do it. Many do research on an evening and call this research. For me, research is done 20 times in a location and then after a few years again. The hope is that people are going to make this doubt. Think that most become laconic. For the Netherlands, it’s time for a TV show that shows attention here.”

Interestingly enough Gert has touched on something quite close to my heart here regarding time spent at a particular location. Don’t get me wrong I think one night at a location can help us gather additional anecdotal data, but it doesn’t make for a thorough investigation or piece of research. In order to fully understand a location or indeed a haunting if you prefer, we need to start conducting longer term research and investigation in order to gather that all important data. Yes data, the thing I am always banging on about! Harry Price done this with Borley Rectory and we have seen many cases over the last hundred years where this has been done, the Enfield Haunting probably being the most well known these days thanks to its movie and TV revival recently. So, I am with Gert on this, we need to try more variations of approaches and also spend longer than a single night at a location in order to gather that all important data.

Gert’s Most Scariest Experience

Okay it wouldn’t be a classic interview ahead of a convention without touching on those questions which often generate a good bit discussion amongst everyone, even those with a passing interest in the paranormal. I’m of course referring to the good old ‘Scariest experience’ question! One I had to ask Gert of course..

“Location names we always keep secret! To ensure the ownership of owners and administrators. Many people go illegal or abusive locations. The location I’m talking about now has several demonstrated that it’s a place to watch. We call this location the hell house where a handful of people could explore. Now I’m the only one that still can go.This research is now underway for two years. After a screening, the owners gave me permission to start the investigation. The research is still ongoing! The number of facts that happened to us over the past two years! Some people came out with a burning feeling on body parts. Later it appeared that they had scratches on their bodies. Couldn’t breathe a stingy feeling. You must literally go outside to get back. A huge smell that forces you to leave the building. Different sounds, grumble, whisper, scratchy sound over doors, bouncing on doors and voices. Doors that slam shut, people emotional problems. This house is several times blessed but has no influence. People literally keep up to 15 minutes in the house. As a result, it was called hell house.”

I always find locations such as these quite interesting and I suppose fortunately have had little experience of such oppressive locations myself. Although I must admit, they are locations which I would like to investigate simply because the concept of these physical hauntings intrigue me greatly. I have seen some strange stuff over the years myself and thus never completely rule out the possibility of greater supernatural forces being out there, but equally wonder to the source of these kind of hauntings. Are these kind of entities really out there waiting in the shadows to do us harm or do they exist in the depths of our own psyche actuated by circumstance? Something I personally have yet to fully decide on, but still have the greatest respect for others that have experienced such things and have formulated their opinion on.

Top Five Locations, Investigated By Gert

Well it wouldn’t be a convention interview without a couple of top fives would it. So, here’s Gert’s top five locations, that he has investigated.

  • Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, Oregon USA
  • Hellhouse, Netherlands
  • Chateau Noisy, Dinant, Belgium
  • The Dutch Coin, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Fort Darkness, Netherlands

Actually from speaking with Gert a few times now there’s a few in this list that I wouldn’t mind investigating myself. I wonder if I did I would get my International Investigator badge lol!

Top Five Locations Gert Would Like To Investigate

Following on from where Gert’s been, let’s find out where he would still like to investigate in the world.

  • Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, Oregon USA (I’m guessing he didn’t manage to see it all last time)
  • Dracula Castle, Transylvania, Romania
  • Poveglia Island, Italy
  • De Koepel, Netherlands
  • Oregon Trail, Oregon USA

Now there are few interesting places to put on the old investigation hit list for sure.

Gert’s Team

Here’s a new kind of top five which I have thrown into the mix for the Paraforce UK convention interviews. This one is something I was thinking about not so long ago after reading a book on Harry Price’s Rosalie Case. I was wondering if I could choose a team of five from anywhere in the world and from any time, who would I have on my team. So, I figured this would be a great question to ask those speaking at Paraforce UK 2017 too. Here’s Gert’s response.

  • Kala Ojala, USA – Historian
  • Peter Hurkos, Netherlands – Medium
  • Greysen Smitt, USA – Technical
  • Chantal Flooren, Netherlands – Theory Investigator
  • Casey Goodwin, USA – Investigator

Some interesting choices there from Gert I think, but who might you choose?

Gert’s Favourite Ghost Story

Often I find it interesting to find out those ghost stories which other investigators have read or even been told over the years. After all apart from personal experiences it’s those stories which may spark our interest in the paranormal. Over the years ghost stories have developed into the movies and also TV shows, it could even be argued that our method of telling such tales has now developed into the media experience that many of us regularly watch. With all of this in mind I wondered what Gert’s was?

“The story from Randy R. Ervan, it’s called the house on Churchstreet! I read his book but the great thing is that I talked to him for many hours. He told me everything and after many hours of research, I can say it’s all for real. There are many stories where people have psychological problems.”

Personally I am not familiar with this particular account, but may have to add it to my ever growing reading list. It sounds quite interesting to be fair. I also totally understand where Gert is coming from in regards to being able to speak with the author. Often I have managed to speak with some that have written books on various paranormal encounters and hearing those accounts first hand helps to understand more about this experience.

The Paranormal Society World Awards

As I mentioned earlier Gert started the Paranormal Society World Awards and I was interested to learn a little more about these, as it is a great way to bring some of the community together.

“The awards were setup for fun! First year, there were so many responses so we go on. Researchers and other people got to know each other and they can work together. Negativity about it is a pity. It’s about the people who can vote for their favorite. Even though this is well known or not! The nice contacts among each other also produce a lot. The movies are fun and funny. Looking forward who are the winners.”

I have been lucky to be nominated for awards for the last couple of years and even won too, which was extremely humbling. It’s really nice to know that there are others in the field that recognise you for what you do and helps to drive you forward a little more. I personally have also found it a great place to connect with others out there in the field that I may not have connected with otherwise.

I hope the awards continue for many years still and please dont forget to check out the Paranormal Society World website to find out more about them. Also, dont forget to vote or me either as I am up for a couple again this year.

What’s Next For Gert

Finally I asked Gert to tell us a little bit about what he may have coming up and it seems like he may just be a busy man.

“The coming months will come up with some special things! Giving two lectures on Paraforce UK. Giving a workshop in Septemer. Doing a shoot for the TV show at different locations.”

Don’t forget to catch Gert Brouwer at Paraforce UK 2017 as one of the many guest speakers.

Thank You Gert

As ever I would like to say a huge thank you to Gert Brouwer for talking to me ahead of Paraforce UK and I look forward to seeing him next month. Keep an eye on my YouTube Channel though because at some point I am going to try and get him on there for another interview or at least a chat about something paranormal.

Paraforce UK 2017 – The Paranormal Convention

As we progress towards the convention at the end of September I hope to bring you more interviews from the guest speakers, perhaps some background and a few posts from the event itself.

Check out the main post on the convention below for links to other guest speaker interviews –

Paraforce UK 2017 Paranormal Convention

Thank you for reading, if you’ve enjoyed this post, please like, share and comment below…

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