Paraforce UK 2017 – Guest Speaker David Farrant

A Little on David Farrant

Often when the name ‘David Farrant’ is mentioned the now infamous case of the Highgate Vampire is generally thought of, but there’s much more to David than one case which hit headlines back in the 1960’s and 70’s.

However let’s deal with the whole Highgate thing right away and ensure its covered. Oddly when I interviewed David this was kind of how we tackled it, so I figured why not write it in the same manner.


During the 1960’s there were various reports of a phantom that was spotted around the Highgate area. The phantom in question was described as odd and hypnotic. It was also seen specifically around the Highgate Cemetery area. What was particularly interesting regarding the witnesses was that they were not known to each other, but delivered similar accounts.

At the time David had an interest in the paranormal, so a local case such as this seemed far to convenient to pass up. He’s initial understanding was that the reported phantom wasn’t a vampire, but more likely some kind of earth bound phenomena.

It’s probably important to add here something that was quite fundamental to the Highgate Vampire case. Whilst all these reports of odd phantoms were popping up in the Highgate area the Hammer Horror Film company was filming at the cemetery as a back drop for their classic horror films. It’s a distinct possibility that this could have added to the confusion of the case and the locals may have associated those Hammer characters with the spirits. All of a sudden we have a vampire in Highgate Cemetery, a place which you can easily get lost in.

When speaking to David he did mention that he had encountered the phantom of Highgate at one point himself. In the December of 1969 David was passing the Cemetery on the way to a friends when something caught his attention. Initially he thought it was possibly some kind of wildlife, which would have fitted with the logical explanation that he already in mind for the reported activity. However this wasn’t to be the case, as he caught sight of something in the Cemetery, which didn’t move. David told me that he sensed it wasn’t human, but equally it was alive and it knew that David was there too. He described to me a feeling that it was draining his energy. Within seconds the experience was over and although obvious shaken by the experience he continued on his way.

I asked David if he classed himself as medium, but he responded ‘no’, but he mentioned that if you work in this field long enough you become relatively sensitive.

Although there were reports that the ‘Highgate Vampire’ had been destroyed in literally classic horror film style; David told me that there have still been similar more recent reports of the entity around Highgate Cemetery. Those reports have been as recent as within the last two years. Perhaps its time to re-investigate the case?

What Is B.P.O.S.?

Wanting to know a little more about David outside of the Highgate case, I decided to ask him about British Psychic Occult Society (B.P.O.S.). This was originally a group of four that had similar interests in the paranormal formed back in 1964. The group would simply meet up to discuss their shared interest and it literally grew from that. What I love about this, is that B.P.O.S. spread through word of mouth, the old fashion social media. It wasn’t long before the group had established itself.

The Society itself looked at paranormal cases in much the same way as I would too. Fundamentally considering the logical and natural reasons for a probable hunting before looking into the more psychical or occult reasoning.

Over the years the Society has investigated many alleged haunted locations across the country, working with established Mediums and Paranormal Groups too. This has allowed them to gather a large archive of reports from individuals describing their experiences.

The Society still maintains an excellent membership today, with publications of books on the subject areas of psychic, paranormal and the occult.

One Of David’s Favourite Cases

With anyone that has been studying and investigating the paranormal and occult as long as David has it must be near on impossible to pinpoint a favourite case or location. However I decided to see if there was one case that came to mind for David.

David’s immediate response was Castle Rising, a location which he has managed to visit on two or three occasions. On one such visit, he told me how he encountered an entity on the ground floor, before the steps. He said that he found the encounter; ‘a little over bearing’.

He told me that he learnt that others had also encountered exactly the same thing along with the over bearing feeling too. Interestingly I bumped into a friend just last week and we caught up after the school holidays and what we had been up to. They told me of their visit to Castle Rising and remarkably how they too had encountered a similar entity and feeling. They also seemed surprised that this encounter occurred during the day too, which is often something overlooked these days. This was a complete ‘no way’ moment for me, as I recalled this interview with David.

Looks like I need to visit Castle Rising! Incidentally David said he would like to return too, perhaps a joint investigation.

What’s David Currently Up To

Of course you can’t end an interview without finding out exactly what the person you’re interviewing is up to currently.

David is helping a friend of his, Patsy Langley to put together a new version of  ‘The Highgate Case Book’. This will be a new revised version of the Case Book with more up to date information in it. Surely a must for anyone that is interested in the Highgate Vampire Case.

Of course David will a Guest Speaker at Paraforce UK 2017 at the end of the month, which I am looking forward to.

David is also working on a case at the moment, although as it’s a private case he is unable to divulge much on it, I did ask for more information. David told me that it’s a haunting where the residence of the property are having some very weird experiences. Something odd in the premises has been seen by a few of the residents, usually at night. It has actually woken them up too. It’s still very much under investigation at the moment, so a conclusion is a way off. I wish David well with the case.

Thank You David

I would just like to thank David for taking the time to answer my questions for this brief little interview for the Paraforce UK 2017 Paranormal Convention. I look forward to meeting him in person at the event at the end of the month.

You can check out a lot more on David Farrant on his website

Don’t forget you can find out more about Paraforce UK 2017 here..


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