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Paranormal Convention Season

If you’re a regular visitor to my website then you’ve most likely read a few of my posts regarding Paraforce UK 2017 taking place at the end of September. However just before that convention in Essex another one kicks off in Warwickshire that you may be interested in.

I’m talking about Sage Paracon UK 2017, which this year is at the amazing Warwick Castle. The particularly old and haunted Warwick castle may I add.

It truly is the UK convention season for paranormal events.

As I write this looking over the Sage Paracon UK 2017 website I have noticed something very important that I feel I should mention early on. There are literally only 9 tickets left for this event, so if you’re interested grab yours NOW!

Paracon at Warwick Castle

Sage Paracon UK isn’t a stranger to Warwick Castle, in fact last year the convention had a VIP Investigation of the castle over the weekend. As a guest speaker that year I was lucky enough to investigate and even lead a team of VIP’s around the castle. Suffice to say the history and size of the place present one of the most investigation locations I have had the pleasure of visiting.

However this location hasn’t just been chosen for its far-stretching links into medieval history, but the paranormal links that its maintained over the years. There have been various sightings of paranormal activity reported around the castle, but one that still strikes me today is the odd photo captured by event organiser MJ Dickson when she was gathering some information for last years investigation.


This was taken in the room dubbed the ‘Aleister Crowley’ room. As you can see it was during the day and there is a figure at the window. The problem is, MJ was alone in the room at the time and there were no manikin’s in the room at the time either. In fact MJ didn’t even realised she had captured this until she was going through the pictures much later on, isn’t that always the way.

When I investigated this wood panelled room I too found it very fascinating and can’t help wondering what Sage Paracon have prepared for their guests in this room at this years Sage Paracon UK.

This Years Guest Speakers

MJ has gathered some top-notch guest speakers this year to help deliver a fantastic event (I’m gutted I can’t make it), from well-known TV personalities to a particular up and coming Medium I know!

I’m not going to delve too deeply into each of the guest speakers as MJ has done a fantastic job in adding good details about them to her website Sage Paracon UK 2017, so please take the time to check it out.

Here’s the line-up:-


John Zaffis

Dubbed the ‘Godfather of the Paranormal’ John has well over forty years experience in the field and has most recently graced our screens with the excellent TV show Haunted Collector. John studied the paranormal with the extremely famous and respects Ed and Lorraine Warren, after all when your aunt and uncle are the Warren’s it’s hardly an opportunity you should pass up.


Jeff Belanger

Jeff is an author, researcher and investigator of all things paranormal. He’s knowledge of the subject is extensive and he delivers this in he’s talks in a fantastically engaging manner. He is probably best known for his research on the hit paranormal TV show Ghost Adventures.


Robert Murch

Robert is an expert on Ouija and Talking Boards. He has collected the boards since 1980’s I believe and has since become one of the worlds leading experts on the boards. Robert collects the many variations of the boards and has studied their history and development over the years. He founded the Talking Board Historical Society and continues to seek out the boards mysterious origins.


Brian J Cano

Brian is also a member of the TV show Haunted Collector, but prior to this he was more of an explorer that looked at the paranormal from a skeptic and later scientific view-point. Then looking into the possibilities presented by new technologies he expanded his knowledge, developing the cable-access show SCARED! then later joining Haunted Collector. More recently Brian has been literally touring the world visiting various paranormal events and presenting his ideas and experience to others.


Rev. Dr. David Parry

David is a published author, poet, Fellow of Royal Society of Arts and much more. I’ve personally known David now since back in 2014 when we first began to discuss various aspects of the paranormal. Suffice to say he has helped me in a few cases to look at things from a different angle. Still from 2014 his phrase ‘its not paranormal, its normal’ rings true. A fascinating and knowledgable man who may just provide you with a different perspective on things.


Greg Lawson

The ‘Paranormal Detective’, Greg is an author and dedicated to discovery. His latest book ‘Detecting Paranormal – Discussion on Becoming a Paranormal Detective’ is comprehensive guide to refining those skills required for paranormal investigation. His career in Law Enforcement has provided excellent experience for research and investigation of paranormal anomalies.


Nikki Folsom

Nikki is a writer and investigator of the paranormal, with a fascination that began early on in life. Following the release of her first book ‘The Haunted Harlequin’ she now plans to research many more haunted locations around the globe and write about those too.


MJ Dickson

MJ is the founder of Sage Paracon and works tirelessly to deliver the event. Having investigated with MJ myself its always refreshing to find an investigator that has her foot truly in both camps, science and psychic. Her own psychic abilities often shine through; from picking up on specific pieces of information to what I call ‘I’m going to go this way’ intuition, but MJ still refines her investigations by seeking supportive data to go with the experience.


Russell Edwards

Russell Edwards shared with those at Sage Paracon UK 2016 a particularly interesting story. A story that he lived and began with an interest in that fascinating case of Jack the Ripper. Following years of investigation, an auction that changed everything and some clever science, Russell tells of how he managed to name Jack the Ripper. I have to admit I was captivated when I heard his story, his book is a must.


Clare Hinks

Clare has had the ability to communicate with spirit from a young age and more recently, as her three children are growing up, she has began to work more in that ability. As a Psychic Medium Clare now does one to one readings, group work and even the odd investigation too. In fact Clare has been on a few of my investigations in the past (after all she is my cousin) and she has certainly picked up some interesting details. I have heard some good things regarding the readings she gives and I believe that her abilities are only just emerging.

All The Ingredients

A fantastically historic and haunted location for the weekend and an amazing line up of paranormal A-Listers, all the ingredients for a thoroughly enjoyable paranormal weekend.

That’s not entirely it though, if you’re not close to Warwick; then don’t worry as there is plenty of accommodation near by and MJ may even still have space at the Knights Village on site.

There are also plenty of good deals for the weekend to keep you busy, MJ as ever has done a thorough job on organising this.

Grab your Sage Paracon UK 2017 Tickets here… 

Thank You Sage Paranormal

I would just like to say thank you to MJ and Sage Paranormal for letting me write about this event. The UK has a number of annual academic conferences on the paranormal (psychical research) which are fantastic; ASSAP and the SPR run some really good ones. However there are many out there that are interested in the paranormal, but don’t want something so academic. To be fair its great to have something we can enjoy, but equally learn at too. Conventions fill this gap, the likes of Sage Paracon and Paraforce have given us that too. Again though, both Sage Paracon and Paraforce are very different, both being worth a visit.

Thank you to MJ for putting together Sage Paracon UK, last year was a fantastic event and I am sure this year will top that too.

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