Paraforce UK 2017 – A Quick Catch Up with Sean Cadman

Its Paraforce Catch Up Time

Its Thursday night and we are literally a stones throw away from this years Paraforce UK 2017 Paranormal Convention at the Cressing Temple Barns in Witham. So, I figured what better time grab a quick virtual (good old social media) catch up with the conventions organiser Sean Cadman.

Sean’s Paranormal Start

It is, as I find always in these mini interviews the best place to start by asking where their paranormal interest may have began. These are often for me at least quite interesting little anecdotes and sometimes give us a little understanding of the individuals approach to the paranormal too. I asked Sean this to find out what sparked his interest;

“I’ve always had an interest from being young reading books, my interest really peaked when I saw a full apparition of a soldier that was witnessed by 4 other people.

I’ve been addicted ever since”

Many of those in the paranormal field have an account where they may have witnessed an apparition at some point and just like Sean, seeing something as unbelievable as that throws your perception of the reality you’ve been taught. Just like Sean, when this happened to me, I too was addicted! With each question answered though, ten more present themselves to be resolved, its a continuous process for those passionate about it.

How do you prefer to investigate?

There are many approaches to investigating the paranormal these days, but they all rest in a way on spiritual and scientific methods. Granted loosely on occasions. Understanding investigators preference is always interesting in my opinion, so I had to ask Sean about his preference;

“I like to mix both as I believe that both have an equal role, you need a spiritual side to believe in spirit but a scientific side to debunk etc”

Good answer Sean, balance is always important from my point of view.

Sean’s Top Five Paranormal Heroes

Well it wouldn’t be a quick interview without some standard classic questions would it, plus they can be fun too.

  • Shaggy
  • Scooby
  • Fred
  • Velma
  • Daphne

Hmm, I feel like I’ve grown up with those five prolific ghost hunters. Probably would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids.

Sean’s Scariest Paranormal Experience

Back to the serious stuff. Fear is always an interesting part of the paranormal from my experience. It can easily blur our understanding of situation and can often be the reason we experience certain things.

However those experiences can be really real too and leave further questions; not to mention a desire to understand. I’m pretty sure Sean’s left him looking for more answers too.

“My scariest experience has to be being pulled violently backwards into an empty room whilst investigating an old mental hospital that has now been demolished”

The Top Five Locations Sean Has Investigated

Here’s five of Sean’s favourite investigations;

  • Woodchester mansion
  • Galleries of Justice
  • Grace Dieu Priory
  • Annesley Hall
  • Castle Rising

Some great one’s there, including Castle Rising, which keeps popping up lately. Must investigate I think.

The Top Five Locations Sean Would Like to Investigate

Well I couldn’t really find out a little about Sean’s aspirations investigations wise, plus these questions usually spark a few pieces of research for me.

  • Edinburgh Vaults
  • Hoia Baciu Forest
  • Tower of London
  • Bobby Maccys
  • Stonehenge

I certainly wouldn’t mind investigating a few of those locations myself. The Tower of London and Stonehenge are on my own list too, both places are full of English history and amazing to add to the old paranormal CV!

Sean’s Understanding of Ghosts

It may seem like a relatively odd question to ask people that have been in the field a while, but although we have ideas of what ghosts may be, we still have conclusive answers. So, with this in mind I often like to ask people in the field this question, simply to gain their take, their belief of they may be. Over the years I have stumbled on many different understandings; from some very physics based answers, to psychological ones to what I see as a mixture or more spiritual answers; similar to Sean’s;

“Energy and soul”

Plain and simple right?

Sean’s Favourite Paranormal Gadget

As Sean investigates quite a bit, I was wondering if he has a favourite gadget or a ‘go to’ bit of kit;

“I am a very back to basics investigator, usually only use camcorder, still camera and voice recorder.

I’d say my favourite is myself, always trust your body and your instincts is most important”

I’m a notepad and pen kind of a guy myself, observation and keeping record is key. Data, data, data, right! Of course our best piece of kit is ourselves, thats the element of an investigation which generally highlights everything else that needs looking at.

Sean’s Paraforce UK 2017 Expectations

I asked Sean what he was looking forward to most from this years Paraforce UK 2017;


“Everyone to enjoy themselves, meet new people and resting afterwards”

Conventions are a great opportunity to meet new people that have a similar interest and if you’re into the paranormal then I highly recommend you check one out.

What’s up next for Sean after Paraforce UK 2017

“Having a little rest before starting all over again with Paraforce UK 2018”


If you’re interested in going to Paraforce UK 2017 then check out their website

If you would like to know a little more, why not check out my post on the upcoming Paraforce UK 2017 Paranormal Convention here…

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